From before his birth, Constantine's life was touched by death and the supernatural. His twin brother was strangled in the womb by John's umbilical cord, and his mother died giving birth thanks to his father's complicity. Loathing his effete and rebellious son, and reminded of everything he'd lost, John's youngest years were violent and angry— it would prove formative.

He discovered his magical talent early, and recklessly, trading lives and souls for power and knowledge, even if he didn't fully understand it yet. An anarchic magician serving only himself and living a lifestyle of sorcery, sex, drugs, and punk music, even this soon bored Constantine.

There was a greater calling, one he arrogantly took on as he began to understand the stakes of it all— and the weight of his own mistakes. He only compounded those mistakes, however, and it all came to a head in Newcastle. Few of his friends walked away that day, and none of them without deep, lasting scars— John included. Solace sought in an asylum, Ravenscar, provided Constantine only with further abuse, subjected to cruel experimentation and more dark rituals.

It would be nice to say that escaping that situation improved John's lot— but it's only true in microcosm, small bits of happiness. For a man with incredible, impossible luck, one might expect a charmed life… but Constantine's luck largely allows him to survive in a cosmos that seems to specifically target him, not so much thrive therein. It could be karma for any number of things… or something far more sinister and directed.

Either way, barring periodic breakdowns, it all just drives the unassailably stubborn warlock to fight harder. The friends he's picked up along the way, people powerful enough to survive his company, often with powerful destinies and wills of their own, make it easier. Just don't expect him to admit that often!

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John is a big picture guy— at least he likes to think so. Protecting the world, preserving the innocent, these things are hugely important to him, even when he insists they're not, but that same world has taken its toll. Trauma and trial have left Constantine cynical and jaded, as treacherous and impulsive as he is compassionate or noble. He's haunted by his mistakes, and willing to pay any price to prevent further failure, ruthless indeed when it matters. He's wary of getting close to anyone, both for his own emotional issues and the risks of his lifestyle, and often seems more selfish than he legitimately is. In general, if he cares, he wants the person far away— it makes things complicated. Like John himself.

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Character Sheet

BLUE COLLAR WARLOCK - It's an exaggeration when John calls himself a Master of the Dark Arts. It's also a massive undersell when replaced with 'petty dabbler'. He's a jack of all trades, expert in some when it comes to sorcery, a vast repository of rituals, rotes, incantations, runes, and words of power. Necromancy, golemancy, warding, illusion, conjuration and summoning, transportation, evocation, divination, exorcism— it's hard to make an exhaustive list of magicks John is familiar with. Sometimes, it seems like he has a minor spell on hand for almost any situation. Many of his more potent options, however, take complex rituals, rare components, or exact a high price— sometimes all of the above.

PLANESWALKER - The hidden pathways, the secret markers that indicate the enigmatic barriers between worlds— John's familiar with a whole heaping crapload of them. Heavens, Hells, elemental realms, all the limbo spaces and cryptic byways in between and how to traverse and survive within many, many other worlds are all within Constantine's wheelhouse. His ability to show up unexpected, and often unwanted, when and where he favors and with knowledge he maybe shouldn't have often tracks back to these antics.

SYNCHRONICITY WAVE TRAVELLING - Constantine is a convergence of improbability. He defies fate, consciously and unconsciously, living an existence that's at once blessed and cursed. While he may survive them with some uncanny aplomb, John is a magnet for unusual happenings and dangerous turns of events. Sometimes, he shows up where he wants, or is most advantageous— others, he has to settle for where he needs to be. Constantine generates his own luck, and it's half of what lets his unconventional solutions against impossible odds work out as often as they do. Sadly, this provides no protection to his comrades in those impossible wars.

WILLFUL WARDED AND WRETCHED - No one wants to be inside John Constantine, body or mind. Filthy. But the courageous soul who tries has an uphill battle— he's got a strong mind both familiar with and resistant to psychic and magical manipulations or illusions. John's also warded many times over in many different cultures' holy geometry, sigils tattooed and carved into his flesh or bone. He's difficult to coerce, and harder to possess— unless he's intentionally letting something in for some reckless purpose. Again.




Constantine / The Hellblazer
Exorcist, Demonologist and Petty Dabbler of the Dark Arts
Exorcist, Demonologist and Petty Dabbler of the Dark Arts
Full Name: John Constantine
Code Name: Constantine / The Hellblazer
Occupation: Occultist
Aliases: Johnny, John-Boy, Con-Job, Constantine
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Outer Space
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Laughing Magician
Age: 30
Height: 6'0"
Build: Lean
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Deeply Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Matt Ryan
Theme Song: Thrice - Black Honey
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: constantine
Played Since:

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