Samuel Z. Guthrie is the oldest of eleven siblings. Ten birth siblings, and a
final adopted one. Born in Kentucky coal country, the Guthrie's were neither
particularly wealthy nor educated. They were, however; about the best adjusted
modern family this side of the Waltons, and even on their worst days, they
loved each other a lot.
Dad died when Sam turned 15, so he cut his hair and got a job in the coal
mine alongside his uncle, using his height, a bad haircut, and his gawky
stature to convince management that he was old enough to be in the mines. At
night, though tired from the labor, he would study as best he could from his
sister's books and books borrowed from the library. It was going to be a hard
life for Sam, but he was not going to complain. Sam, despite being a little
doofy looking was very bright. No parent wants to trade their child's future
for a short term financial gain. He was a good kid though, and Sam was
insistent. The other 10 kids had to eat.
Such considerations were made moot by a tragic cave-in during his first week
at the mine. He, his uncle, and others were all trapped in the mine. Sam felt
sick. He felt hot, and he felt claustrophobic. In the stress of the event, his
powers activated and he blasted his way out, leaving a tunnel for the other
men to follow.
Questions were averted by the arrival of a man in a wheelchair, who handled
things with aplomb and a lot of telepathy. Sam would attend a ritzy private
school in New york, get training for his powers, and the Guthries would keep
their home and the income, and a little more, from Sam's working to compensate
them. If their other children were to express a mutant ability, he would offer
the same deal. A little telepathy, unbeknownst to all involved, sealed the
deal. Charles saver essentially bought Sam.
Once at the school, Sam was quickly made a Co-Leader of the team. Sam tended
to get the dirty jobs. Sam is probably better at the dirty jobs and doing the
irksome tasks; he is the oldest of ten, after all.
Sam helped lead the ?New Mutants' through a number of crises. He dated a
famous pop starlet, and lost her. He lived and learned, and grew smarter,
wiser, and more skilled..
Sam ended up in Asgard for a brief stint during his time with the New
Mutants. He learned to fight, and he came into his own on the battlefield.
Eitri crafted a sword, and a suit of magical armor. While Eitri essentially
adopted him, the sword and armor lost their magic upon returning to Earth. Sam
still has them.
When they got back, a new instructor was put in charge of the team, and it
got a lot less fun, more militant, and considerably less innocent. People
started leaving. Injuries, transfers, and a death in the team sent people on
their way.
Sam was old enough and had the credits that early entrance into college was
an option. He took it, and though he sometimes pines for the mansion; after
all that happened, it simply was not Sam's home anymore.
Cornell is in Ithica New York. Sam had some college credits from online, and
he was used to hard work at Xavier's School. He did sporadic heroics, and on
his own unlocked a few of his abilities. While heroing, he met this charming,
lovely woman by the name of Smasher, Isabel Kane. It was a tempest of a
relationship. They fell hard and fast for each other. Then, just six months
after meeting her, she was gone. Off to serve out a military assignment with
the Shi'ar Imperium. Devastated was not quite the word. Between his headstart,
good attitude, and a complete lack of distractions and adventures other than
getting dumped by a series of girls, A Political Science degree (with a minor
in physics) was easy for Sam to achieve. He never walked off Izzy, though.
He had just finished up his degree when the Earth was invaded. Sam ended up
on the wrong side of a space transprt landing bay. After what was almost
Scooby-Doo like hijinks, he ended up in Shi'ar space picked up by a Shia'ar
Izzy straightened that out, and they picked right up where they left off. She
had just a few more months of mandatory service left, so Sam opted to remain
with her. This was not allowed, unless Sam went with through a gladiatorial
arena to prove he was a warrior of note and worthy to be with Izzy. Izzy
joined him in the Arena fight, and they won. By Shi'ar law, they're now
married. They try not to think too hard about that, but neither particularly
minds it per se. In fact, there might be a ring on a necklace around their
necks, for when the time is right.

Recent Events


Sam is the kid who dropped out of highschool to help feed his younger
brothers and sisters by working with his uncle in the coal mines after dad
died. He is the guy who keeps his friends out of trouble, and makes sure
everyone gets on the bus, and back on the bus. Sam accepts the blame for his
activities and is the sort of person who should be in charge. If he has a
failing, it is that he is too quick to take responsibility for things.
He is a responsible young man, and was the honest kid who got his dates home
by curfew. He isn't squeaky clean though. Getting them home on time isn't the
entire story, after all.

Sam can lie. He has lied. He will lie again. He doesn't like it. He will lie
to save a teammate from themselves, or to avoid a punishment for a teammate
that is out of proportion with the crime.
He hates doing it though, and will usually come clean at a later date and
accept the punishment for what he did. Lying is to serve a greater good. Sam
would much rather tell the truth and face the music for his own actions. He
never lies to save his own hide.

Sam is a natural born leader. He has no ego about it though. He is one of the
rare leaders who does not let rank or protocol get in the way of getting the
job done. Ultimately, Sam does just fine and is able to coordinate his
teammates to victory whether it be on the soccer field, the danger room, or in
the field. He gives credit where it is is do, and can take a teammate aside
and have the bad conversation no one wants to have, even though he doesn't
want to have to do it.
He has recently taken up playing chess, and very quietly has been succeeding
at it; the internet is a great boon to that. Sam is learning to think
tactically and strategically. He is also learning to be more aggressive in his
thinking, as in the past he has seen some of his friends get hurt because he
didn't move as decisively as he could have.

Country Mouse
Sam has outgrown his awkward phase, and has to put on muscle. While he has
seen the world and engaged in high society encounters, Sam just just doesn't
feel like he belongs at them. He is unabashedly country in his mannerisms. Sam
just isn't quite so sure he belongs in a big city, eating fancy food and
living in a fancy place, and he certainly doesn't feel like he is the usual
Ivy league school graduate. Sometimes, he almost expects to be sent home.
Sometimes, he wishes someone would send him home.

Family Oriented
Sam is the quintessential "Big Brother". He seeks out responsibility and will
cat herd his teammates and younger siblings. It might be a Sisyphean task, but
Sam Guthrie will lay it all out on the line for his family. Sam has a large
family that he quit high school to help.
Sam Guthrie doesn't walk out on his family. Once you are family, he will
sacrifice his future, his life, his everything if it is what has to be done.

Ugly Duckling
Sam was a gawky, big-nosed, goofy-looking too-tall, skinny, chompy-teethed,
stoopid-faced, scrawny looking doofus of a teenager when he first left home. A
little bit of food, a couple of more stylish teammates, and a little weight
training, and Sam has filled out. He's still tall and lean, but he's starting
to turn into a swan.

Sam was a goofy looking kid. While he outgrew that, he took some solace into
books. He is very quietly very bright. He is certainly no genius, but the
brainier New Mutants all helped Sam read new books and expand his horizons.
College was good for Sam, exposing him to even more new ideas. He also
developed a wicked deadpan snark.

RP Hooks

The Guthrie Family

The Kane Family

Recently returned from space

Closeted mutant in the city government


Izzy Kane— The love of his life. The girl who puts the Snark into his heart. The woman he beat Gladiator to a pulp with. Izzy Kane is pure woman and Sam is head over heels after that girl.

Character Sheet


The same reactions that empower Sam to fly also generate a particularly potent force field about himself. This field renders Sam all but invulnerable to most attacks. A crazed Kryptonian will eventually disable the field. While the field is up, Sam is pretty safely ensconced in it.
In addition to rendering him all but invulnerable to attack the force field also redirects kinetic energy. On the off chance that Sam flies into an object his field and velocity cannot punch through an object, person, or energy barrier, the field redirects the force, and Sam goes rocketing off in a ricochet.The field extends to cover whatever Sam is carrying in his arms or carrying on is person. He can shield maybe two or three people on his body with his field, but Sam is not superhumanly strong, so his arms will tire.
The field does not protect him from poisons, toxins, or telepathic attacks. It functions regardless of the speed, so long as Cannonball is blastin'.
He can generate his field while on the ground, but it requires almost his entire concentration. The one advantage this has is that he can shield a downed companion while he is holding them. He can talk and observe his environment, but beyond the most basic of conversational efforts, Sam needs near total concentration to maintain the field while stationary on the ground.


Sam can use his powers for so much more than Blastin'. Sam can actually direct his energy field from more than just his his feet and legs. He has used his hands already when lifting off from a prone position. Sam has developed two forms of energy blast.

Bio-Kinetic Blasts
Cam can generate and project brunt, blunt force in the form of a bio-kinetic blast. These blasts can be fired while flying. Blasts impact with significant force, cratering and rending most armor materials. When not flying, these bolts are toned down significantly due to the laws of Newtonian physics. Sam can only exert a few hundred pounds of force at range from the ground unless he is willing to be subject to the same force.

Thermo-Chemical Jet
Sam can exert his thermo-chemical powers through his hands and jet out a flamethrower-like projection of heat, flame, and overwhelming force like being exposed to a rocket's exhaust. This is a devastating attack, but it usually causes Sam to go flying off in the opposite direction unless someone of sufficient strength is holding him in place.


Sam is an External. It is essentially a mutant that is incredibly hard to kill, and in fact reaches an age where the mutant no longer ages and will return from otherwise life-ending injuries. Sam no longer ages. Sam has no indications of having a healing factor, so he almost certainly is an External. He does not like to stay dead. Sam also has no idea how many times he may or may not have possibly died, if that is even a thing, or that he may or may not be an External. He has no idea, in fact, that this is even a thing. He has vague memories of an accident that he walked away from that he should have gotten killed in, but emerged unscathed.
Should he be "killed", within minutes, he would regenerate from the injuries, and regain consciousness.


The process is Thermo-Chemical Energy Field Propulsion. Sam's mutant ability is to use this reaction and the resulting force to propel himself at extraordinary speeds through the air. Sam has a very high flight ceiling, essentially only being limited by his need to breathe. He can maneuver expertly. Sam can turn in mid air, hover, dart, and basically has adapted to his flight mutation and embraced it. His acceleration is almost instant, meaning he generates a micro sonic boomlet at take off unless he throttles back his velocity. Sam likes to fly fast though, so he tends to cause at least a low 'whump' at take off. He is a very skilled flier with tight turn radii and remarkable flight characteristics. He has come a long ways since the days he was churning up the landscaping at Xavier's School. Sam flies at speeds approaching 3600 miles per hour, exceeding the speed of sound several times over (Approximately Mach 5).
His velocity, particularly diving from altitude has enabled devastation in a multi-mile radius. Cannonball can fly through most mundane materials without much issue, flying through buildings, sentinels, naval vessels, and other things without appreciable loss of velocity. Adamantium, vibranium, uru or the like will definitely cause a ricochet, maybe even a very rare dead stop.
He does not have to cause property damage at take off, if he is careful with his field.




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Nigh Invulnerable While blastin'
Nigh Invulnerable While blastin'
Full Name: Samuel Zachery Guthrie
Code Name: Cannonball
Occupation: Associate Assistant to Manhattan Borough President
Aliases: Hillbilly, Redneck, Rocketpants
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men, New Mutants
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 24
Height: 6'0"
Build: Trim, Athletic
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Gray Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Charlie Heaton
Theme Song: Learning to Fly -- Tom Petty
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Cannonball
Played Since: 11/20/2018

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