Early Life: Valerie is born and raised in Dakota City. An only child in a Japanese-American household, she is expected to excel in life by her family and does just that. A genius, she does very well in her studies starting from her earliest years. That required excellence only pushing her forward. As a child she's a happy girl, often telling joke, and generally a nerdy thing into comics, video games, sci-fi and science- especially science.

Adolescence: As Valerie gets older she is put into private schools to ensure her intellect isn't "wasted" in the public schools. She excels in classes, and all things academic. Science still most interests her, and she tends towards those kinds of classes. Short, skinny, and with glasses some kids would try to pick on her- but Valerie always stood up for herself and others. High-school wasn't much different, although she did go to a 'science focused' high school. She graduated valedictorian and went onto college.

Young Adulthood: College was a fantastic place for young Valerie. She learned a lot about herself beyond the science education she was focused on. College is where she explored her social life, and discovered she is homosexual. She decides to be open about it from the start, regardless of any negative impact it might have. Her family- traditional- is not particularly pleased at what they call her "choice". She is soon estranged from them, but graduates summa cum laude. Neither parent attends her graduation.

Adulthood: Valerie is able to go to graduate school through scholarships and grants. She focuses on chemistry and biology- eventually graduating at top of her class with a doctorate in biochemistry.

Recently: Valerie moves to New York City, having gotten a job at a local biotech firm. She does lab work and biochemical research- soon hooking into the idea that it might be possible to supercharge a human being with the proper biochemical additives. Of course, she won't be able to test this on anyone except herself.

Working in secret, Valerie comes up with a serum designed for her own genetics and biochemistry. She takes it, and all at once she becomes perhaps the fastest woman alive! It's a complete success. The serum hypercharges her brain, senses, and body- and unbeknownst to her- attaches her to some mysterious 'speed force'. These new powers in hand, she decides to do what she can to improve the lives of others and to head off threats before they become a serious problem. She takes the name 'Blitzen' and goes to fight for justice… or at least to try.

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Valerie's mind works at light speed- and her mouth can almost keep up. Brutally honest and straight with people she doesn't particularly seem to care much for social niceties when something needs to be said. Outside of that honesty she's a big doofus dork who loves nothing more than making bad jokes.

In a professional environment, Valerie cuts back on the jokes (but doesn't abandon them completely) and her genius is readily obvious. At her heart, Valerie is a good person who enjoys being a heroine, however, she understands (or believes) that sometimes bad guys need to go away forever and this can color her decisions.

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Character Sheet

ACCELERATED HEALING: Due to her body working so quickly, all processes are sped up accordingly. This means that she heals much quicker than a non-supercharged human being. Minor wounds heal in minutes instead of days, and more serious injuries will take days or weeks to heal where they might have taken months or more.

GENIUS MIND: Valerie is a genius, with the ability to understand complicated scientific concepts with very little issue.

HYPERCHARGED AGILITY: Blitzen is an exceedingly agile woman. She knows how best to use her speed in situations where bobbing, weaving, and moving in an agile manner would be to her benefit. With the addition of her super-speed she's a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, due to how fast her brain and body work her reactions are near-instantaneous. She can dodge bullets, or other similar speedy items with relative ease. This is good because she is not bullet-proof.

HYPERCHARGED MIND: Valerie's brain is, like her body, hypercharged in terms of speed and processing. Already a certified genius, her thoughts come and go so quickly that sometimes things seem to go in slow motion. This means that she's more aware of her surroundings, able to process what could be an overload for a mind not working as quickly as her own.

This furthermore makes her mind more resistant to mental intrusion in the form of telepathy, or 'mind reading' style powers. Her thoughts come and go so quickly it is difficult for minds that don't work as fast as her own to parse all the information.

SPEED FORCE!: Valerie has unlocked the potential of human speed through SCIENCE! She created a formula that hyper-charged her body, and unbeknownst to herself, allowed her access to the Speedforce. Now, she's one of the fastest people on Earth. She can move fast enough to reach near lightspeed (Although *less* near lightspeed than any particular Flash who can reach similar speeds.)

SUPERHUMAN STAMINA: Due to the method of her gaining her super-speed, Blitzen's body is hyper-efficient at removing the various toxins and buildup of lactic acids in her muscles. As long as she's got enough calories in her she can keep going for about three days before she reaches a point of mental and physical exhaustion.



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Full Name: Valerie Kameya
Code Name: Blitzen
Occupation: Biochemist
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail:
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Build: Lithe and Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: blitzen
Played Since: December 2018

Last Posted Activity: 02 Jan 2019 02:22

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