As a child it became rather evident that the girl was going to far surpass her peers; even at an early age, her father, the CEO of Systemic Solutions, could tell she was special and began to plan for his little girl's future. Without a mother present to run any kind of interference with his plans, he first started his grooming of her at home before she was even old enough to go to school with his main foci being mental puzzles and minor athletics to start. Once she reached eight years of age she was sent away, the child told that it was a boarding school she was being sent to so she'd know how to live within 'high society', the intention being to have her raised as a prim and proper young lady who might someday find a rich man to marry.

Her studies at the 'school' were not unlike the exercises she endured as a young child in the beginning but it was not long before her studies increased in difficulty as well as in the sheer amount she was made to learn. The fundamentals were interspersed with subjects no normal child would learn: tactics, infiltration, disguise, computer hacking and, once she was of age, defensive driving and combat skills of various styles. By the time she 'graduated' she had been sculpted into the kind of tool her father was hoping for.

After 'graduation' she returned home but instead of the family life she hoped to return to she found her life turned upside-down instead. Shown around by her father, the young woman's father eventually brought her to a lab where he spent so much of her childhood before she was sent off to the school. In there was a 'man', someone who appeared close to her in age, someone she didn't know until her father explained to her who he was. A surge of jealousy and even hatred hit her, irrationally, but she didn't care. All she knew is that this creation robbed her of her father's time and perhaps even affection, an unforgivable sin.

Little time was wasted and soon her father recruited his only biological child to join yet another project, a change she jumped at as she hoped it'd gain his approval. Unlike the other project that involved genetics and cloning, this one relied on cybernetics and augmentations. Many 'improvements' were made to her, each implant and modification designed to heighten her senses, to be used as tools or otherwise help her in her work. Some of these enhancements include a cybernetic eye which had such features as weapons scope capabilities, telescopic vision and allowed for her to see in various ranges, such as in heat or night vision and even a camera, cybernetic implants to her ear to increase hearing and balance, and even silicon pads on her fingertips to allow her to duplicate fingerprints. Nanotech was also introduced to her system; given the amount of cybernetics that had been implanted, they realized that they'd need a way to improve upon her nervous system to better facilitate communication between her body and all the tech inside of her. This allowed not only for all the components to work together smoothly as well as provide at-site healing. During this time she was given further, more-intense training along like what she learned in the academy. Somewhere during this process the project was given a name - Bio-Research Unit Charlie-03, AKA Charlie.

When her father's first experiment escaped Charlie was sent after him; instead of being tasked to take out the erstwhile escapee she was told to observe, either from afar or up close. It was just a matter of finding him.

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While Charlie seems to be outwardly jovial and good-natured, the truth of the matter is that she harbors a lot of hurt and anger inside of her, the resentment over her father's first experiment being what often motivates her. She's cunning, conniving, cold and detached. Despite all this, however, there's still a lot of the little girl inside of her who longs for approval, not just from her father but anyone.

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Character Sheet

CYBERNETICS: While not powers in a conventional way, Charlie's been heavily augmented with cybernetics, pushing most of her physical abilities to the level of peak-human conditioning, if not beyond. This is what has been augmented:

Eyes: Her eyesight was altered with the role of a sniper in mind. Without using a scope, she can lock down targets from 700 yards away. She is also able to see in x-ray and infrared.

Ears: Her aural implants give her the ability to hear all but the quietest of whispers from 20 yards away.

Nervous System: Her reflexes allows her to react faster than most humans. She's able to dodge out of the way of most weapons fire, for example, and can use this to block punches, get out of the way of speeding vehicles, etc.



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Full Name: Charline Zimmermann
Code Name: Charlie-03
Occupation: Sniper
Aliases: None
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Cybernetically Enhanced
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Kelly McGillis
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Wiki Tag: charlie
Played Since:
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