Honoring the Holidays
Honoring the Holidays
Common Descent MUSH Game Announcement
Staff Member: Ursa
Announcement Date: 24 Dec 2018 17:12
Announcement Type: General

Well, that season is upon us and many people have already started their holiday preparations and/or celebrations. But as for CDMUSH staff, we have numerous staffers who are going to be largely unavailable this weekend through parts of next week. As such, staff will be observing holiday status from Saturday the 22nd until Thursday the 27th.

This means that requests may be processed, but if they are? It's a Christmas Miracle. Please don't take it personally if things are taking a little longer than normal. Just be patient, and I promise we'll get to it after Thursday!

Urgent requests that absolutely cannot wait until Thursday may be paged or @mailed to a staffer if they are marked on-duty or to me.

I also want to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season! Safe travels to those who are undertaking them, and we look forward to seeing you when we get back to duty!

~*~ Ursa ~*~

(P.S. - Remember activity enforcements will be starting up come January 2nd, so make sure you have your wiki page up and a scene in!)

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