To understand Bakeneko, one must first understand the Legend of the Forgotten Village and the God of Monsters.

Long ago, there stood a remote fishing village on the coast of the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan. Isolated by surrounding dark and dangerous wilderness, the people who lived there were simple, but content, safe under the wise and just guidance of the samurai. Then, at the dawn of the Edo period, the samurai were called upon to leave the village. With a heavy heart, the samurai obeyed the decree and left.

Without the protection of the samurai and still cut off from the world, the people grew fearful. Visitors stopped appearing. It was as though Japan had completely forgotten them. Some ventured out to deliver taxation, never to return. Soon, they came to believe they were surrounded by monsters.

Paranoia became cruelty. Anyone behaving oddly was immediately assumed to be a shapeshifted yokai and put to death. It spread into a paranoia-driven monster hunt. All turtles were assumed to be infantile kappa. All feline pets were rounded up and slaughtered. Any birds of prey found were killed. Neither animal nor human would be spared in this unhinged purge. As the village fell into chaos, the elders mourned the complete destruction of their once beloved village. Some felt the need to flee and take their chances in the wilderness. Others felt their hearts fill with anger and despair.

Some elders stole away into the wilderness to cry out to the gods for deliverance. The voice that answered back was one of rage. Makai-no-Yomorinushi, Lord Protector of the Night and god of yokai, knew of the village and its atrocities. He instructed the elder to build a shrine to him in secret, and once done, a ritual to perform; a selfless act of force against a human in service to a beast, and an offering of the chosen's blood upon the shrine. Only then would they be given the deliverance they sought.

The elders created the shrine to exact specifications, from the monstrous visage of Yomorinushi tot he feline statue at its base, hidden away in the woods where the villagers dared not tread. All that remained was the ritual itself. Yet as they returned to the village, they found the daimyo's full military might sweeping through. One of the elders had reached civilization beyond the wilderness.

The villagers resisted like monsters, themselves. In the end, there were no survivors. Out of respect to the samurai who once protected and governed the village, its name and history were stricken from the records, not to live on in memory. But the dark shrine to Makai-no-Yomorinushi, Lord Protector of the Night, god of monsters, remained in the forest just beyond its borders.


Skip ahead about four centuries.

The Oshiros were a proud, prestigious family. They had means, they had wealth, they had influence. The one thing they didn't have was a child. Due to medical complications, that was a situation that would never be remedied. So they went out and adopted a mischievous, bright-eyed girl who was an early teen. She just happened to be a little rough around the edges.

They gave her everything she could ever need. They doted on her with gifts, with allowance, with praise. She soaked it all in and enjoyed their encouragement of her exploration into the field of art and music. She had the heart of a performer, and the burgeoning skill of a musician. But there were two things they couldn't quell in her, be it through strong verbal reprimand, sanctions, or bribe. She had a proclivity towards violence and rough play, and adored the garish affair of professional wrestling.

As they attempted more and more to curb her fascination with the violent sport and her uncouth behavior, she began to rebel. They were at their wits' end by the time they shipped her off to college, but they'd done it. They had survived their daughter. And they were sure that, in college, she would grow to be a respectable, productive woman of value. They did their job.

Katsumi was happy to go to college. She loved the arts program, and got to shadow professional DJs and soundboard operators. She focused musically on the guitar and vocals. But that's when she discovered a locally-based federation. As a publicity stunt, they held tryouts for the general public. Without a second thought, she tossed up her hand. Despite being thoroughly trounced, she demonstrated a strong aptitude and base knowledge, and was offered training.

When the training began, her grades slipped. Katsumi went from a top tier student to frequently beaten, tired, and distracted. On the flip side, she was getting stronger and making a name for herself as a cocky young upstart eager to prove herself. Training as a wrestler rapidly emerged as her top priority, until she was just skimping by on barely passable grades.

This continued right up until her junior year, where she suddenly dropped out. She'd been offered a double position in the Neon League Federation, a considerably larger and more lucrative promotion, as a dancer and wrestler. Katsumi had never tried dancing professionally before, but she was certain enthusiasm and rhythm would make up for it. It didn't. Following one profoundly uninspired performance, she was dropped to only being a wrestler. The frustration and embarrassment kept her from wanting to re-enroll, however, and decided to make wrestling her sole focus.

When the time came to notify her parents of her life choice, she was terrified. She broke the news to them when she visited her home in Osaka. They officially disowned her.

Utterly heartbroken and alone, she threw herself completely into her growing profession. She was living her dream, despite their hatred of her choice, and she refused to not enjoy it. Her training, dedication, and determination, along with a noteworthy ring presence, paid off. Her attitude and girlish demeanor earned her the "Punk Princess" moniker.

Katsumi continued to train and wrestle for the Neon League Federation for the next few years, living the life she mostly wanted for herself. She had fans. She had rising fame in the industry. She had the cameras, the action, the sport itself; she was living the dream. But life wasn't done throwing curveballs.

Following her 23rd birthday, Katsumi was billed to appear for an international special in the States. For her promo, the crew went looking for something dramatic for a backdrop. And what they found, isolated at the end of a winding barely-dirt-path, was an abandoned and semi-destroyed village.

During Katsumi's promo, a bug flew in her mouth. What followed was a string of expletives and ranting about country villages in the middle of nowhere. She clearly needed a minute. As she wandered the woods to refocus, the sound of distressed meowing caught her attention. A stray cat was being kicked and harassed by a couple interns. Without hesitation, she leapt into the fray and trounced them.

Afterwards, Katsumi picked up the cat to check on it, only for it to claw her hand. She dropped it in recoil before setting her clawed hand on a nearby structure. She soon noticed the intricacy of the stonework - a shrine to a god she didn't recognize. As she gazed into the eyes of the deity, she felt a heavy thump in her chest. And then everything went black.

Unwittingly, Katsumi had completed the ritual set in motion centuries ago. She was given the power of Makai-no-Yomorinushi, Lord Protector of the Night, god of monsters; the Yokai Soul. She would be his champion. His divine vengeance against humanity.

Well, presumably, anyway.

Katsumi was fine when she woke up later and insisted they continue with their schedule. That evening, as Katsumi boarded a plane bound for the United States, moonlight touched the bloodied shrine in the lost woods. The feline statue at its base began to soften into flesh and fur. Herukage, Yomorinushi's contingency plan, had finally awakened.

Recent Events

-Arrives in America-


Katsumi Oshiro, the "Punk Princess," is a girl with a personality easily twice her size. She's energetic, snarky, and ultimately complicated. And depending on one's position when dealing with her, she can be either fun, entertaining, or frustrating.

Most know her for her performances in the world of professional wrestling. What some might not realize is that the real Katsumi isn't very different from what they see in the ring. She's a lifelong agitator and punk who loves taking jabs at people. If there's a button to be pushed, she's likely to find it and keep needling at it while having tremendous fun in the process. However for Katsumi, it's all in good fun. There's rarely any real venom behind the antics.

What people don't see from her ring performance is the impact her puckish behavior has on her personal life. It's left her isolated, having a difficult time connecting with people, or finding anyone who can really put up with her. She's tried modifying her behavior to be less jabby, but remaining on guard that much tends to stress her out to the point where she slips, apologizes, and winds up feeling bad regardless. The end result is a desperately lonely Katsumi who genuinely regrets upsetting people, but can't seem to help herself.

Another facet of her in-ring behavior that carries over to her actual self is the showmanship. Katsumi has the heart of a performer and she feeds off of an audience. It doesn't really matter what she's doing - she's a crowd pleaser. Granted, during her in-ring appearances, she's vastly more used to getting boos than cheers. But it makes no difference. When she has eyes and attention, the energy is palpable.

That said, now that she's begun a new facet of her life as a superheroine, she's getting considerably better reception from audiences. It's elating, and slowly pushing her to try to be more the hero people want to see.

Of course, all of this plays into her sense of competition and self-worth. Despite the trashtalk and tough-girl shade she'll toss, Katsumi does not have a particularly high opinion of herself; and she projects that onto everyone around her. Due to her birth parents abandoning her, her adoptive parents disowning her, and her constant struggle to forge and maintain relationships, Katsumi has come to the conclusion that there's something inherently wrong with her, and leaves her fairly sensitive to certain kinds of remark.

This has also lead to a certain need to constantly prove herself. Whether it's in fights, to people who might be friends, in petty competition, it doesn't really matter. Subconsciously, Katsumi needs others to see her as a person with value. Fortunately her foray into the world of superheroics has started to help, but she still sees herself as damaged, or less than ideal. So she continues to meet challenges head-on.

It's worth noting that, despite what it's cost her, professional wrestling is her life's passion and nothing is likely to ever replace that. She idolized it as a child, grew up fantasizing about it, and chased her dream into adulthood. The fact that life has given her this incredible curveball doesn't alter anything - it only opens more windows, and lets her experience what it's like to be the face, rather than heel or tweener. Or rather, villain or anti-hero.

However, even before Katsumi gained powers, there were some redeeming qualities that fans didn't miss. In the ring, the Punk Princess is a rascally opportunist who may not go into a match intending to cheat, but won't think twice about bending the rules and testing a referee's patience. Outside of the ring, she's much more personable and eager to interact with fans. When it comes to younger fans, she goes out of her way to attempt to be a positive role model to younger viewers, including self-censorship on her otherwise abrasive language and avoiding tobacco or alcohol. This certainly has carried over to her work as Bakeneko when engaging the public.

RP Hooks

Is She A Monster?

Makai-no-Yomorinushi is a mysterious but powerful deity, generally only known by peculiar cults through Japan. Given he's the god of beasts and yokai of all kinds, it might seem reasonable that humans would gain little from his attention. That said, he's not evil in the traditional sense. But he views his denizens as his children, and he their father. Observing their mistreatment, abuse, and murder at the hands of humans throughout history, particularly with the atrocities of the Forgotten Village, has set his fury against mankind.

The purpose of the Yokai Soul was to imbue a single human whom he could trust and respect with the power of monsters - specifically to be his wrath against humanity and avenge his children. If you're interested in finding out Katsumi's power source and her intended purpose through some kind of magical sense, divination, or investigation, that's a possible angle! It'd certainly be understandable that they may have some strong feelings about their discoveries or misgivings about her intentions.

Fanboy/girl Squee!

Whatever one's feelings on professional wrestling or its validity, Katsumi remains something of a low to mid-level (depending on the circles) celebrity. She's been featured in magazines, frequently on Japanese television, as well as in other parts of the world through Youtube and special subscriptions. No matter how one has heard of or seen her, Katsumi is usually thrilled to meet fans. Or hit detractors.

Budding Hero!

Katsumi is only JUST starting out as a superheroine. But she's going for it. If you're interested in some action, it's possible to run into her on patrol!


Character Sheet


The source of Bakeneko's power is a magical gift called the Yokai Soul - an ethereal force which bestows upon her the full power of the champion of yokai. In practical terms, Katsumi's strength, speed, agility, endurance, and durability (See 'Boss Monster') are enhanced to supernatural and inhuman levels. She's capable of lifting up to 25 tons at a maximum, hit a top running speed of 60 MPH, and evade high velocity projectiles if prepared.

The Yokai Soul begins to awaken as the sun sets and is in full swing through the night, only to ebb back at dawn. The only time the Yokai Soul is active during the day is during an eclipse or if someone has created a magical facsimile to the night. Simple darkness (such as hiding away in a closet) won't do.


While the Yokai Soul is active, Katsumi's endurance and durability are also strengthened to superhuman levels, though the inconsistent nature of the power warrants some deeper explanation.

When under the effects of the Yokai Soul, Katsumi's physical durability and stamina is extremely potent, to the point of iron, Kevlar armor, or bulletproof glass, and she bounces back from things that manage to hurt her notably quickly.

The trick is that, though the level of durability, resilience, and recovery is profound, it's temporary. The advanced healing afforded her by the supernatural power is only half as effective as normal (as it's only active at night). Any injury she carries with her into the night will not magically go away, and will continue to handicap her. But her ability to tough it out and fight through it will be greatly improved, in line with her supernatural durability. The flip is also true, however: any injuries aggravated through the night may not seem like much in the moment, but she'll definitely be feeling it in the morning.




Full Name: Katsumi Oshiro
Code Name: Bakeneko
Occupation: Superheroine / Professional Wrestler?
Aliases: The Punk Princess
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Unaffiliated
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Deity-Empowered Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Build: Slender, Trim
Hair Color: Blue Black
Eye Color: Magenta
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: bakeneko
Played Since: 09/13/19

Last Posted Activity: 01 Oct 2019 05:52

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