Well over dozens of millions of years ago, a dead god fell to Earth.

A creature older than time; a husk of something greater and gone. The monolithic giant floated through space long enough for civilization to rise and fall more than once before it hit this world and sank through the earth over time. Before the dawn of man, new civilization rose within the husk — within the suit— of this being. In time, they dubbed themselves the Strata.

Culture began anew, waxing and waning, factions vying for power or for balance — cultures born from the genetic seedbed of the Earth as well as elements of the monolithic suit that acted as their home; these unusual circumstances allowed the Stratans to feel intrinsically tied to the Earth itself.

Politics, science, and technology flourished. The primary metal of this ancient suit of armor — a material dubbed Quixium — resulted in another change, one that helped shape their society and their defense: It granted them powers beyond others of their kind, and those who bore those powers were titled Protectors: Guardians of Strata, defenders of the peace.

Atlee was born with the genetic markers for these powers, manifesting early on in her life. Despite this noble destiny, she came from fairly meager origins: Her father is a quarry miner, and her mother handled much of her education until she was old enough to start training in the use of her geokinesis.

By the time she was a teenager, she was already throwing herself headlong into danger, surfing stone through cityscape and magma flow, holding back disaster and fighting back warring factions that threatened to destroy her home. She made many friends, but more than a few enemies along the way, from ambitious princes to horrors that sleep just below the skin of the world, imprisoned and chained in stasis for their crimes.

And then, everything changed: Invaders from the stars, demons of other dimensions. Despite it's depth in the Earth, every great battle wand war has had an impact on the world they all share, and to damage and destroy the surface world could very well spread the damage down to Stratan territory.

The ruling Stratan council of elders, seeking to keep their lands safe as much as a vested interest in keeping humanity safe from threats below the surface, upon the surface, or from beyond the Earth itself, agreed to send one of their warriors to the surface world to represent their interests as well as protect the Earth and learn more about the world's cultures face to face. Their chosen representative was Atlee.

Atlee's arrival on the surface world was a bit scattered; briefly flitting from place to place to save people in mining accidents or to curb dangerous mudslides or stop the occasional strange creature from bursting up out of the ground for too long. Befriending heroes of Metropolis, she has since spent her time there, striving to learn more every day and to continue her crusade to stop evil in all it's forms.

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Calling Atlee "naive" would be both a fair assessment and an massive underestimation of who this young woman really is.

Though by Earth standards she comes off as innocent, frail, and unaware of all the horrible things the world has to throw at her, she is sure of herself; confident and brave. She is educated, but still horribly curious about everything around her— especially when it comes to learning more about the surface world. She wants to make friends, has seemingly endless hope for the future, and wants to see stiff traditions bend to change. Her mission statement is 'to eradicate all evil from this world!' and she truly believes that she can do it.

For all this warmth and positivity, however, Atlee is a warrior with the training and practical experience to prove it: She will not hesitate when people— whether they be Stratan or humans on the surface— are in need of aid, and will fight furiously to protect them and end conflict.

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Character Sheet

GEOKINESIS: Beyond her natural toughness and resistances, Atlee was granted another ability through her exposure to Quixium: She is able to manipulate and shape earth and stone to her need for offense, defense, and utilitarian purposes. Training for her whole life in the use of these abilities with the intent to become a Protector of Strata, Atlee's command of the Earth is diverse and powerful; the range of her grasp starts at the finest grains of sand toward giant slabs of rock and stone.

Atlee's abilities cannot generate rock and stone from nothing, but her command of it is sufficent enough that she can control and twist sand, dirt, stone, mineral, ore, and crystalline geodes to her need. This control borders also on telekinetic, as these abilities make it possible for her to fly at a decent pace by way of standing on a chunk of rock or even concrete.

The amount of concentration required for a given task varies; flinging rocks, drawing stone to her fists for a set of oversized stone gauntlets or causing spikes of stone to pop out of the ground are quite easy to fire and forget, but to do something grandiose requires her to put all her focus— including maintaing it— into the task.

STRATAN: Atlee comes from a strange place with a variety of strange people, from the perspective of human beings. Exposure to the exotic Quixium metals in the protective shell of Strata have altered the life down there and allowed them to adapt and thrive close to the very outer core of the Earth. Made of tougher stuff than a human, Atlee is resistant to hard changes in air pressure (though she can still be oxygen deprived like anyone else), and has unusually high tolerance for heat: She can wade or swim through magma like some would tread water, though lingering for too long *can* start giving her contact burns. Atlee can also heal more quickly from injuries than others, but it requires her to essentially 'shut down' and stay unconscious through the process.


"What's a Vartox Repro-What?"



The Stratan Protector
The Stratan Protector
Full Name: Atlee Terra
Code Name:
Occupation: Protector, Superhero
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: Justice League
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Stratan
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Obsidian
Eye Color: Amethyst
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: atlee
Played Since: 1/25/19

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