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Played Characters

Below is a listing of all of the characters currently played on Common Descent MUSH.

Available Characters

Below is a listing of all of the characters currently available on Common Descent MUSH. This list is not complete, so please speak to staff if you don't see a character you'd like to play listed anywhere on this page!


Below is a listing of NPCs on Common Descent MUSH. They have been set aside for public use by player request, and staff has granted permission for players to check them out for use. Some of these characters are appable as regular characters, on inquiry; please check the page of each character to see if they are. If an NPC is currently checked out by a specific player, it is noted on the NPC's page.

Staff-Held NPCs

Below is a listing of "staff-controlled" NPC characters, deemed difficult to play as a FC/VC because of their power-sets, positions, or current situations in game canon that prevent them from frequently engaging with the grid and available plots. This list is not complete and is subject to additions or eliminations at any time.

Waller.jpg amonbellprofile.jpg bolivartrask.jpg CassandraNova.jpg GZatara.jpg HighEvolutionary.jpg
Amanda Waller Amon Bell Bolivar Trask Cassandra Nova Giovanni Zatara High Evolutionary
Kingpin.jpg Maddie.jpg magneto.jpg marypeterson1.jpg Mxyzptlk.jpg Sinister.jpg
The Kingpin Madelyne Pryor Magneto Mary Peterson Mr. Mxyzptlk Mr. Sinister
Fury.jpg Onslaught.jpg Xavier.jpg pietrohs.jpg witch.jpg Kelly.jpg
Nick Fury Onslaught Professor X Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Sen. Robert Kelly
ShadowKing.jpg SimonTrask.jpg
Shadow King Simon Trask

Retired & Deceased Characters


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For consistency, please use your character's codename if they have one. If they do not, please use your character's first and last name.

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