Orin's story did not begin here, in the 20th century. Nay, it began a millenia ago, when Atlantis was still above the waves.

The Atlanteans were an advanced people. No matter what they put their minds to, it appeared as though their true limits were almost just that. Limitless. They built great wonders. Cities that no scholar could describe, they touched even the very stars and became enlightened to the wisdom that they had only barely reached. But, as with any great empire, they were also not without enemies. Only one stood chief among them, and his name was Kordax. Kordax was an Atlantean Prince, heir of King Orin the first, and had a black heart. It was Kordax's treachery and malice that erupted the eternal war and feud between the Atlanteans of Poseidonis and the Atlanteans of Tritonis. Soon enough, a meteor struck! and in crisis, the city fell beneath the waves, lost to history.

But, a great prophecy arose that a great King would lead them back into a new golden age.

King Orin II.

Born as Arthur Curry to the then-Queen of Atlantis, Atlanna, and Tom Curry, a simple lighthouse worker. Atlanna returned to Atlantis to rule as queen when Arthur was of ten years old, leaving Tom to raise their child alone.

Growing up as a human, Arthur was always a little bit of an outcast. He never quite fit in with the other children at Amnesty Bay…and it's chief reason was that he could talk to fish. Eventually, Arthur's life would take another turn for the worse, as his father died of a heart attack. Left broken and alone, with only the stories of Atlantis his mother told him as a child, he soon attempted to find the lost city.

and he did….buuut was immediately jailed.

Questioned of how he was able to perform such a feat, it was soon revealed to all (much to the annoyance of his half-brother, Orm) that Arthur was the son of the recently deceased Atlanna. While Arthur made no desire or initial push for the throne, he still began with many enemies as he began to learn truly of his culture. But, everything has a breaking point. Fed up with the Surface World, Orm attempted to seize the throne by force for himself, but thanks to the efforts of Orin, he failed, and angrily watched as Arthur ascended to the throne, where he would rule even to this day.

Recent Events


Orin is honest, forthright, and sincere. He's a man of justice who will do what is right when it calls upon him. He's not sensitive, despite his compassion, and even though he is not quite someone who "wears his heart on his sleeve", he's plain-spoken. He will give his opinion whether he is asked or not and he will give the truth/honest opinion of any given matter that comes to his attention.

Self-Sacrificing and Passionate, Orin leads his life fairly filled with reckless abandon for his own personal safety. When he feels, he feels strongly and thus is often extremely stubborn when it comes to his decision-making skills. To those he calls his friends, he would shake heaven and earth if it meant that they would be protected, and would gladly give up his life if it means to save another.

All in all, Arthur has the heart of a King.

RP Hooks

Atlantis: Have dealings with or are you from Atlantis? Hail to the King Baby! He's the guy you want to talk to.

Justice League: Arthur is a founding member of the Justice League. Are you part of the team? Do you have a history with him?


Character Sheet

HEALING: While it's not necessarily a healing factor, rather the result of his mixed heritage, Arthur can recover from wounds very quickly. He can recover from life threatening wounds in just a few days and minor injuries within minutes.

MARINE TELEPATHY: A gift of the royal family that has specifically been passed down to Arthur, he is perhaps the greatest in his family's history to wield such a skill. While often mocked by others because of it's strange definition, Arthur can speak to, control, and influence every creature that lives and breathes beneath the waves. Both known and unknown creatures will heed the King of the Seven Seas's call. Because of this, his standing army is often not just the forces of Atlantis, but the sheer power of the life under the sea itself. He could summon a school of sharks to devour his opponent or cause Leviathans to wreak havoc upon cities. Truly, it is incredible when put to full effect.

SUPER DURABILITY: Arthur is so durable that bullets ping off of his flesh and he can easily survive the crushing depts of the bottom of the ocean unperturbed. He's fallen from orbit and only had minor cuts and body aches. He can tread through lava as if it were simply a hot bath. While he's not invulnerable, he's realistically close.

SUPER SENESES: This mainly only works under water, but can also operate in a limited sense above land. Arthur has a sort of…sonar hearing. Because of this, even if he's not looking in a direction, his sonar sense causes him to be aware of his general vicinity. He can hear through the hard bulk of submarines and see perfectly fine in the pitch darkness of the mariana trench.

SUPER SPEED: On land, Arthur can move at incredible speeds. His greatest feat of speed was dodging a lightning bolt thrown at him by the weather wizard multiple times. Though usually, at rest, Arthur can move about roughly 60mph.

In the sea? Arthur is considered to be the fastest creature alive. At rest, Arthur can swim fast enough to constantly maintain a 175mph speed. But when he's in a rush? He can move as fast as mach 17 underwater. Hypersonic. He can keep up with those who use the speed force and even race a Kryptonian if Arthur is given the advantage of being underwater. He can even swim up waterfalls like Niagara Falls upstream. He's no speedster…but his speed is nothing at all to scoff at.

SUPER STRENGTH: Arthur has been blessed with a phenomenal degree of physical power. He can lift over 100 tons with relative ease and even with great effort, there's very few things on the earth that he can't reasonably lift. He can throw cruise liners throw the waves, hoist up buildings, and drag battleships through the ice sheets of the arctic. Because of this, in battles of pure strength, he can hold his own and/or defeat those of immense power and can keep up heartily with his fellow Justice League members.


"There's an ancient wisdom I should have heeded long ago. If only I had recognized it's truth applies to me as to all men. True happiness is found along a middle road. In there, there lies a balance of peace and harmony with reason and emotion. Not at war, but hand in hand."

"I've worked hard to earn the respect of every living creature beneath the waves. and I take my job seriously, so get this through your head, punk. I'm Aquaman. King of the Seven Seas."

"Dressed like a Bat. I dig it."

"So, who's in charge here? I vote me."


"A King is a King in every corner of his kingdom… and when he's not in his kingdom? He's still a King."



King of the Seven Seas
King of the Seven Seas
Full Name: Arthur Curry/Orin II
Code Name: Aquaman
Occupation: King of Atlantis, Superhero
Aliases: King Arthur, AC, King of the Seven Seas, Lord of the Deep, Fish Sticks, Orin
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Outer Space
Affiliations: Justice League
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Human-Atlantean Hybrid
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Jason Momoa
Theme Song: Ghostwriter Music (Phil Lober) - Sidewinder
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: aquaman
Played Since: 12/15/18

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