Chase Stevens


The Story So Far…

Chase was a good kid in his youth. Not necessarily the most athletic, he managed to keep up when he needed to. He often found himself small for his age, one of the last to be picked for teams, often uncoordinated in play. He often found himself with a lawyer's reputation though, the way he would argue rules. He did tend to bury himself in the books, focusing on medicine as well as nourishing a nerdy, techy side, loving to build computers and machines, program them, see what a machine might be capable of. He focused on honing these two passions when he went to college, eventually earning dual doctorates in Medicine with a focus on Molecular Biology as well as Nanotechnology. He hoped to combine his two passions in his work, and started looking at how nanotechnology could make the next great leap in medicine.

Recent Events

It was in pursuit of this goal that an opportunity arose which would change his life forever, in ways he never dreamed. It started with a call from a veterinarian at the Metropolis Zoo. Apparently, there was a wolf there that had been severely injured in a fight with the rest of the 'pack', with injuries so devastating that he wasn't expected to survive. The two were acquaintances and the Vet was familiar with Chase's work, so he asked if there was anything he could do. The wolf was rushed to the lab, and after a little reprogramming, was injected with the first of a radically new, prototype nanite that was designed to repair and protect the animal it was injected into. The wounds the wolf suffered were so severe, even if it did managed to survive, it would have no quality of life. Incredibly, over the course of a few weeks, not only did the animal survive, it grew back what was lost and was in better than perfect health after all was said and done. It was hailed in the medical journals as a triumph, and Chase quickly started the programming for human trials.

Apparently villains read medical journals, because the nanite triumph caught the eye of one. Deciding to seize the technology for him or herself for profit or other dastardly doings, a team of henchmen was sent to retrieve the plans and the technology and destroy what was left behind. They weren't expecting an MD to be working late, or to have a black belt in Karate, NOR was ANYONE expecting that a wild wolf would break free of his iron cage, leap in to save his savior, and do things no wolf in the history of the world had managed to do before… By the time all was said and done, the henchmen were in retreat without their prize, but so much damage had been done that the lab was near collapse and Chase was near death. A last, heroic effort on his part put what human trial programming he'd completed into the last set of nanites before he injected himself with them and promptly passed out. A last, heroic effort on the wolf's part got Chase out of the lab before the oxygen tanks ruptured, taking the building and its research with it.

The next several months were a rather painful process for Chase. He was put in the hospital for a few weeks, spending part of the time in a coma. The doctors were flabbergasted that he was alive at all with his injuries, and as he healed so relatively rapidly, they could only be in awe. All the while, he'd also started to grow again, gaining an incredible amount of muscular bulk as well as height. A feeding frenzy for months on end as he tried to keep up with the nourishment his body required. The nanites were working, but their programming had been not entirely complete. They made changes to his DNA that he could only think came from their previous experience with the canine programming. That wolf… It wouldn't leave his side, either. As much as doctors and even police tried to remove the animal, they found it to be fiercely protective of the ailing scientist, and any attempt to keep it from him was thwarted by powers they had no reckoning with.

At the moment, he finds himself on the precipice of new change. His body has stabilized within the last six months, leaving him with a final, defined form. He doesn't expect his strength or agility to get any better than they are now, though he continues to workout and practice in order to keep at top form. He?s topped out at 7'1", learned that injury heals rather quickly for him, due to the fact that he?s never been able to shut down the nanites that have multiplied and colonized his body. He's still discovering what all the nanites are capable of, learning things about them that he never thought they would be capable of doing. The unrealized permutations of what happened. The wolf remains by his side, a constant companion, the pair having developed a bond born of shared experiences and shared traits.

He's discovered that his research has been embargoed "pending further investigation" into the incident. In the meantime, he's working as an Emergency Room surgeon at Metropolis General Hospital, the institution for which he had been conducting his research work under grant from a wealthy, anonymous donor.


Law-abiding, Helpful, Good to a fault, Inquisitive, Tinkerer, Problem Solver, Brooding, Intimidating, Teddy Bear

RP Hooks

The Mysterious Benefactor backing Chase's research.

The Mysterious Villain after Chase's research.

The Mysterious Organization investigating Chase's research and preventing it's forward progress.


Character Sheet

ACCELERATED HEALING: Depends on the severity of the injury. In most cases, days would become hours, hours become minutes. Some injuries (like a paper cut) would seal almost immediately.

HUMAN COMPUTER INTERFACE: The ability to directly connect and interface with any binary computer system through the use of nanite tubules that extend from his hand. Note that the system needs to be able to use protocols that are either common at the time the nanites were programmed or protocols that Chase can read and learn. The interface will NOT get him past security protocols or firewalls and the like, at least not immediately. Authentication is still required. He can brute force his way through some security measures, but it would take time (and good rolls.) He cannot interface with quantum or alien systems that are not binary.

INSANE REFLEXES AND AGILITY: He has the reaction timing of the most adept of animals.

NANITE EXOSKELETON: The ability to form a metal and bone exoskeleton as needed, to go into a sort of battle mode.

SUPER STRENGTH: Lifting a Hummer or Armored Car being the upper bound.


This is another fine mess I've gotten myself into…



Full Name: Chase Reynold Stevens
Code Name:
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutate
Age: 35
Height: 7'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Fiery Red with Blonde Highlights
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Sam Heughan
Theme Song: Stone and Steel - Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV
Character Type: OC
Wiki Tag: Chase-Stevens
Played Since: November 30, 2018

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