Selina Kyle got a rough start in life. Her mother "came from quality", as she'd put it, and like a fool she married a good-looking bad boy when she got pregnant. It was a long step down to the Narrows, but she brought her sense of style and love of quality. She really shouldn't have. Selina would have said, had she been mature enough to understand it, that her mother's surroundings killed her. She'd been raised to love and cherish beautiful things, and there's not much uglier than the Narrows. Selina wasn't ten before her mother killed herself, and the child felt profoundly abandoned. She was left with her father, who had gone from a high school athlete to a drunk, pudgy factory worker. With the loss of his wife, everything Selina's father particularly cared about was gone, and he drank himself to death before much longer.

Selina's first year living on the streets was interrupted by a stint in a Gotham City orphanage, then, when she proved too rambunctious and rebellious, a juvenile detention center. It was, if anything, a worse life than she'd had with her parents. She survived it for a few years, but when she discovered the center's administrator was embezzling funds and keeping them for herself, she committed her first serious crime. Selina confronted the woman, who promptly stuffed the diminutive thirteen-year-old into a sack and chucked her into the river like, well, an unwanted litter of kittens. Selina escaped, stole the ledgers that proved the embezzlement, blackmailed the administrator into erasing all record of Selina Kyle, and stole her diamond necklace for good measure.

From there, Selina survived. She was taken under the wing of an elderly woman who kept several young thieves. Selina outshone them all, revealing herself as a true prodigy in acrobatics, lockpicking, safecracking, and the like. She learned how to fight (the Armless Master of Gotham was an excellent teacher, and Selina went on to learn from everyone else she could cadge a lesson from), how to move silently, and everything else she'd need for a life of crime.

She graduated from petty theft to robbing johns in the East End. She also learned how to defend herself extraordinarily well. In another life she could have been a professional athlete. In this one, she became one of Gotham's most able catburglars.

People know they can contract Catwoman to acquire all sorts of pretties. They also know she's incredibly capricious, and if she doesn't like the job — or, as happens more often, someone didn't tell her everything about a job she accepted — she might take her annoyance out on their easily-shreddable skin. She's also carving out some territory of her own in Gotham's East End, somewhat coincidentally including the street where the Waynes were shot. Crime still happens, of course, but it's on her terms. No human trafficking. Minimal drug dealing. Violence has gone down enough to cause an actual shift on GCPD's charts, making some wonder whether Catwoman can properly be called a villain anymore.

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Selina Kyle? An elegant socialite, throws fantastic parties, has this amazing Art Deco penthouse in Gotham City. She's always throwing balls for some charity or other. Sophisticated, incredibly classy, clearly comes from old money. No one knows where exactly she came from, but she has enough money and fancy ways that people don't question her that much.

Catwoman? If you want to get into something nobody can get into, call Catwoman. She's around. Maybe you can tie a note to an alley cat; she'll probably get that. Also, don't sell heroin in her neighborhood if you don't want your face shredded.

And the woman under it all? She's definitely not a hero. She's not entirely a villain. She's not a full-time vigilante. She's passionate, sarcastic, witty, cruel, vicious, gentle, protective, reckless, thoughtful, surprisingly erudite, and nobody's sucker.

RP Hooks

  • Want something stolen? Catwoman's one of the best.
  • Want to make trouble in Gotham? She might help. She might stop you.
  • One of the Batfamily? Congratulations, you have a frenemy.


Character Sheet




The Cat That Ate The Canary
The Cat That Ate The Canary
Full Name: Selina Kyle
Code Name: Catwoman
Occupation: Socialite. Jewel thief.
Aliases: Catwoman, Irena Dubrovna
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Herself
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 34
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Audrey Hepburn
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: Catwoman
Played Since: January 2019

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