Black Canary


Dinah Lance is not the first woman to wear the title 'Black Canary'. Her mother (also Dinah) spent her youth fighting criminals alongside her husband Larry Lance, a Gotham-city cop.

Dinah's early childhood focused primarily on her aspirations as an Olympic gymnast, a goal to which she devoted herself for years. Upon discovering her mother's identity as a costumed vigilante, Dinah decided to take on the family mantle for herself and found crimfighting much more interesting than the Olympics.

Once her mother resigned herself to Dinah's new ambitions, the younger Lance was brought up with the same level of dedication to her goals. Her mother put her in touch with allies and friends in the hero community and from this diverse crowd, Dinah learned the ins and outs of becoming a costumed crimefighter. Several vigilantes stepped up to the task, educating her in crimefighting, martial arts, and teamwork. Dinah would spend a few formative years in Gotham cleaning up the streets before becoming a travelling globehopper. A stint as a freelance mercenary earned her a solid experience among military personnel in the global scene.

Returning to Gotham, Dinah settled into a life as a professional crimefighter once more. She branched out into larger global affairs, becoming a member and staunch supporter of the Justice League. But, Gotham will always be her first home and she inevitably returns to the city to keep clean the streets of her youth from time to time.

Recent Events


Brassy and uninhibted. Dinah's risked her life and had her share of scrapes. She doesn't scare easily and she doesn't quit when the going gets tough. Inside, there's a girl who can't stop pushing herself harder than she should, and her shame is that she likes kicking ass a little too much.

RP Hooks

Dinah's a close ally of several of the Bat-Family members and the nascent Gotham team, 'Birds of Prey'.


{$page} Barbara Gordon
Best friends since they were 17 years old, fumbling around Gotham's streets in borrowed athletic gear and tights. They've been though the good and the bad and the awful for most of a decade now.
{$page} Richard Grayson
'Dick' is just a hair older than Dinah and Barbara, and is one of her oldest friends. She still teases him mercilessly, and only a little because the smart-mouthed former Robin went and grew up and got hot when she wasn't paying attention.
{$page} Jessica Jones
Jessica's a new acquaintance and already fast tracking to becoming a new friend. She's a great fighter, mentally tough as nails, and doesn't screw around with small-time stuff.

Character Sheet

CANARY CRY: Dinah's sole metahuman talent is the ability to 'scream' at superhuman levels. She's capable of replicating virtually any sound she's heard, including voices and even musical instruments. This mimicry can trick even very sensitive machines and ears. More dangerously, Dinah can raise the volume of her voice to incredibly destructive levels. At a peak of 300dB, she can scream as loudly as an erupting volcano or multiple bombs being dropped. Dinah's immune to the effects of her own scream, but can't otherwise distinguish between friend and foe with it. Dinah's scream works underwater and in other environments, with varying effects. However, conditions that render her mute also hamper her ability to scream.




Black Canary's one of the Gotham vigilante crew, and a tough customer by any estimation.
Black Canary's one of the Gotham vigilante crew, and a tough customer by any estimation.
Full Name: Dinah Lance
Code Name:
Occupation: Florist
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail:
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Caity Lotz
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: black-canary
Played Since: 18 Nov 18

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