Billy Russo


"You know. I'd have given you the world. I'd have given you anything you ever wanted. If you just wanted me."

It's hard to say if Billy Russo was born broken, or if his environment made him that way. In the end, it was probably a combination of both. Abandoned as a child by his meth addict mother, Billy spent his childhood in the system, moving between group homes. When he was ten years old, he found himself at the Ray of Hope group home in New York City. There, an attempted molestation by an older man led to the first violence perpetrated against him, and his first application of violence. He got in a few good whacks with a stickball bat before the man tore his rotator cuff in three places.

As it happens with some people, Billy found solace and purpose in the military. He joined the Marine Corps and found his callous disregard for the feelings of others was an asset rather than a red flag. He learned from watching others wash out to hide his own darker personality traits. He adopted a persona early on and developed it over the years. He wore the mask as the kind of personality the Marines would value: steadfast, principled, willing to follow orders, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and respectful of authority. That persona gained him respect, friends, the rank of Lieutenant, and a trip to Afghanistan.

It was there Billy Russo met Frank Castle. Maybe it was a mutual darkness, maybe it was Frank's straightforward tough-guy manner, but he found himself genuinely liking the man instead of just pretending to. The friendship was solidified during an op in Basra where the men were pinned down. They saved each others' lives multiple times that night, and Billy racked up the majority of his 135 confirmed kills over a 48 hour period.

Both Billy and Frank found themselves recruited by a man known to them as Agent Orange for Operation Cerberus. Their mission was simple: kidnap, interrogate and assassinate high value targets. They were nicknamed the American Taliban, because when they showed up, people disappeared. It would seem at first that a man like Billy Russo who was on paper, principled and steadfast, would be recruited for such a dirty assignment. But it turns out the man known as Agent Orange saw through Billy's careful mask to the man he really was - and the potential of that man.

After a disastrous mission where they were ambushed and pinned down, Billy announced he was leaving the marines and striking out on his own. To everyone around him, it seemed like a matter of principle - the move of an honourable man who could no longer do the military's dirty work. The truth was, Agent Orange had offered him a highly lucrative new job as a civilian contractor - if he would build up the personnel and the resources. The truth is, Billy had been driven by the lure of money and fame. He had returned home between sets of deployments and found that military service gained him no respect or admiration - and that was something he had been craving ever since his mother signed away her parental rights to the system all those years ago.

It took Billy a few years to build Anvil, his security consulting firm from the ground up. With a little seed money from Agent Orange and a lot of determination, he made his dream a reality. Soon, he secured a nice apartment, fancy suits and expensive cars. He started to feel the respect and admiration he had been wanting all his life. It was intoxicating. He had zero qualms about sending former vets into bad and morally compromised situations or blackmailing crooked or immoral soldiers into working for him and doing even dirtier work. That was the money work. But for Billy to get the admiration he desired, he took absolute pride in the legit side of his business as well. Private security home and abroad, the development of sophisticated training simulations and scenarios, and general security and tactical consulting all built Anvil into a respected company. Billy was never a man to sit behind a desk. Now and again, he was happy to get his hands dirty in the field. That earned him respect from his employees. At least, the ones he didn't send to their deaths.

On his rise to the top, he kept in touch with Frank Castle and his family. But the more time he spent with the man at home, the more jealous he became. He never wanted the family life, but Frank's family was a distraction from their former close brotherhood. He had hoped, in the back of his mind, that Frank might join his company. But he saw the way that Maria was coaxing him to the path of light, away from the military life. Though the Castles never saw it through the smiling face of 'Uncle Billy,' he was growing resentful. As he never had a family, happy families were an anathema to him. Perhaps that's why he made no move to warn or otherwise protect Frank and his family when the hit was put out on his life.

When Frank supposedly died, Billy did actually mourn, perhaps for the first time. But he went on with his life, now with no one close enough to ever have a good chance at seeing past the mask that was now firmly in place. Anvil has grown in power and influence, and Billy is as willing as ever to get his hands both figuratively and literally dirty.

Recent Events

Billy's company, Anvil, recently secured an Office of Public Safety contract to provide supplemental security around registration lines. They're there to keep the peace between metas/mutants and humans and to support other agencies.

That contract is a coup for Billy and he's determined to do a good job. He has no qualms about assisting registration efforts.


Billy Russo is charming, charismatic, intelligent and well-spoken. He carries himself well, is a fine public speaker, and appears honourable and professional. He is also manipulative, callous, cruel, megalomanic, selfish, and almost completely without empathy. In short, he is the beautiful monster who looks completely blank as he twists the knife deeply and slowly in your gut. The vast majority of people who meet and deal with him would never know who he really is, which makes him a particularly dangerous brand of villain. He craves status, money, respect, and admiration. There is very little he won't do to get, keep and grow these things.

There is also a strange fastidiousness about him that stems from his narcissism. He loves a good suit, has excellent taste, and keeps himself impeccably groomed. This extends to his work. He's known as a clean operator. It's no coincidence that his weapon of choice is a sniper rifle. It's a weapon that kills people at a distance, and cleanly. Despite his lack of empathy, he's not a fan of torture or messy killing. He'd prefer a clean shot in the head any day.

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Character Sheet

Aside from really great hair? Nada.


"The only crime in war is to lose."
"There is no one on this green earth that I'm worried about going against."



The charming ex-marine
The charming ex-marine
Full Name: William Russo
Code Name:
Occupation: CEO of Anvil. Former marine.
Aliases: Blackbird, Bill the Beaut.
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Anvil
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 36
Height: 6'1"
Build: Slim and athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Very dark brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Ben Barnes
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: billy-russo
Played Since: January 11, 2018

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