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Most of May's background has been erased from public knowledge after she joined SHIELD, though the few people that know her truly well have likely learned that she was raised in a family that was part of the US intelligence community and when she completed her formal education, she was rather promptly scooped up by SHIELD. Outside of SHIELD, May is just another nameless person in the background of everyday existence.

What is commonly known inside of SHIELD is that she is one of the longest-lived active field agents out there, with more successful missions under her belt than almost every field agent short of the much younger Romanova and Barton. One noteworthy mission in Bahrain earned her the codename 'The Cavalry' - a moniker she actually detests - because she went against orders to single-handedly rescue a team of SHIELD agents. No one other than May knows what really happened during that rescue, but it was after Bahrain that her previous spark of humor seemed to disappear. She even left active field duty for a while, choosing to take an administrative position within SHIELD.

When May was tapped to join a special task force, she made it seem like she was accepting the assignment reluctantly, initially agreeing only to pilot their transport jet known as 'the Bus'. Honestly, though, the desk job would have eventually driven her off the deep end. She is simply not built to pilot a desk. Thus, she is unofficially back on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s active roster, available to pilot an aircraft or help with a difficult extraction mission. If the request is phrased politely.

Recent Events

May has since been reinstated as a full level 7 Field Agent, and is regularly tapped for missions of all sorts, especially to pilot an aircraft bound for tricky or dangerous locales.


May comes across as dour and humorless, sometimes even strict and harsh. This is heavily due to what happened in Bahrain, and her own fears of getting close to someone again and then losing them because of a similar traumatic event. Those who've known her for a while can likely recognize her ascerbic wit and dry humor when they manage to peek through, or when she goes even further into emotional lockdown to hold very unpleasant and unhelpful reactions at bay.

Buried underneath all of that, May is staunchly loyal to those she trusts and considers friends. Not that there are very many of them. But, for those few people she trusts enough to let them see past her Vulcan-esque mask, she would go through the hell of Bahrain all over again to protect them from the regrets she will carry for the rest of her life.

RP Hooks


Character Sheet


(when called The Cavalry) "Don't call me that."
"I hate undercover."
"I will give you five hundred dollars right now for a pair of flats."



The Cavalry
Senior Field Agent for SHIELD
Senior Field Agent for SHIELD
Full Name: Melinda May
Code Name: The Cavalry
Occupation: SHIELD agent/pilot/mission specialist
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 55
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Min-Na Wen
Theme Song: "Shades of Gray" - Billy Joel
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: agent-may
Played Since: November 18, 2018

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