Black Widow (Belova)


Yelena Belova was chosen to undergo the Red Room training program for Widows
after Romanova abandoned Russia. Entering at fifteen, Yelena trained there for
a decade, struggling, and mostly failing, to try to surpass the achievements
of the previous Widow. During her time there, her mentor, who became as a
father figure to her, Starkovsky, was killed by Petra, a psychotic
doppleganger of hers.

Investigating the murder of her mentor, Yelena graduated from the Red Room by
killing Petra after several more murders, their confrontation partially
orchestrated by the masterminds of GRU. She became the first student in
history to surpass Romanova's overall score, though failed to defeat all of
her records. She saw the Black Widow as a traitor, and took her name to redeem
it, believing herself to be the only worthy successor of that title.

Yelena's career went on, with her facing her predecessor several times. At
each and every confrontation, she attempted to exert her supposed superiority,
and eliminate Romanova, but ultimately never succeeded in either of those

During one of their confrontations, Yelena found herself in Romanova's body,
swapped by SHIELD. By the end of this particular adventure, Romanova revealed
that the Black Widow was not a hero of the Russian people, but merely a tool
in the arsenal of her leaders. After returning to her own body, Belova
returned to the Red Room with a newfound insight into her role in Russian

This eventually led Yelena to temporarily retire from espionage. She found
work as a supermodel, purloining her earnings there into a lingerie line.
Eventually she branched out into several erotic cable channels, diversifying
her business holdings. She based herself in Cuba and hired women off of the
streets to work for her, both easing her conscience for past mistakes and
allowing them a better life, even if less well-paid than their American

Yelena eventually came out of retirement, joining the black ops arm of
SHIELD, performing off-the-books covert operations.

Recent Events


Yelena Belova is a complex woman living in a complex world.
Spy-turned-supermodel-turned-businesswoman-turned-spy, she wears faces, names,
and lives like other people wear clothing. Nothing is permanent, everything is
fluid. At least on the surface.

She claims to be the sole inheritor to the mantle of the Black Widow (but the
preceeding one might have an objection to that) and that obsession drove much
of her earlier life when she still worked for Russia and the Red Room. She was
hot-tempered, without morals, and utterly willing to perform any deed that
would accomplish her mission. …Not a lot has changed about that.

Yelena kills without qualm or hesitation if the death is necessary, but never
wantonly. She will leave lives ruined in her wake if that's what it takes to
achieve her goals, but will hire women off the streets to work in her company
as a form of charity. The assassin in the blonde separates itself from the

This duality has proved necessary for Yelena to maintain her own sanity. What
the Black Widow does must not be allowed to taint who Yelena the woman is, or
she faces losing herself in the ever-changing faces and names of the
identities she adopts on her missions. Losing oneself to the job is a fear all
spies carry deep in their hearts, and she skirts that line closer than most.

As such, it is rare for Yelena to let anyone in to see the 'real' person
underneath. The closest most get is the cold, calculating, and ruthless agent
who gets things done.

RP Hooks

SHIELD, Spying, Assassinating, Being Rich, Reformed (?) Villain, Russia, Red Room, Supermodel, Businesswoman


Character Sheet


"The Red Room wants me dead? You won't be the one to do it! Not YOU! Not EVER!"



Black Widow
The Pale Little Spider
The Pale Little Spider
Full Name: Yelena Belova
Code Name: Black Widow
Occupation: Assassin, Spy, Supermodel, Cable Porn Channel Entrepeneur, Fashion Industry Tycoon
Aliases: Little Spider, Rooskaya
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD, Red Room (formerly), Russian Intelligence (formerly)
Physical Information
Gender: Female (As far as you know.)
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 35
Height: 5'7"
Build: Erotic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Yvonne Strahovski
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: black-widow-belova
Played Since: Dec 2018

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