Black Widow (Voyant)


Claire Voyant - which, shockingly, is *not* an alias - was born near the turn of the 20th century. Essentially nothing is known of her early life - where she was born, where she came of age, even what she did; no one still living could offer more than conjecture as to who Claire was before 1928. Some stories say she was a medium, a spiritualist, an occultist - these accounts are the most widely known, thanks to comic books approved by the War Department in the 1940s.
What matters - all that matters - is this: Claire had a sister, Deborah. By 1928, she was Claire's only living relative. And, in 1928, Deborah was murdered by her lover, Lester Maddox, a man the police could not - or *would* not - touch.
Standing over the grave of her sister, Claire swore she would do anything, give up anything, to avenge her. There are things you should never say while standing over a grave.
Without hesitation, she struck a pact with Satan - becoming immortal, unkillable, beautiful and terrifying, molded to be his agent on Earth and to hunt down and deliver the souls of those who would escape payment of deals they had made with him. The first such man was Lexter Maddox. There have been countless others since.
In the 1940s, Claire - known now as 'The Black Widow' - became affiliated with the War Department, one of many super-powered operatives dispatched to the European front; there she became infamous among soldiers, a story told of a dark woman who brought death to hundreds.
On the 25th of April, 1945, the Black Widow was one of many such operatives participating in the taking of Berlin. In an attack on the headquarters of the SS, she - along with 11 others - were ambushed and placed into suspended animation, where they remained, forgotten, for decades.

They were found.

Many struggle with the new world. Claire does not. There will always be men who seek to make bargains, and men who seek to escape the payment that is owed of them. And, even when there are not, the Military is sure to find interesting things for Claire to do - after all. When she is yours, a killer is not a killer; she is a "hero."

Recent Events


Claire is not an especially happy person.
Who she was before 1928, where she was from, what she was like - ultimately, none of that matters.
In 1928, a man named Lester Maddox murdered her sister. His connections, his position, his wealth, made him untouchable. At the grave of her sister, Claire swore she would do anything, give up anything, to avenge her. She did.
The things about Claire that matter flow from that moment.
Almost every night, Claire turns a locked room into a sulfur-stinking abattoir and sends the soul of a wicked man to Hell.
She takes little joy in her work; while there are souls so wicked that she may indeed relish sending them to their fate, there have been rare occasions where she collapsed into tears before leaving the scene.
She is cold, and she is distant, and she is more than a little cruel. She does her best to prevent anyone from drawing too near to her; when she has relationships of any kind, she tends to keep them primarily physical.
With those rare few persistent enough to overcome her reluctance to socialize, those willing to endure the abuse Claire heaps upon them to drive them away, she proves to be every bit as loyal to them as she is lethal to her enemies.

RP Hooks

  • Weird War II: The Black Widow was active on the European Front of World War II.
  • Gothic Icon: Alongside Theda Bara, Musidora, and others, the Widow served as a major influence for the aesthetic of the goth subculture.
  • Fist of the Fallen: Vanishingly few beings can claim to be a direct servant of The First of the Fallen – the Widow is among them. Anyone connected to Hell would know of her and her role, as would occultists with particular knowledge of the infernal realms.
  • Your Tax Dollars at Work: The Black Widow is an agent of the US Military.


Character Sheet

DEATH TOUCH: Even during the height of her infamy, The Black Widow was known for one thing: her ability to kill with only a touch, leaving behind the burning brand of a black widow spider on the flesh of the condemned.

Despite this fearful reputation, the reality is that vanishingly few need fear her touch: it affects only those whose souls are *truly* black, those who are without hope of redemption and have given themselves completely over to evil and are doomed to Hell upon death. Because it is intimately tied to the status of the soul, it is ineffective against anyone who has never possessed one - androids, and the like.

(This is a TP-only power.)

DEMONIC PHYSIQUE: The Black Widow possesses inhuman resiliency; she is functionally immune to all conventional, and most non-conventional, weapons; bullets are meaningless against her, and even a super-humanly strong android couldn't crush her throat. Like many demons she is immune to all forms of heat and flame, and she does not require sleep or rest.

FLIGHT: Granted the gift of silent flight, The Black Widow can move through the air at a speed of several hundred miles per hour without creating even the smallest breeze or softest sound.

HEALING: The Black Widow can heal her own wounds, and under very specific circumstances those of others. HER wounds heal at supernatural speed; while not 'regeneration,' injuries not designed to inflict special harm to demons will largely vanish by sunset. The injuries of OTHERS - if inflicted by one marked by her master for death, even the most grotesque of wounds may be healed, and even lost limbs regrown. (She is not, otherwise, able to heal another being.)

HELLFIRE: The Black Widow is able to bring Hellfire to Earth; it spreads freely from her body and her shadow, igniting combustible materials and inflicting horrible supernatural damage to human flesh.

HORROR MOVIE STUFF: The Black Widow can impact the world immediately around her in a wide variety of ways reminiscent of an Oscar-nominated FX studio. Lights dim or shift shade; bulbs shatter and hang in the air as if in aspic; shadows warp and move; fog rises from nowhere to fill the room. The manifestation of her powers may also shift - she has, for instance, appeared to become smoke and seep through doors rather than merely 'teleport.' While technically 'magic,' its practical effects are in increasing the terror felt by those who have earned it.

IMMORTAL: The Black Widow has not aged since 1928; as part of the pact she swore, she will never grow old and no force in creation should induce such a thing. So long as men make foolish pacts, the Widow will endure. Even if her physical form were destroyed, her spirit would exist - and unless she were to forsake her role, a new body would eventually be created for her.

INFERNAL STRENGTH: While human to most appearances, the Black Widow possesses strength far greater than most. She can lift roughly ten tons, and is able to tear a human body apart with her bare hands.

SHAPESHIFTING: The Black Widow can, while not a shapeshifter in a general sense, affect major changes to her body - from shifting the color of her eyes to extending her fingers into grotesque talons that cut through steel and flesh with equal ease. She cannot, however, 'disguise' herself; The Black Widow is never NOT The Black Widow.

SPIRIT SENSE: The Black Widow is able to sense the nature of someone's soul (and the nature and degree of their sins) and is aware of an individual is in, or destined for, Hell. Like most mystical beings she is able to detect magic used around her.

TELEPORTATION: The Black Widow can pass without movement from place to place, vanishing from sight. While useful, this is not her primary means of travel; she cannot teleport rapidly, and can usually only teleport only the distance of several city blocks. She can freely teleport to Hell, and when 'on the job' may use the infernal realm to reach any part of Earth where a condemned resides. In theory she could bring others to Hell, but can teleport only herself on Earth.

TERRIFYING: Empowered by Satan, there are few things with the potential to be more terrifying than The Black Widow when she calls upon his power. Even hardened killers can be broken by the experience, and given that this ability is most often used in conjunction with her duties in claiming a soul who seeks to escape rightful damnation, rare indeed is the person who survives what follows soon after it.

Because of the nature of the ability and the source from which it is derived, it can only impact someone who has a soul (even a soul that is stained with corruption, or a soul that has been bartered away); it has no effect on artificial beings such as androids. Deadened emotions, however, are no sure guarantee of protection or immunity, because of the supernatural nature of the ability and the fact it essentially confronts a target with the horrors of Hell. Resistance, then, is more an issue of the nobility and purity of one's spirit - the more 'holy' one is, the more virtuous, the less the experience impacts them, with the truly innocent being immune.

Mystical wards might offer varying levels of protection, but because Claire essentially summons or borrows the nature of the First of the Fallen and the nightmarish punishments of Hell, it would require wards against *him*, rather than *her*.

(As with all powers based upon manipulating emotions or the mind, this power requires discussion with and affirmative consent from any Player Character intended to be a target. There are likely players who could find it traumatizing to *them* rather than to their *character*, and I fully respect that.)

UNBREAKABLE WILL: The Black Widow's body is resilient, but the strength of her spirit puts it none the less to shame. She cannot be frightened nor intimidated; she cannot be swayed towards corruption; she cannot be moved by words. The Black Widow does not even fear death, for much of what was human in her died nearly a century ago.


"I can give you the power and the means to take your revenge. But there is a price. There are some who have made deals with Me in the past, who have managed by trickery and deceit to exceed their alloted time on Earth. They, too, believe themselves UNTOUCHABLE. I am limited in the ways I may touch the Earth and those who live there. But you are not. YOU can… TOUCH them.
"I would not ask you to harm the innocent, and do not now. You will touch only the wicked. You will take their lives, and send their long-overdue souls to me.
"You will be ageless. Beautiful. Terrifying. And you will be mine. For all time. Do you consent… or will you leave this death unavanged?"

"I do."



The Black Widow
The Devil's Bride!
The Devil's Bride!
Full Name: Claire Voyant
Code Name: The Black Widow
Occupation: Agent of Retribution
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: US Military, US Intelligence, The Twelve
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Demon/Ascended Human
Age: 119
Height: 5'9"
Build: Pinup
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Blue. Or white. Or red. Or black.
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Veronica Lake (Face), Betty Brosmer (Body)
Theme Song: "In League with Satan," VENOM
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: black-widow-voyant
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