Colin Knight


CEO of a small tech firm specialising in graphene/carbon nanotube tech, former Hammer engineer, and hobbyist golfer, Colin Knight's story started in a sense at the age of twenty after achieving a whole raft of qualifications from Cambridge University in the UK including specialisations in the fields of electrical, aerospace, and mechanical engineering at a remarkably young age; having taken most of them simultaniously while still managing excellent grades.

His achievements earned the attention of Hammer Industries, a prominent arms manufacturer in the United States, who rather quickly offered him an internship at the company which soon turned to full time employment following several impressive projects including a theoretically practical semi portable "gauss rifle" coilgun and a compact kinetic kill missile.

Tony Stark's announcement to the world that he was indeed Iron Man shocked the company to its core, with projects attempting to imitate Stark's work being greenlit almost instantly. Colin worked tirelessly towards this endeavor for months on end and eventually submitted a design for a "powered exosuit". Unfortunately (or perhaps depending on your perspective, fortunately) his design was rejected, with the cited reasons being "costs" and "complexity". Colin attempted to convince his superiors that his design was indeed the direction that the company should be looking at, but his calls fell on deaf ears as Hammer rushed a competing design into the prototype stage.

This prototype failed dramatically, nearly tearing its test pilot in half. Colin, wracked with guilt, immediately quit and set about putting together his own startup located in Metropolis specialising in advanced graphene and carbon nanotube based tech with a new and innovative series of manufacturing techniques that drastically cut the costs of those advanced materials.

Colin, now pulling in steady profits from his startup decided to once again start work on his old exoskeleton design, seeing a potential market for the design for industrial uses, however, he soon realised that the system he had designed all those years ago was potentially far more capable than he had ever imagined. Once again he worked tirelessly on it, keeping the "battlesuit" a secret from even his closest friends and top executives while blowing most of his personal life savings in order to fund its development with the hopes of selling the final product to the military, just to rub Hammer's proverbial face in it.

Finally at the age of 31, Colin has reached a stage with his suit and technology where he almost feels happy with it, however, this battlesuit of his still remains almost completely untested and unproven in its "complete" form.

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On the surface Colin seems like your everyday normal bloke. The sort of guy you would meet down the pub for a good pint or five and perhaps a round or two of darts yet beneath the congenial, friendly and approachable exterior is a brilliant, calculating and logical mind that is likely busy multitasking trying to unravel the mysteries of some latest project or prototype as well as scrabbling to recall where he put that damn 10mm socket wrench even as he is sitting there chatting to you about something completely unrelated.

This facade however can drastically change and peel away if he is working on something he considers of upmost importance. Collin can become obsessive and reclusive, shutting himself in and others out as he does nothing but work for hours upon hours, days upon days and weeks upon weeks on whatever it was that took his fancy. The most notable of these incidents was the preparation of his "battlesuit", however the reconstruction and subsequent upgrade of the CarboTek office's troublesome coffee machine also put him into a similar state for a while, resulting in the affectionately named "Baristabot 1000", with all new navigation, recall, and toaster functions! Clearly this was the best possible use of his time.

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March 02, 2020. Friends of Humanity Attack

After a wonderful dinner with the family, Andrea, Jay, Sam and Alexis get attacked by the Friends of Humanity. Colin Knight saves them, sorta .. and Andrea's mom reveals a secret.

Posted On: 09 Mar 2020 21:11 (Related Tags: andrea-jackson cannonball colin-knight icarus ignyx)

January 09, 2020. Tumble in the Dark

Myrkr brawls with Starfire and Colin, Starfire offers Myrkr help

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Full Name: Colin Benjamin Knight
Code Name:
Occupation: CEO of CarboTek
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 31
Height: 5'11
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Fair
Eye Color: Greyish blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Simon Pegg
Theme Song: Tom Salta: Artemis Ascendance
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: colin-knight
Played Since: Nov 15 2019

Last Posted Activity: 09 Mar 2020 21:11

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