The son of Kathryn and Warren Worthington Jr., Warren was born into privilege in Centerport, New York: a small hamlet on the notoriously wealthy North Shore of Long Island. An only child, he was groomed from birth to someday take over Worthington Industries, a 150-year international conglomerate and a name of old repute and old money, and was reared accordingly in a life of privilege, elegance — and expectation.

For the first part of his life, he followed the charted course that was laid out for him, as the sole heir of one of the world's wealthiest names. He was an athletic child and, if truth be told, was more interested in girls and sports than in books, but he did well enough, and never did anything in particular that would give his family anything to frown about up until he was well into his education at the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy.

Even then, it still wasn't really a matter of what he did. It was a matter of what he was becoming.

At sixteen years old, Warren was beginning to express his X-Gene… and it was one determined to express itself in a very visible and physical way. He was plagued by constant itching between his shoulderblades, and over time developed two raised lesions that wept blood. His concerned parents took him to specialists, who biopsied the masses growing in their son's back… and revealed that what was emerging was not an early stage of cancer, but something else entirely.

Unable to accept their son was a mutant, Warren's parents admonished him to hide his status at all costs, in the hopes of an eventual cure for his "condition." A sort of specialized harness was designed to help him keep his wings strapped down, to this end. Despondent and dismayed at this turn his life had taken — the pain of the emerging mutation had forced him to quit all the athletics and activities in which he had been engaged, and had done a number on his confidence in his own appearance and physicality — he was not inclined to argue with them.

Not, at least, up until a year later, when a sudden fire in one of the dormitories spurred him to take some action. Unable to do nothing, Warren used his wings as they should properly be used for the first time, and rescued some of the trapped students. Fortunately the smoke and darkness prevented him from being recognized, though many students saw enough for them to begin talking about "the angel" that had intervened.

It was Warren's first positive brush with his own powers, and a turning point for him to begin removing his harness and flying in secret more and more often. As he became more at peace with his nature, his confidence returned… and at around this time, Charles Xavier approached him about continuing his education at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

Warren defied his parents for the first time, and they eventually gave in after extensive arguments — and some cajoling from Xavier on his behalf. Warren withdrew from Exeter to finish school at the Xavier Institute… and, a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday, became one of the founding members of Xavier's X-Men. This was an extracurricular he did not share with his parents; his activities were done solely under the name of "Angel."

For years the team would champion Xavier's dream of human-mutant coexistence and mutant acceptance. Warren grew very close, in particular, with the other founding members of the X-Men… which is why it hit him particularly hard when Jean lost her life in 2011.

He left the X-Men for a period after that. He reconnected and reconciled with his family; he enrolled in Harvard Business School to complete his education and get an MBA. But trouble did not leave Warren Worthington alone for long. In 2014, the malice of his paternal uncle — who wanted Worthington Industries for himself — would result in the deaths of Warren's mother and father. Though Burt Worthington was apprehended and jailed for his crimes, at the age of 26 Warren was left an orphan.

He was left Worthington Industries, too, though he had no initial interest in directly running the company. Retaining a seat on the board and his controlling interest in the company, he otherwise left it in the hands of a capable board of directors.

The Chitauri Invasion in 2015 spurred him to return to the X-Men, concerned about the rising tide of anti-meta sentiment that arose in its wake… and about the disappearance of his mentor, Charles Xavier, during the crisis. Since then, he has helped to keep the team together as one of its longest-running members, and periodically searched for any trace of Xavier, though hope of finding him grows fainter with the passage of time.

With the advent of the Metahuman Registration Act in New York in late 2018, Warren was faced with a choice: remain unregistered and continue to maintain a divide between his public persona as Warren Worthington and his secret persona as the mutant "Angel," or register and publicly reveal that the two are one in the same. In the end, he personally chose to register. The potential consequences — in terms of his control over Worthington Industries — were too great to risk if he was later found to be in noncompliance, and retaining control over Worthington Industries would allow him to continue ensuring that its considerable power and resources would be turned to good ends. The tax incentives applied towards the charitable endeavors of registered persons was certainly nothing to sneeze at, and Warren has a considerable number of them directed towards the benefit of the differently-abled… many of whom are also mutants.

Recent Events

On-Game History

  • December 2018 — Registers, and together with Alison Blaire establishes Aegis, a private foundation advocating for metahuman rights and equality in the face of the Registration Act.
  • February 2019 — Attacked by a group of Purifiers in Ossining, New York, who nearly remove his wings before an X-Men team stops them.
  • March 2019 — Initiates steps to acquire and shut down both the firearms manufacturing company, and the alternative fuels company, who colluded with the Purifiers to have him attacked.
  • April 2019 — Together with Alison, is arrested for disorderly conduct after a DPS press conference turns hairy.
  • May 2019 — An extremely negative op-ed piece, painting Warren as an anti-human oligarchic bigot, appears in the New York Times.
  • September 2019 — On an X-Men mission to combat the Demon Bear, Warren's wings are ripped off. They are removed when they begin to rot off.
  • October 2019 — Together with Alison, is found dead(?). The incident is taken as a murder-suicide due to orchestration by Cameron Hodge. Their bodies are taken to an alternate universe by an alternate Apocalypse.
  • November 2019 — Accepts a change into Death/Archangel from Apocalypse to revive Alison and regain his wings. Gets up to some mischief.
  • December 2019 — Returns with Alison to his native universe after a rescue by an X-Men team, and exposes the year-long plot against him.


Warren is what one might expect of the scion of old money. Well-bred, with the gentility and natural class that arises when expectations of comportment are handed down from one patrician generation to the next, he is almost always gracious in any given scenario: even if sometimes he can also be quite thoughtless, in that way particular to the very wealthy. He is a self-assured, charismatic, and likeable person, primarily because of his innate courage, genuine interest in other people (particularly the disabled and visibly different), and general conviction to do 'the right thing,' though like anyone else he also has his flaws.

The absolute confidence of a wealthy young man who has always gotten exactly what he wanted, sometimes transforms instead into arrogance, disdain, and entitlement. He has a tendency towards vanity and pridefulness, a certain haughty disinterest in being subordinate to the directions of lesser beings, and a definite and occasional obliviousness to his own privilege.

RP Hooks

As Angel, he was one of the original five X-Men recruited by Charles Xavier, and has served on the team consistently, save for a four-year period between late 2011 to late 2015 where he took a personal leave of absence.

  • If you were on the X-Men from 2006 to 2011, or from 2016 to the present, you've been on the team with Angel.
  • If you weren't, you probably still heard of him, as he was a founding member and would periodically visit even during his years "off the roster."
  • If you were with the Brotherhood during these time periods, you've probably come in conflict with him and the X-Men.

As Warren Worthington, he is known as the young and decadent head of the international conglomerate Worthington Industries, forced to take over earlier than expected due to the untimely deaths of his parents.

  • If you are richer than God or otherwise a staple of high society and the wealthy elite, you know Warren. And you may hate him. Back in the day, he was the very definition of a spoiled, profligate, old-money heir, and a womanizer beyond all bounds of good taste.
  • If you're a businessperson, you may have had dealings with Worthington Industries. The corporation is multinational and operates primarily across media, communications, publishing, aviation/avionics, experimental alternative fuels, renewable energy, and financial services, but also dabbles in a wide range of other things also.

Recently, given that he's registered under the New York law, it's come out that Angel and Warren Worthington are one and the same man.


Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Then I will teach transgressors your ways,
so that sinners will turn back to you.
Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God,
you who are God my Savior,
and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.

Character Sheet

Avian Adaptation

Warren's anatomy is naturally adapted to flight, with many characteristics similar to those of birds. His skeletal structure is extremely light and strong, his metabolic processes are much more efficient than a normal human's, and his musculature is considerably more optimized. As a result, his strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, balance, eyesight and hearing are naturally at human peak ? or much better, especially in the cases of his strength and eyesight. Warren's eyesight is comparable to that of hunting raptors such as eagles, which are capable of seeing eight times farther than a human and focusing in on things from two miles away.

These physical adaptations extend to others required to support flight, such as an ability to breathe at high velocities and altitudes, and a greater capacity to endure the low temperatures found high in the sky. He is capable of reaching the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight (about 30,000 feet), and surviving the conditions at that height. He is also sensitive to the earth's magnetic fields in a way similar to homing pigeons, assisting him in navigation while in flight.

Healing Blood

At about twenty-six years of age, Warren developed a secondary mutation that gave his blood potent healing properties. It enables him, personally, to recover from injuries much faster than a normal human, but he can also use it to induce a similar accelerated healing in others. He simply has to mix his blood with their own. Small lacerations will heal almost instantly, while more major traumas will recover in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months. This property of his blood is merely a sped-up healing process rather than true regeneration, however, and will not enable him to regrow significant amounts of tissue, such as lost limbs. It has also been shown not to work with demonic creatures or creatures of demonic ancestry, and will burn them instead.

Techno-Organic Strain

Warren is a carrier for a heavily modified strain of techno-organic virus, which has been semi-stabilized by the inclusion of Celestial technology in the form of the Death Seed. The addition of Celestial technology causes this strain to operate on a more controlled, limited scope than other forms of TO virus: the extent of its manifestation is to create Archangel's wings and armor, and to strengthen his natural physical constitution to a level capable of supporting the improved capabilities of said wings. The strain concentrates in his wings and bone marrow, and when fully activated runs throughout his blood, the healing properties of which have also been used as a vector to assist in the containment of the virus's natural destructiveness.

The limited nature of the strain means Archangel has at most two primary use cases for its morphic abilities: one being the generation of his techno-organic wings, and the other being the at-will manifestation of techno-organic armor, which typically includes a set of talons capable of puncturing steel or shearing diamond.

Warren can ease himself carefully between Angel and Archangel at will, though while he is in Archangel mode, the risk that he will lose his control over the form is dramatically heightened.

Techno-Organic Wings

Warren possesses a pair of techno-organic wings, which replaced his lost natural wings. These 'metal' wings are simply the primary form which the techno-organic strain in his system is programmed to construct, and can be fully retracted or extended from his body — or even formed into multiple sets of wings — as a result.

Their appearance and capabilities vary along a spectrum depending how much effort he is expending to keep them controlled. In his natural Angel form, Warren can focus his effort on rendering the wings nearly indistinguishable from organic feathered wings, at the cost of their offensive capabilities and a reduced top flight speed of 70 mph at a cruise, 140 at a sprint, and 200 in a dive. Allowing them to slip back towards the 'techno' end of the techno-organic spectrum commensurately increases their offensive power and his flight speed, at the cost of an exponentially greater likelihood he will lose control.

In Archangel form, the feathers still emulate life to some degree, but when at rest stiffen into rigid blades, with razored monomolecular edges capable of drilling through steel and cleaving through diamond. These sword-like feathers are capable of being shot from the wings with the precision and stopping power of armor-piercing shells. They also produce a deadly neurotoxin, which on contact causes temporary physical paralysis and loss of access to conscious power use. The toughened metal wings enable flight at a much greater speed than in Angel form, allowing Archangel to reach high supersonic speeds of about Mach 4.

Virulent Blood

In Archangel form, his blood becomes saturated with his techno-organic viral load. While he continues to receive the benefits of its regenerative properties, for anyone else it becomes a highly-dangerous corrosive fluid capable of eating through flesh and steel.


"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Archangel of the X-Men, Warren Worthington the Third, and I pay your salary."

"Listen, Warren, when we get back to the school… do me the courtesy of — of being a gentleman."
"I can't promise anything like that."

"Look at me, gentlemen. I hide nothing. Those of us who have aligned ourselves with Charles Xavier's initiatives have done so with the sincere hope that peaceful co-existence is not only a possibility, but an inevitability.

"The X-Men are committed to furthering the cause of mutant rights… but not at the expense of the human race. Contrary to popular opinion. We are not your replacements.

"I come to you as a potential ally in an evolutionary process that we must not take lightly. This is not about genetics. This is about political evolution. Social evolution. This is about the future, gentlemen, and I have brought the fight to you."



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January 12, 2020. Narrative Control

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January 05, 2020. Limits and Boundaries

Warren and Dani discuss their respective changes, and their plans going forward.

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Full Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Code Name: Archangel
Occupation: Angel Investor
Aliases: The Bank, Hot Wings, Wings, Feathers, Drama Prince, Prettybirb, Moneybirb, Unclebirb, etc.
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 30
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Benoît Maréchal
Theme Song: Snow - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: archangel
Played Since: December 1, 2018

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