One Year Anniversary Event!
One Year Anniversary Event!
Common Descent MUSH Game Announcement
Staff Member: Ursa
Announcement Date: 05 Nov 2019 19:57
Announcement Type: TP / RP

On November 17, we opened up the doors for the first time. On November 18, our first log was posted to the wiki.

As part of our celebration for a WHOLE YEAR of being open for the serious business of role-playing, we're going to do a GAME-WIDE THANGSGIVING MONTAGE!

For those of you who would like to participate, please @mail me a 1 to 3 paragraph snippet describing a part of your character(s) Thanksgiving celebrations (or substitution, intention ignoring of them, etc.) by November 26th. I'll then get it all pulled together and post it up first thing on the 28th. Feel free to collaborate with other players, but this should be just a very brief glimpse into part of the day.

Those of you looking to do larger holiday celebration scenes, please feel free to collaborate do that with your teams, factions, friends, family, enemies… Don't let us stop you! This is just a fun and easy way to celebrate our one-year anniversary and the march into the holiday season. :D

Thank you, one and all, for being with us here at Common Descent MUSH! We're glad you're here, and look forward to another year of fun RP!

(For an example of where we've done this before, please see:

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