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Dragonslayers and Codebreakers

Margaret Carter grew up in a wealthy family right outside of London. She had an elder brother, a worrying mother and a mostly absent father. Her dreams were not of princesses and dresses: they were of dragon slaying and treasures and adventure. She often played the knight while playing with her brother in the backyard. She was rarely the lady - quite to their mother's disapproval and constant berating.

Eventually, Peggy started to give in to her mother's cajoling. While in her private time with her brother, she would be herself - chugging beers, making dirty jokes and working on her right hook - she was outwardly quite a proper young woman. She got high marks in school, then during the war effort immediately joined the Military in an attempt to serve her country. Her keen mind took her to Bletchley Park. Soon, she became one of their top codebreakers. A quick study to both other languages and code, people soon knew to bring the toughest codes to her.

Having met a nice young man by the name of Fred Wells, Peggy did what many women of her age did: she accepted a proposal. Fred was a nice man, but also only saw her in the box she presented herself: a proper woman, uninterested in adventure, in fighting, in action. Her mother was pleased, her brother disappointed. Around this time, she was recommended for active duty - spywork with the Special Operations Executive. She discussed it quite a bit with Fred over the next few weeks. The discussions turned into arguments, the arguments devolved into fights. He didn't think it proper for his wife to be out risking her life on the front lines and wanted her safe at Bletchley Park. He argued that she did good, safe work there. It was unnecessary for her to be out in the field, did she really want to risk her life every day? Realizing this was the man she agreed to spend the rest of her life with and he had no idea who she actually was, she broke off the engagement. The next day she accepted the position with the SOE.

A Leap of Faith

Peggy excelled in her work at the SOE. One of her first assignments involved infiltrating a Nazi held castle and extracting a brilliant scientist by the name of Abraham Erskine. That first spy mission would continue to inform the rest of her life - not only because of her career but the people who soon became entangled in the project to which it led. Once Erskine agreed to help the Allies and the SSR with the research that had disastrously created the Red Skull, Project Rebirth was started. Erskine would perfect his formula on the American dime. Her unmitigated success in extracting Erskine led her to a full time position with the SSR and a becoming a key member of Project Rebirth.

More than a dozen candidates were chosen for the Super Soldier Serum injection. The one man that stood out both in Erskine and Peggy's view was Steve Rogers. He was eventually chosen to undergo the experimental injections that turned him into Captain America. Despite Erskine's death due to a terrorist attack in their secret labs, Peggy continued to believe in the project and in Steve. She continually butted heads with Colonel Chester Phillips on the matter by attempting to reinstate him into the company and for active duty. She was rebuffed every time. This all eventually came to a head when she helped Captain Rogers commandeer a plane piloted by Howard Stark to rescue Bucky Barnes from enemy territory.

Once he - and the team that were soon to be known as the Howling Commandos - were rescued, Peggy helped Colonel Phillips in planning attacks against HYDRA and the Nazis. She worked closely with the French Underground, often going undercover to gather information and bring back key intelligence for the war effort. She also worked closely with Steve and the Howling Commandos in their efforts to bring down HYDRA. During a decisive battle with HYDRA, Steve jumped aboard a plane during take off in order to stop the Red Skull from blowing up every major city across the world. On that plane, he sacrificed himself by intentionally crashing it into the ocean before it could reach its destination of New York.

Her Own Value

After the war, Peggy grieved the loss of Steve. She thought the man was the love of her life - but like many people during those times, that didn't stand for much. Millions of people lost their their loved ones. Her loss - despite how public - was no more than anyone else. And so, Peggy mostly grieved in silence. While she had friends like Howard Stark and eventually Edwin Jarvis, she would never get over the people she lost in WWII and then afterward during her work with the SSR. After the war, she continued to work at the SSR, though - much like other women who were called to action during the war - she was now viewed as unnecessary or a peculiarity.

This, however, did not phase Peggy. All she needed to do was prove to them that she was an SSR Agent well before there was ever a Captain America, she was there because of her own skills and merits. Time and again, she fought the injustice of a shared mentality that women should not do field work. Though it was an uphill battle, she showed many of her coworkers and superiors that she was an equal. Tired of all the death added up from the war as well as the collateral damage that tended to pile up around her, Peggy left fieldwork for a few years, taking an outpost job in the government. A mission from Howard Stark in Russia involving alien technology reminded her of her love of fieldwork and doing something more useful than paperwork. She worked for years with SHIELD, becoming one of their best agents and continually fighting against stereotypes.

Personally, Peggy also grieved and then moved on from Steve. Eventually, she married and had children. She remained a SHIELD agent, partaking in multiple dangerous and world saving missions over the course of life. Eventually, at the age of 70, she retired from SHIELD for good. Mostly. While a private citizen, she continued to advise and help when she could. Peggy Carter was never one to simply step back from a fight when she could help.

Recent Events

Never Say Never

While one Peggy Carter remained and lived out her life, in 1948, on an investigation of strange activity, Peggy was somehow split due to Howard's technology. One version lived out her life, continuing to bring SHIELD to the forefront of government and espionage agencies through the Cold War. The other part? She found herself in the future.

This Peggy is the same, but now different. SHIELD is no longer the budding agency she founded with Howard, it is global. People she knew to be alive moments ago were long dead. People she thought dead were alive. There was quite a transition.

In that place, she tried to find her footing and did what she always did: do the work. She focused on what she could, which involved helping a newly recovered James Barnes clear his name in court as well as coming to terms with the fact that her brother - long thought dead - was alive. As Peggy always does, she survived. She learned to live in her new reality.


Peggy is a self reliant and self sustaining woman: a progressive from the 1940s. From a young age she realized she did not wish to run a home and have her main role in life be a wife and mother. Instead, growing up with the survivors of World War I, she realized she wanted to serve her country, and have her life serve a greater ideal. As soon as the war broke out, she signed up to be a codebreaker and later on a field agent.

As such, she pushed for field work and dangerous assignments. Often, she was given them as she was both a persistent thorn in the side her SOs and incredibly competent. From the beginning, she knew she had to be better than her male counterparts in order to be given the time of day and she worked double time in order to make that happen. Unwilling to take crap or any of the typical sexist attitudes of the day, she made her own way in the French Resistance.

After the War, she returned much changed. It was hard to tell to most as she rarely let anyone in past her defenses, however her time there changed her outlook and attitude toward life. A practical cynic, she still believes in the goodness of people. To her core she believes that given a choice between the selfish and the selfless option, a person will take the selfish one half of the time. Despite using that statistic to believe the worst of mankind, she leans into the fact that half of them will act selfless and help others rather than themselves.

In laymen's terms, Peggy is the embodiment of hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

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Peggy makes Alison an offer she could refuse, but she is reasonably sure she won't.

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February 12, 2020. Thorism

A group of worshippers gather at Thor and Peggy's apartment building. Intent on carrying on the traditions of the old Norse religions, they wish to pay proper tribute to Thor.

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Agent Carter
Full Name: Margaret Elizabeth Carter
Code Name: Agent Carter
Occupation: Agent of SHIELD
Aliases: Peggy
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 29
Height: 5'7"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Hayley Atwell
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: agent-carter
Played Since: November 24th, 2018

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