Full Launch on January 2nd!
Full Launch on January 2nd!
Common Descent MUSH Game Announcement
Staff Member: Ursa
Announcement Date: 17 Dec 2018 18:42
Announcement Type: Wiki

Hello, everyone!

On behalf of staff, I would like to give another huge round of thanks to everyone who's here with us. Because of your applications, thoughtful questions about theme and factions, bug reports, and feedback, we have made tremendous strides in the last three weeks. So much so, that we're fairly confident that the largest rocks are behind us!

To that end, we're going to start gearing up for a full launch on January 2nd after we've gotten through the holidays. We will make game advertisements available at that time anyone who would like to post them on other games, but you are of course welcome to invite your friends and family at any time between now and the new year.

Additionally, our plot staff will begin rolling out the first game plots to help plug you into the roll of this new space! After January 2, we will begin to enforce the activity timers, so please make certain that you have your wiki pages operational. They should automatically populate with your latest logs when your logs are tagged properly, so please let me know if you any issues getting your page set up or if you have a log up and it is not reflected on your page.

If anyone is struggling to plug into the RP here, please let us know so we can help you onboard here at Common Descent MUSH.

Thank you again, and happy RP!

~*~ Ursa ~*~

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