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Born to Joseph and Marie Danvers, Carol was the oldest of three siblings and the only girl. As long as she could remember Carol dreamed of being an Astronaut. Every night she would look up at the stars and wonder what it would be like to fly among them and see the wonders they held. Her father was a far more practical man. An old school Bostonian mentally locked in a bygone age, he placed much of his attention and interest on his sons. Competing for that attention, Carol became quite the tomboy.
When her father refused to spend a dime on her college dreams, she left home and joined the United State Air Force at eighteen. Rising through the ranks swiftly, she became a top student at the Academy. After serving in Afghanistan, NASA was offering a program for test pilot for experimental aircraft and Carol jumped at the chance.
During one fateful test flight of a transatmospheric-capable shuttle, she was beginning to exit the atmosphere when she made visual contact with an otherwise radar-stealthed vessel. The vessel in question was a Kree Scout Ship which did not wish to be seen. It engaged her and Carol aborted the test flight, immediately heading back to base using every evasive technique her military career taught her. In the end, it was not enough. The vessel crippled her shuttle's engines, sending her crashing to Earth. She managed to pull up just enough to keep the crash from being fatal, however before the Kree vessel could finish her off it too crashed unexpectedly. Carol managed to crawl from her plane mostly unharmed and decided to investigate the crashed alien vessel over the screaming objections of NASA's flight controller. Within, two aliens seemed to be fighting one another over a third dead female. One of the aliens took her hostage, but the other she overheard named 'Mar'Vell' rescued her. The fight caused a strange artifact to destruct, destroying the ship.
Carol somehow survived the explosion without a physical scratch but was in a coma for nearly a month. Of the aliens there was no sign and the ship's destruction was total.
When Carol recovered, she was not herself. Her memories were jumbled, seemingly spliced together with odd visions of events that she could not possibly have seen before as well as memories that were not her own of a distant planet called 'Hala'. She also suffered from blackouts at random.
Unable to continue as a test pilot, Carol left NASA to an uncertain future. She managed to earn a meager living writing articles of her experiences in the military and NASA to the Daily Bugle's Women's Magazine. At this time she began to realize during these unexplained blackouts and gaps in memory a new superheroine had taken to New York named 'Ms. Marvel'. While fighting a supervillain in the streets, Ms. Marvel realized that she and Carol were one and the same.

While unable to explain her powers, she took to this identity with revitalizing purpose. Her heroic career earned the notice of the general populous, which earned her fame within the exploding superhero phenomena.
However, while fighting a rogue mutant, her powers abandoned her completely. Nearly dying in the fight, yet again she found herself awoken from a coma with her mind in tatters. She left the superhero limelight, grappling with severe depression.
Years later, SHIELD reached out to her as a top candidate for pilot. Taking the job, it wasn't long before the New York skies filled with the invading Chitauri Fleet. While transporting SHIELD personnel toward the besieged zone, her Quinjet was shot down in the outskirts of the city and plummeted into the East River. Moments after impact, a star erupted from the waters as Carol survived the destruction, supercharged with energy. Somehow the energy of the weapon used against her plane and the ensuing destruction reinvigorated her dormant abilities.
The incredible power boost did not last long, depleting as her powers achieved a stable equilibrium. After assisting in the invasion and mourning her fallen charges in the Quinjet, she took on the mantle of Captain Marvel. This time an official part of SHIELD and among the first superhuman celebrities in a post-invasion world.

Recent Events


Carol is a tomboy who's always wanted to fly faster and further than anyone else in the world.
Her time in the military has tempered her, giving her a disciplined and authoritative demeanor. She takes grief from absolutely no one.
However, she still retains a warm disposition to her friends. Her compassion has taken a beating through severe ups and downs in her life, but she still endeavors to do the right thing no matter what it costs her.
She is aware that she is a role model, especially to young women, and tries to maintain a principled public example whenever she can. That said, she is a fighting woman and has killed in the line of duty before. This juggling act between soldier and exemplar is one she walks as carefully as she can, letting her gut be her guide.

RP Hooks

One of the foremost heroes of the world. If you're up to no good in a big, public way — chances are Captain Marvel is going to be sent in to deal with you.

If you're tardy on Registration? Captain Marvel is one of the biggest guns SHIELD can throw at you.


Character Sheet

After absorbing extreme amounts of energy (On a level on par with nuclear fusion) Carol can achieve an unbelievably powerful state of existence nicknamed 'Binary'. Becoming more of a being of pure energy, her Binary state exponentially increases her already powerful abilities. This state typically only lasts a manner of minutes, depending on how quickly she expends this energy.
She becomes strong enough to match the strongest superbeings known. She can fly many times the speed of light, traveling interstellar distances. Her energy projection can match the energy absorbed, which can be measured in megatons.
In this state she becomes notably less human. Her emotions and personality dull to a minimum. Exposure to this state can have serious side-effects to her personality and psyche. Repeated exposure could potentially lead to coma, brain damage or death.

Her least understood and controllable ability is her so called 'seventh sense'. She has an awareness of events in the universe in a manner like ESP. She can perceive past and present, and very rarely the future, beyond her mundane senses. Unlike the more consistent and immediate 'Spider Sense' that Spiderman possesses, this sense tends to be more cryptic and unpredictable. She gains flashes of insight into objects or people of great import, most often ones that somehow directly affect her in some way.
Unlike other cosmic beings in possession of this ability, Carol has little control of it. (Most often it takes the form of storytelling fiat upon rare occasion)

Carol has the ability to absorb an incredible amount of radiation of any known wavelength - from visible light, radio, heat and all the way to gamma and other cosmic radiation. This absorption includes electric current as well. The passive absorption she gains from background radiation, heat and light maintains her Stellar energy suite. She can actively increase this absorption from her nearby environment to increase this stockpile of energy but only to a small degree.
However, surges in this energy will increase available Stellar energy. Directed energy blasts at her person will be absorbed and converted, increasing her other powers geometrically. It is theorized that she can absorb potentially thousands of terajoules of energy (A megaton nuclear warhead). This much energy will trigger a Binary overload state for a brief time until the energy is exhausted.

Carol is one of the fastest fliers in the superhero community. Going in a straight line without any deviation, she can manage 31k mph (Mach 40). Not only is this sufficient for escape velocity, she can fly from Earth to the Moon in just under eight hours.
By no means can she safely manage this speed at sea level. She can manage supersonic speeds and maintain excellent levels of maneuverability, but faster than that and she's more bullet than flier.
By flying into the upper atmosphere and reentering, she can be at the opposite point of the planet in under thirty minutes. Any passengers she carries at these speeds must be superhumanly durable or they will incinerate on reentry, to say nothing of the incredible G forces crushing a normal human into paste.

Carol's physical form is extremely hardy. Stellar energy suffuses her body granting her incredible durability typically reserved for extremely dense materials. She can be damaged by kinetic energy but the force required to do so can be measured in hundreds of kilonewtons (Hit by a train or a full speed fighter jet). This invulnerability extends a fraction of an inch beyond her skin, extending to her clothing and nothing beyond.

Whatever the Kree malfunctioning technology did to her, it changed her body to absorb and metabolize cosmic radiation in some unknown fashion. She can redirect this energy in the form of an exotic force that shares qualities of radiation and kinetic energy. This bright white-gold radiation generates amazing mounts of directed physical force with relatively little damaging radiation or heat. The energy is not completely heatless and sufficient bursts can generate fire, but most objects are pulverized long before they achieve their flash point temperature.
This energy she can direct in short, brief bursts to inflict non-lethal damage or can be unleashed in a long torrent capable of demolishing modern buildings.
A strange side effect of this energy is minor molecular kinesis. She can reorganize molecules on an atomic level but this ability is not consciously controllable. She has the ability to alter her clothing among several different sets at will. She can also use this ability to heal wounds and other damage in a matter of hours. Another oddity is that this power also allows her to survive in space with little issue. She 'recycles' materials within her body, including oxygen and water, making her entirely self-sufficient. Toxins are also denatured when introduced to her body in a similar fashion, making her extremely difficult to poison.

Carol's baseline maximum lift is around 100 tons. This strength has very little to do with her musculature and everything to do with the exotic energy field her body generates. Even without engaging her flight powers, this gives her incredible athleticism and speed.


"My name is Carol Danvers and I want to fly higher and faster than anyone in the world!" -Carol at 6



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Captain Marvel
One Of The World's Most Powerful Heroes!
One Of The World's Most Powerful Heroes!
Full Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Code Name: Captain Marvel
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Aliases: Ms Marvel
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD, United States Air Force
Physical Information
Gender: female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Kree-Human Hybrid
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Brie Larson
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: captain-marvel
Played Since:

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