Carolus Sinclair was born on October 11th, 2000 in Brooklyn to parents Hazel and Laurentin Sinclair, a nurse practitioner and architectural engineer respectively. Both were carriers of the X-gene, though only Hazel had manifested mutations earlier in life, possessing the ability to switch her vision between multiple modes of sight, encompassing ultraviolet, infrared, and x-ray.

During his early youth, Carolus was a normal child. His preferred sport was (and is) soccer, which he began to refer to as football at-the-time simply because he realized it would elicit a response. He was a fair-to-good student, with a keen interest in reading and language. He had a rat that he probably wasn't responsible enough to be caretaker for.

On May 4th, 2012 Carolus went to bed and, during the course of sleeping, spun himself a cocoon from silk excreted through his pores. As this would be his first metamorphosis, the process that Carolus was going through wasn't understood and his mother cut him hastily and in a panic from his cocoon. She found her son partway through his body being radically and rapidly altered, with two partially-formed new arms, fully formed antennae, and the beginnings of wings.

Several physicians trusted by the Sinclair family were summoned for private examinations, all of whom concluded the obvious— that Carolus's X-Gene was active, and that it was probably best to allow whatever was taking place to proceed. The next time he managed to find his way to sleep Carolus re-cocooned himself and remained dormant for a good week, emerging with fully formed wings, spare limbs, and considerably more fuzzy than he used to be. He was withdrawn from school, and by the following September found himself enrolled at Xavier's Institute, because a kid partially composed of moth parts and traits really can't pass too easily in day-to-day life. Further growth spurts were punctuated by similar cocoon events to his initial mutation.

Though he arrived too late to witness them directly, the mythos established by the X-Men in 2006 and 2010 against the Brotherhood of Mutants and Purifiers substantially forms the foundation of Carolus's perspective on the responsibilities of those with power, including himself. Also, he became a DRAMA CLUB kid who liked Shakespeare too much for a teenager.

The first time he would see "real action" was the 2015 Chitauri invasion, which was a titanic mess that didn't really spare anyone in New York. This also marked the first time he would feel a real, personal loss in his community, in the form of Charles Xavier's disappearance. He has done minimal (but not no) "superhero" work since, having found himself seriously disturbed by the invasion and its aftermath.

In 2017, Carolus graduated from Xavier's Institute. Rather than pursue a more conventional career, he made use of his body's ability to produce silk to become a supplier of high-quality silk and achieve financial independence irregularly early while allowing himself breathing room to percolate on a potential future career and occasionally give back to Xavier's Institute in whatever small ways he could.

As of 2019, Carolus has enrolled in NYU with self-admittedly unclear goals and meandering interests muddying his path forward. He thinks he wants to do something involving politics, which has been significantly influenced by the implementation of Metahuman Registration, but doesn't really think he has the background (or body) to be effective. In keeping with what he views as the ideals of Xavier's Institute, he has complied dutifully (if grudgingly) with registration, hoping to demonstrate the good faith of both his own community, and of the registration system itself.

Recent Events

September 17th, 2019: Met Red Robin, Batgirl, and Ghost Spider when the latter appeared from an inter-dimensional vortex in Gotham.


Carolus Sinclair, described in a word, could only be called mild. He is too confident in himself to truly be considered timid, but possessed of a residual youthful shyness that can offer the suggestion of someone who is easily pushed around. This is perhaps a consequence of his mutation, which although not pronouncedly ugly does make it nearly impossible for him to "pass" and present as normal. If growing up at Xavier's Institute taught him anything, it was to present as (or preferably, be) "one of the good ones", which has resulted in a distinctly non-confrontational and diplomatic outward demeanor.

He wants to set an example (whether it's really a good one or not he's as of yet unsure of), and that starts with needing a good public image. It was this, and the registration of certain other associates of Charles Xavier whom he looks up to, that prompted Carolus to comply quickly with New York's recently-implemented registration policies.

His true nature underneath the surface is that of an arguably overly-energetic go-getter, just soft-spoken about it. Carolus is a very orderly person and prefers to have all of his ducks in a row. Unfortunately he doesn't like to sit still for long, and frequently finds himself (sometimes literally) pacing in circles because he knows that he wants something, but hasn't actually managed to puzzle out what (or how) yet. Consequently, he's one of those people who has an endless string of hobbies and interests that dead-end abruptly.

As a would-be superhero and admirer of the X-Men, Carolus has been more-or-less inactive since the Chitauri Invasion, only occasionally becoming embroiled in small-time incidents in New York, instead enjoying the economic benefits of his abilities. He is of extreme mixed minds of the "occupation" of heroism, and his alias of "Atlas" reflects both that and his moth-themed abilities. He thinks of heroism as a terrible, inescapable burden that inevitably ends abruptly and violently. And yet, he is drawn to it.

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Carolus's mutations confer a superhuman physique. The most obvious feature, apart from wings, is an extra pair of fully functional arms.

His physical strength comes in at a regular lift capacity of 5-7 tons, stretching to 8 tons under adrenaline-fueled duress.

Subcutaneous natural armor and overall more flexible, durable tissues makes Carolus respectably tough and impact-resistant, rendering most normal smallarms ineffective and allowing him to endure and recover from lethal abuse from superhumans who can exert greater force or firepower than he can. Fatigue also settles in at a much reduced rate, particularly where it pertains to sustained flight activity.

His speed and reflexes are elevated, optimized for shorts bursts of maneuvering and quick reaction in flight. On the ground he comfortably outpaces and outmaneuvers grandmaster martial artists and firing lines of well-trained marksmen at middling engagement range. In flight and with space to work with his short-range "dash" movements can carry him a few yards in any direction at a dramatically accelerated speed.

Less usefully, he also has a proboscis tongue. It's pretty much just a built in straw.


Carolus's body is equipped with several superhuman sensory features. A thin layer of tactile hair offers him touch so sensitive that he can read print media by touch. Further sensory hairs offer him heightened awareness of his surroundings, making it extremely difficult to take him unaware and helping optimize his ability to fly. Antennae aid with all of these functions, and offer a pronounced sense of smell that is able to identify and track unique scents from miles away. Lastly, he is able to perceive light in the ultraviolet spectrum.


Carolus has a set of large, scaled wings like those of a moth that enable him to fly. His maximum safe altitude is around 20,000ft, and his average speed is between 60 to 70mph long distance. His strength in flight is short-range movement and maneuverability, which has the blink-and-you-miss-it extremes of a hummingbird (or at least, a moth that imitates one) in flight and requires practically no room to adjust course.


Carolus has the natural ability to produce silk from his pores. Although he has learned to control this ability to simply produce silk for silk's sake, the primary purpose of this ability is to work his way into a recuperative cocoon.

Within a few minutes he can make a cocoon, inside which Carolus can regrow and mend lost body mass (organs, limbs, tissue, etc.) and purge poisons, infections, and most illness. Serious injuries or illness may require extended hibernation, but a typical street brawl can be wiped away overnight.

Carolus's silk has mildly recuperative properties that can encourage mending in others. In all other regards, Carolus's silk is just silk.




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Full Name: Carolus Sinclair
Code Name: Atlas
Occupation: Student / Entrepreneur
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 19
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black (Dyed, naturally White)
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: atlas
Played Since: September 12, 2019

Last Posted Activity: 16 May 2020 02:53

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