Katherine Rebecca Kane and her twin Elizabeth Kane were born into the military life. Her father, Jacob Kane of Gotham's prestigious Kane Family, was a colonel in the US Armed Forces; her mother Gabrielle Kane, a captain. Because of their family's prominent positions in the military, the twins found themselves constantly on the move — a fact that ultimately made developing friendships much more difficult. But the two protected each other, complemented one another — Beth, the adventurous and sweet one, pushing Kate to open up; and Kate, the protective and supportive one, defending Beth against their myriad of childhood bullies. They completed each other. And whatever spats of family strife… they were happy.

And then came Brussels.

The Kanes had been stationed there, to work with NATO. It was the twins' twelfth birthday. Their mother had taken them out for their favorite breakfast, chocolate and waffles, when they came. Gunmen, trained and angry, abducted the three off the street on their way to the restaurant. By the time Jacob Kane and military intelligence had located them, it was already too late; by the time Jacob arrived, both Gabi and — seemingly — Beth had been gunned down. Kate was the only survivor. He told her not to look, as he carried her away from the bloodshed.

She never closed her eyes. Not once.

She was grieving. She was upset. She was angry. She wanted to get revenge. She didn't know what to do with all these feelings, didn't know how to express it, how to resolve it. She needed something, anything, to keep herself from going adrift and drowning in it all… and she found it in her father. In the very life she was born into. In serving a higher calling.

And so Kate Kane dedicated herself to becoming a soldier. She grew up preparing for it, got into West Point, excelled in her studies until she was at the top of her class and made her brigade's XO. Kate was born for this. And that was exactly the problem that would find her expelled from it.

The Cadet Honor Code of West Point: "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." Her name was Sophie Moore, Kate's bunkmate at West Point. And when brought in on suspected violation of Article 125 of the US Army's code of military justice, homosexual conduct, Kate did exactly what a soldier should do. She didn't lie. She fell on her sword to save a fellow cadet from investigation, but she refused to lie, despite being offered a way out by denying who she was. She was Katherine Rebecca Kane, and all she ever wanted was to serve. But she would not live a lie for the sake of it.

And so under the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, Kate was dishonorably discharged from West Point and denied her promising future in the armed service for all because of her orientation. Her father wasn't mad at her — when he heard the news, he was nothing short of absolutely proud of his daughter, but even that did little to assuage the chaos and confusion her life was once more thrown into. The army was her anchor from her grief, her mooring in a storm — and without it, Kate found herself drowning again. Partying, drinking, abusing her body with who knows what substances, pushing away everyone around her and making poor decision after poor decision to the point that she very nearly got herself killed with her reckless behavior, Kate's downward might have ended with an early end for the Kane heiress… if it weren't for an unexpected encounter with a Gotham legend.

He came on the heels of her dealing with a mugger. And though she hardly needed help, just the sight of him there, in the night, that bat symbol emblazoned so proudly on his chest… it was an inspiration. She knew instantly, instinctively, what that symbol meant. What it represented.

And for a second time, Kate Kane heard the stabilizing calling towards a higher purpose.

Kate started immediately, throwing herself into the vigilante lifestyle. And when Jacob Kane heard, once again, he did not judge, did not dissuade — just warned, before showing Kate the bunker he had made for her and her mission out of her loft. He put her through grueling training, training specifically designed to make her want to quit, training that would kill anyone else, training that was simply outright sadistic at times — but she persevered, she -thrived-, through all of it. For three years, she endured, and when she was ready… her father was there, waiting for her, with her new costume. No. Her new uniform. Her uniform as the Batwoman.

All Katherine Rebecca Kane ever wanted to do was serve. And finally… she found her way. And she would give everything for it.

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There are many sides to Kate Kane, and many similarities one might find between her and her cousin Bruce. As Kate, she is a flighty, charming socialite, prone towards provocative behavior and bucking trends and maintaining a long-standing reputation as a layabout. She enjoys life freely, she is worldly and cultured and yet also just enjoys watching a good game of basketball or wiling away her hours at a bar.

As Batwoman, she is harsh and unrelenting, sharp and calculating. Dangerous, but with an edge of wry wit to her. As Batwoman, Kate Kane is the soldier she always wanted to be, through and through. She is incredibly intense, highly focused, and has a gift for compartmentalizing and getting to the core of an issue. And yet she clearly enjoys herself, a far cry from the often grim way other Gothamites might comport themselves.

And that is because neither Kate Kane the socialite or Kate Kane the Batwoman are really fictitious identities. Neither are masks. They are both Katherine Kane. And they are both equally important to understanding her.

And that is because Kate - like many of Gotham's vigilantes - is a deeply damaged person, and it is really only her purpose as Batwoman that distracts her from that deep abyss constantly trying to drag her down. She wants connections with others, but frequently sabotages herself in the process. But she is also a deeply strong individual, refusing to compromise her beliefs for anyone. She is proud of her heritage; she is unashamed of her orientation. She makes no apologies, and asks no one for permission. And though she may occasionally look to others for advice… Kate Kane is the type of person to ultimately chart out her own course in life. For good or for ill.

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"There are always more monsters out there. Always will be. Let's not give them a head start."



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The Goddamn Batwoman
The Goddamn Batwoman
Full Name: Katherine Rebecca Kane
Code Name: Batwoman
Occupation: Billionaire Layabout / Crazy Gotham Vigilante
Aliases: Kate
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Bat Family
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: THE BAT
Age: 33
Height: 5'11"
Build: Bat-thletic
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Ruby Rose
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: batwoman
Played Since: 11/18/2018

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