The purpose of this building policy is to outline minimum standards, rules and regulations for building and additions to the public grid.


In order to control grid bloat, we observe the following limitations.

Businesses: 2 rooms maximum per character.
Residences: 2 rooms maximum per character.
Team Headquarters: 4 Rooms, Unless Waived by Staff


To get a residence, business, or team HQ of your very own, please submit a +request. When making a request, please name it as 'BUILD: Building Name'. For instance: 'BUILD: Annie's House.' Within the +request, please provide descriptions for each of the rooms you are requesting, and let us know where on grid you would like these rooms to be.

Staff will complete the +request. If it is a personal residence, your character will be @linked to the room (unless you specify otherwise). Unless there are special circumstances, you will be limited to the number of rooms listed above.

All Team HQs are considered to be public buildings.


All rooms MUST have descriptions. These descriptions should ideally be seven to fifteen lines in length with few exceptions.

Public Grid Additions

Staff will do the bulk of the building for the main public grid. If you think a public area is missing, please send a +request, but be aware that if we accept the request and add the area, it becomes part of the public grid. Personal rights to the area are forfeited.

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