In mythical pre-history, the angelic warriors of Elysium served as frontline soldiers for Heaven's eternal conflict with demonic forces. Rebellion and catastrophic war saw their services abandoned and their crystal city-world of Elysium cast out to the unknown reaches of the universe: the Endworlds. Denied by Heaven and cut off from everything they knew, the most powerful surviving angels sealed records of their past, declared a new regime, and built their power through selling Elysium's talents to new buyers.

Angela was raised in the dawn of this new history. As the sole child of one of the Queen of Angels' handmaidens, she was raised alongside but apart from the privilege of the ruling court. The obvious mark of her unfortunate mutation, a lack of wings, made her an easy target for abuse in Elysium's brutal, militaristic meritocracy. Angela turned her suffering into motivation to excel beyond her peers, such that one day even her fiercest rivals were forced to admit that she was perhaps their greatest warrior.

In truth, Angela's story is far stranger than almost anyone knows. During the war that would see Elysium's banishment, the newly-declared Queen of Angels stole Odin and Freyja's firstborn daughter, Aldrif, as blackmail. When Odin would not bend, the queen had the infant murdered. It was their grief that caused Odin and Freyja to work deep magics to cast Elysium to the Endworlds, and then to seal all mention of their lost child ? a now-defiled symbol of the fragile peace between the Aesir and Vanir.

Unbeknownst to all save for Loriel, the royal handmaiden tasked by the Queen of Angels with disposing of the body, Aldrif clung to life. Overcome by sorrow at Aldrif's fate, Loriel used her position to disguise the child as her own, raising her as Angela — one of the traditional names for the rare Elysian children orphaned without known parents, of which the war had produced many. As Loriel disappeared under mysterious circumstances centuries ago, there are few things capable of preventing the impending tragedy of Angela's true origin.

Angela's long career saw her become a legend among the civilizations of the Endworlds. The stories of her exploits became the stuff of myth and folklore. She was never in want of work and patronage. Despite her achievements, Angela only found true contentment when she fell in love with the woman who would become her long-time partner in both life and business: Sera, a fugitive from Elysium's secretive Anchorite order.

The status quo changed when Elysium was contacted by an agent of the very Heaven that had once cast them out for rebellion. The speaker offered the Elysian host a chance at redemption if they were to send their warriors to Earth to assist in the worsening war with the forces of Hell. In particular, one demon lord — Malebolgia — had developed a troubling method to corrupt mortals into powerful and single-minded angel slayers called Spawn. Celestine, the very angel who had presided over the rebellion and named herself the Queen of Heaven, only wanted to be paid. Despite the disregard for what was truly being offered, the speaker agreed and revealed a path back to Earth.

After years of skirmishes with the Anchorites attempting to reclaim Sera, Angela seized the chance to relocate the both of them to Earth. The two spent many a happy century on Earth, hunting demons and those they corrupted, until Sera was struck down by one of Malebolgia's Spawn. Sera's untimely death sent Angela into a deep grief, as angels have no afterlife and face complete obliteration if their essences are dispersed. It didn't stop Angela from spending centuries attempting to resurrect her.

As the years passed, the futility of Angela's actions began to reach her. She grew cold and withdrawn, mechanically performing her duties with grim precision. The hunt is all she has left. That is not entirely true — there is also vengeance against the Spawn.

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Angela's outer and inner lives are drastically different. To the vast majority of those who know her, she is a stoic and hard woman who spends her time in ascetic devotion to the ideals of her people. She is wedded to the threefold path of the glorious hunt, as well as maintaining the sacred practice of self-accounting. Where other angels sometimes falter and allow emotions to compromise Elysium's dogma, Angela has always held fast. She is a cold, emotionless standard who has forged herself into a living ideal — and ideals are not quite people. If anything can draw a feeling from her, it is only the joy she feels when slaying her demonic prey.

To the vanishingly few people who have had the rare chance to know her better, Angela is a woman driven to attain perfection to render herself impervious to criticism. Her lifelong obsession with burning the weakness out of herself has only been softened by the care of others, not removed entirely. Angela has worn this emotional armor for so long that she cannot truly imagine being any other way.

Her cruel childhood is to blame for her defensiveness, but is also to thank for her great and secret warmth for those who are outcast, unwanted, or unusual. Even Angela's vaunted impartiality relents when she is able to offer aid to those in situations she sympathizes with — though she prefers to practice this mercy away from the eyes of those who would see it a flaw to exploit.

Angela loves song and art, and those talented souls who make beautiful things, even though (or perhaps especially because) she feels that she is incapable of such crafts. She has a sense of humor that is based in deadpan sarcasm, made wicked by the gallows humor that someone in her profession unavoidably picks up. She wants those younger than her to have a better life than she did. She cares none for power or glory, instead dreaming of peaceful company that she can trust. She wishes fervently that she will not die lonely and unloved, a failure to those she cares about, but she still suspects that it is what someone as cold as her deserves.

Angela tends to believe in hierarchy and self-reliance, that everyone should know how to take care of themselves and those who have earned authority should be respected for the beneficent order they bring to society. The things she has seen over her many years have created conflicting feelings on the blind obedience and self-hating bootstrapping that she learned in her younger years, but those impulses are still a part of her. In a crisis, she will ultimately side with a person she trusts over a bureaucracy she does not know, even if it sits uneasily with her. However, bureaucracy tends to win out over people in situations with which she is not familiar.

While her thoughts on society may be nuanced, to this day Angela lives her personal life in accordance to Elysium's dogma. The code of personal accountability, that one should keep track of debts owed and pay them back swiftly, rules her actions. Nothing drives her quite as mad as owing a debt that she isn't sure how to repay. Even if it is only for her peace of mind, if nothing else can be said of her, Angela keeps her books balanced.

Angela finds little joy in her day-to-day life. The many years since the death of her wife have not softened the absence she feels. She has little reason to believe that she will ever be that happy ever again. Though she would not admit it to herself, Angela's eagerness to throw herself into dangerous work is as much about tempting death to finally destroy her as it is about craft and vengeance.

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Character Sheet

ALLSPEAK: Members of Angela's angelic cohort, like several other hyper-advanced civilizations, are capable of comprehending all languages. She is magically understood by others as if communicating in their favored language, and she understands them just the same. This includes writing and other methods of communication. However, this ability may sometimes be confused by truly esoteric content.

HEAVENSENT: Though Angela is a mutant angel born without wings, she retains more than the ordinary measure of their other gifts. Angela is long-lived enough to be functionally immortal, blessed with immense health and endurance. She heals at an incredible rate, capable of regenerating from even grievous wounds within seconds — which rarely happen, considering her nigh-invulnerability. Her strength is suspiciously godlike, even among the already-fearsome strength of angels. While she may not be the strongest in all of the nine realms, her maximum effort approaches such paragons. Her senses are supernaturally developed, allowing her to perceive great distances and comprehend at great speeds, as well as track prey by scent alone. Even when she wishes she couldn't

Yet, Angela's most-storied physical abilities are her speed and reflexes, said to be faster than lightning, faster than thought. Functionally, Angela is capable of moving faster than even most other angels could perceive. That she can do this while maintaining fine agility is monstrous. In the vacuum of space — which she can reach from Earth's atmosphere under her own power — she can swiftly attain enough speed to outclass some spaceships.

There are a few logistical issues with possessing speed like this without some means of supernatural mitigation. Moving as fast as she can within an atmosphere can cause highly destructive interactions with air pressure and all that, which limits her options in many circumstances. It's much easier to have an all-out faster-than-sight battle in the air above a city than inside a building that will proceed to collapse on you.

While Angela is extremely difficult to contend with physically, like many biologically superhuman subjects she is capable of being run down by exhaustion. For example, when she's fresh she may be capable of regenerating to wholeness after being burned down to a skeleton, but after enough beating her healing factor will begin to slow and stall until she rests. Unfortunately for those who wish to subdue her, her godlike endurance means that pushing her to such extremes is no easy feat. Still, Angela's pragmatic approach to her craft means that she prefers to use her abilities to the degree that they are needed rather than going as hard as she can at all times.


"Nothing is for nothing. Everything has a price."



The Queen of Hunters
The Queen of Hunters
Full Name: Angela of Elysium
Code Name:
Occupation: Divine judgment and related matters
Aliases: The Wingless One
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Outer Space
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Angel (SIKE she's Asgardian)
Age: Ancient, appears early 30s
Height: 6'4"
Build: Statuesque
Hair Color: Flaming sword red
Eye Color: Definitely human silvery-white
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Herself
Theme Song: Top of the World - Kimbra
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: angela
Played Since: 25 November 2018

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