Agent Green


Born in Springfield, MA, Bradley Butler grew up in the lower-middle-class home of his widowed mother. His father was a member of the US Army special forces killed in Central America shortly after his birth. His mother had to work two jobs to support them growing up, but did her best not to complain in front of her son. Brad grew up to be big and strong, playing football, basketball, and baseball in high school. Influenced by his football coach (another US Army veteran), he joined the Army immediately upon graduation.

As soon as he was eligible, he volunteered for special forces himself, passing the Q-Course and becoming a Green Beret. He saw service in areas of the world not mentioned outside of classified documents, and after assisting a Company man in a particularly hairy escape from a situation in Pakistan, he was recruited into the CIA. Bradley Butler vanished, and Simon Green was created to join The Company (for greater plausible deniability, because the CIA knew Simon was going to be doing some rather bad things for them). He got a great deal more experience in various areas of the Middle East and South Asia with them.

It was during these missions that Simon's ability first manifested — while it is frequent for someone hiding behind cover to concentrate very hard on a guard not spotting them, it is vanishingly rare for said guard to walk around the corner, stare straight at them for a moment, and then turn and walk away. It saved the operation, and probably Simon's life. He kept the ability quiet as long as he could, working to understand it — or at least how to use it — as well as to hone his craft. Eventually, however, whispers began to spread, and not long after that, after 6 years with the CIA, Simon was recruited into SHIELD.

Simon has served with SHIELD for 4 years, and has become a trusted field agent, linguist, and analyst.

Recent Events

After having been significantly involved in the defection of MI6.5 agent Rami Ghai, Simon threw himself headlong into the demon outbreak in New York. During one mission, he had the misfortune of coming up against some mind control that has thrown him for a bit of a loop.


Outgoing, confident, and easy-going, Simon works best when he's given broad orders that he can interpret freely — but he wants those orders, he's not the sort to make up his own mission.

RP Hooks

Simon has many duties at the New York field office of SHIELD — he's often out and about on duty, even if his specialty is more black ops than camera-ready.

New England Sports Nut
Simon is an unashamed fan of the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and especially the Patriots. He can be found during many sports seasons at local sports bars, heckling the local fans (and getting heckled back on those days when the New England teams do poorly).


Character Sheet

Somebody Else's Problem
Simon is a magic user. Or rather, he has been unknowingly granted a single magical ability by a grateful Sorcerer after he saved the man's temple as part of one of his early missions for the CIA. He doesn't know that it's magic, but with concentration, he can make himself "Somebody Else's Problem." People still see him, he still shows up on recordings, but those watching while he's still concentrating simply consider him to not be their problem, even if he is sneaking into the headquarters they are guarding. This ability applies to inanimate objects he is carrying or directly interacting with (a door, for instance), but not to other people, even if he is touching them. As soon as an item gets about a foot or so away from him, people start caring about what it's doing again. So if he opens a door, walks through it, and closes it behind him (touching it or nearly so the whole time), no one will care, but if he shoves a door open and bursts through it, people will care that the door just flew open. Those watching recordings after the fact or those more than a mile away will be able to see and notice him without problem.

Becoming somebody else's problem takes a great deal of concentration. It's not the sort of thing one does while firing a gun, or driving a car, or running along a tightrope. Moving slowly through difficult areas is fine, running through open areas is fine, hiding behind cover in a firefight is fine — basically if someone could play a chess game (or two, depending on their ability) in their head while doing it, Simon can concentrate enough to become someone else's problem while doing it. This concentration also takes physical effort along the lines of running at an even pace — it's not so bad for 20 minutes, but an hour is difficult, three hours is brutal, and it takes a special sort of crazy to go much longer than that.

When Simon is concentrating on being nobody's problem, he is literally nobody's problem — even his teammates won't be concerned with what he's doing. This can be incredibly dangerous if he gets in their line of fire, or set off a detonator before he's out of the blast radius, or… you get the picture. He has to be careful when he uses the ability. Written notes help with remembering him, but only if they reference what he's doing, not him precisely (noting that the guard-house is being dealt with will keep someone from firing a missile into it, but noting that Simon is going to sneak into the guardhouse and dose the guards with sleeping gas won't help at all, just result in "Who's Simon?").

Simon's SEP Field is a basic magical ability that could, with further practice (especially against metahumans) get much more practiced. While unaugmented humans have no chance of sensing him, those with supernatural senses or defenses against magic will be able to resist to varying degrees. Those with minor abilities get a vague sense that something is wrong, those with better abilities get a similarly vague sense, but directionally focused. Those with particularly powerful abilities can sense him fuzzily, and those with extreme abilities can sense him precisely.




Agent Green
Full Name: Simon Maximilian Green
Code Name: Agent Green
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Aliases: Lots and lots and lots
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Magically-enhanced human
Age: 36
Height: 6'1"
Build: Active Duty
Hair Color: Graying Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Max Martini
Theme Song: Fortunate Son, Creedance Clearwater Revival
Character Type: OC
Wiki Tag: agent-green
Played Since: 12/2/2018

Last Posted Activity: 03 Jan 2019 05:57

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