A long time from now…

It began with victory.

Old King Thor had used the weapon of Gorr, The God Butcher to stop Galactus from devouring the blasted, dead realm of Midgard. His Grandaughters, Frigg, Ellisiv, and Atli fought at his side to help drive the world eater from the Earth. They could not know the mistake of leaving the All-Black to it's own devices, nor hear the pitched screams of The World Eater as the Necrosword overtook him, and turned him into the Butcher of World.

The time after was a glorious one for the Sisters Three, and the Girls of
Thunder made it their duty to help King Thor rebuild Midgard while learning all they could from the libraries of the world eternal. All save for Atli, for whom books of adventure were just a reminder she had not embraced in enough of it herself.

In Atli Wodendottir, King Thor saw a reflection of his younger self, and
called her forth once the revels were finished, once the plans were drawn for Midgard's revival, and once he had swung his hammer one more time for the good of Asgard's future.

Quick to battle, quicker to celebrate, Atli was the youngest of the sisters
and did not expect to feel the weight of King Thor's audience. There, held in his hand, was a gleaming blade of Uru-struck silver, a sword that was short in stature and shaped very much like a wading spear meant to cleave and pierce all at once. It was not until King Thor held the weapon high over head and spoke to Atli of her accomplishments as a young Shieldmaiden of Asgard that Girl of Lightning felt the full power of her home, and watched as the skies lit up with energy of the Thor-Force, which bid the blade in Thor's metal hand to grow.

"This is Jarnbjorn, Reforged! Bathed in my blood, made to pierce the armor of celestials, it served me well long before Mjolnir bid me worthy. For Atli, the Charge before the Horn, it will serve you well as sword or spear at your command. Now go, prattle no more at me as a child, for your time has come to take your place with your sisters as a warrior of Asgard."

Atli understood then that it was not a gift, but a reward for proving herself
on the field of battle, and on the field of revelries, for the night stretched
long with drink and companionship until the dawn might break again.

But that dawn would not come.

Those alien Gods that King Thor had taken under his wing called to arm, and Decimux, the Machine God raised the shield of Asgard from Heimdall's old post.
Armies of shadow rose at the boarders of Asgard, made of beings the universe over, most long dead and forgotten. But Galactus never did forget what he ate, a living record of all the things that came before. A willful extension of he who had come to destroy Asgard once and for all: Behold, Galactus, Butcher of Gods.

"Did not we slay this towering fool once past, sisters? Ellisiv, perhaps a
spell to launch me towards his meager eyes. Jarnbjorn has yet to taste blood and where the axe had failed against his face, the spear would not!" Atli's eager cry split the air as the shadow loomed over them all, but Frigg and Ellisiv knew better and called their forces inward to confer with King Thor.

No conference was needed, for Thor knew his folly the moment the shadow of the Necroblade stretched across his realm, and knew too that the combined power of Galactus, the All-Black could not be met in battle this day. It was a mistake, and King Thor had the unenviable position of being the wisest of those gathered - a position he could not contemplate as his strong suit. With little time, his mind rode backwards to the only place he had ever seen or been that might give them hope, and bid Decimux to activate the Bifrost.

King Thor, the Sisters Three, and dozens of displaced Gods made their escape to Chronux, only to find that hope was a candle cast underwater, with a flame that was but a bitter memory. All around them the shadowy puppets of Galactus swarmed, but that was not all. Over Chronux a shadow swept, shaped in the same way as Asgard's final eclipse. The Necroblade had not only created a shadow herald army so large it was simply uncountable, but had also duplicated the Butcher of Worlds across the entirety of the universe, mirroring the hunger Galactus felt.

He would devour every world. Every star. Every life, all at once.

Frigg took the command as King Thor mired in the misery of his mistake, a dooming failure that forced him to falter. "Ellisiv, a spell to block the way! Decimux, call the Bifrost, fix it to this Shadow of Galactus until he feels the pain of the rainbow bridge burning at his soul! Citizens of Asgard! We fight to give the All-Father the time he needs! Atli, the All-Father must be protected. At his back, the fight will come most pitched. You /will not/ let him down!"

The crash of shadows, the flicker of Ellisiv's ward failing, and Atli gripped
her spear with a renewed fury. It was the most important thing anyone had ever asked of her hot headed, adventurous soul. And she did it well. As King Thor regained his bearings and fought his way to the portal, he closed the chamber behind him by placing Mjolnir atop the bar to the gate behind them, and Atli stood as his lone guardian, striking at those shadows that breached the barrier, a thousand thousand arms and legs and tendrils and worse lashing at her from a great abyss. Behind her, King Thor drew his sword and cut his hand, and as his blood seeped into the time-way below, giving it life once more, he formulated his mission in his mind. The Thor-Force would direct the portal, push him back to the moment he defeated Galactus with the Necrosword, and he'd throw that damnable thing into a black hole at the very edge of creation. If he never made it back, it would be worth it. For his Grandaughters. for As-


Atli could feel it before she turned, the shadows at her shoulders and back a light massage compared to the pain of watching Thor, the All-Father, her grandfather, feel the life drain from his limbs and see a blade of green
energy bathed in blood and Thor-Force jut from his chest. The voice of Atli's great uncle, Loki the Exiled, had not changed in all those millennia, and though he whispered the stunned Daughter of Asgard could hear what he said as parting words to the God-King. "I've seen how this story ends, dear brother. Let us not repeat the mistakes of yesteryear, and try again with a new volunteer."

Not a word could breath King Thor's lips as he fell, his blood fueling the
portal, the Thor-Force charging it full in moments and casting away the
shadow-beings in the room to reveal Loki's taunting smile. The Charge Before the Horn let loose a cry for the ages, for she knew that she would die soon. Thor's plan was a ruin, and so too would this world. But Loki the Exiled, Loki the Trickster, Loki the Old Warning of Ambition Gone Wrong, would pay his price /first/.

Lightning laced with fire lanced at Loki, but did no harm, and as Atli charged in she learned the first true test of what it was to be part of Thor's lineage: A gullibility for illusion that would be her undoing.

As the image of Loki disappeared before her and she tumbled full into the
portal, the world spun and stretched and time became a rending blur that ended in a crushing darkness.

This is the story of Atli Wodendottir, the Charge before the Horn, youngest of the Girls of Thunder, firebrand warrior and adventurer like no other, and last chance to save the future. Now stranded in our present, she can barely contemplate her purpose in her great uncle's scheme, nor does she fully understand the forces that have placed her in the crosshairs of fate.

Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.

Recent Events

In the aftermath of her journey through time, Atli has become a bit of a hero
on Midgard. Initially disappointed by the terrible ridiculousness of Humans,
and depressed that she might never see her sisters again, she soon found good
friends in Rocket and Groot, and eventually even grew to tolerate Peter Quill.
Now as a Guardian of the Galaxy, Atli does her best to protect Midgard and the
Galaxy as a whole.


RP Hooks


Character Sheet


All Asgardians possess the ability to speak to and understand any creature capable of speech in the Nine Realms, and Atli is no exception.


Atli was born with the gifts all Asgardians possess, and then some. The blood of King Thor, the All-Father runs in her veins, granting her strength beyond most Asgardians her size. Because of this, she can lift a little over eighty tons, leap whole city blocks in a single bound, or several stories straight up. Along with great strength, she has excellent reflexes and agility, on par with an Olympic gymnast. When running flat out she can keep pace with a highway bound car. Her body is far more dense than a Human's, and she weighs three times as much as a human of her size and build. Her heritage grants her an immunity to mundane ailments, along with a lifespan so long that she may as well be immortal.


A Sister of Lightning. Heir to the Storms. Atli Wodendottir is, as her sisters are, heir to the purview her Grandather and Father were known well for. She can affect weather, call rain and thunder in broad or localized areas, and even lightning. She even has the ability to store some portion of the storm within herself, and release a bolt of lighting directly at her foes or combine it with physical attacks to devastating effect. In addition, she's more or less immune to lightning and thunder.




February 29, 2020. A Little Help From Her Friends

Atli is having a hard time, but mostly because her idol is having a hard time. Rocket and Groot give a little help to their friend.

Posted On: 01 Mar 2020 03:55 (Related Tags: atli groot rocket)

January 18, 2020. Atli's No Good Very Bad Day

Atli comes to see Warren and Alison, and perhaps to recruit them for a quest regarding her broken spear. Things don't really pan out as expected.

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Granddaughter of Thor and Girl of Thunder
Granddaughter of Thor and Girl of Thunder
Full Name: Atli Wodendottir
Code Name:
Occupation: A bit of a hero
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: The Guardians of the Galaxy
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Asgardian
Age: 1800
Height: 5'11"
Build: Asgardian
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Karen Gillan
Theme Song: Magic Sword - In the Face of Evil
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: atli
Played Since: 11/12/2018

Last Posted Activity: 01 Mar 2020 03:55

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