Ryan Rivers was born on the 7th of February of the year 1997, in the city of Savannah Georgia. His childhood seemed normal, or at least as normal as it could be for the son of a police officer. His father Eric Rivers loved his son, encouraging him to be another member of a proud line of law enforcement within the family. Eager to impress his father, Ryan was all too happy to learn martial arts at a young age, eager to be like the super-soldiers he heard about in history class. During his youth, he was shown to have a natural skill in martial arts and was encouraged to compete. While he was never a national contender, his loving parents were often there to cheer him on during his first state competition during fourth grade.

In the year 2008, however, is when Ryan's life would drastically change. During a trip to New York with family, the apocalyptic invasion that required the Avengers intervention made a permeant impact on Ryan's life. Many people were killed in the assault, including Ryan's parents. In the time of extreme fear, the powers of Ryan surfaced. Able to read the thoughts of panic survivors and aliens alike, Ryan was able to know how to avoid danger and get to safety. He was found by rescuers who were astonished to find him alive, leading many believed to be a miracle he survived. With his family dead, Ryan had no one left, though not for long. Shortly after the news was broken that Ryan's parents were killed, Ryan would soon be adopted by his surviving relative, his uncle-in-law Fred Anderson, who was local sheriff in a smaller town out of Savannah.

Over the years to follow, Fred was determined to make his nephew a true man. The martial arts was no longer a fun pastime, but a way to encourage Ryan to 'toughen up'. Ryan was often invited to shooting trips in the wilderness, learning to track and hunt game. While Ryan's parents were kind, Fred was always pushing Ryan to be better, as if he was trying to live vicariously through his nephew. Ryan adjusted, trying to learn to be a man in very sense of the word.

Enter 2016. On the day of Ryan's graduation, Ryan and Mr. Anderson were driving to their favorite place to celebrate after the graduation ceremony. On their way, Ryan talked to his uncle about a shooting trip, accidentally letting it slip that his uncle had accidentally had wounded one of friends after drinking and hunting. In that moment, everything changed as Ryan's uncle learned that Ryan was a telepath.

Soon after, Ryan was able to telepathically 'overhear' a conversation of Fred to his drinking buddies. They were going to make sure that Ryan had an accident, not wishing for a mutie to not only make Fred look bad, but possibly uncover a small town's assortment of secrets. He was barely able to escape the make-shift mob, breaking into his uncle's gun locker, taking what money he could to survive and fled for his life before they could arrive. Fred took the opportunity to state that his adoptive charge had 'shown his true colors' and had him charged for robbery.

Fearing being on trial by a town seemingly bent on his destruction, Ryan decided he had no choice but to be on the run. In the years that followed, Ryan learned to make money outside of the system, which meant underground fighting rings and other unsavory things such as bodyguarding and illegal gambling. The only thing that brought him solace was Star Wars, relating to the Jedi after Order 66, of being falsely accused and hunted down. These years on the streets allowed him to hone his gifts in unique ways, focusing on the 'quick read' of people and use them for moment to moment survival as well as avoid trouble. In time, he learned that he was telekinetic as well, taking it as a sign that perhaps he truly had become a 'Jedi' of sorts.

The year is now 2019. Two years after being on the run, Ryan was ratted out by a close business associate in the fighting rings who Ryan had confided of his mutant identity. Taking a plea bargain from the cops, Ryan's 'friend' leads him into a trap. While Ryan's gift alerted him to the danger in the moment, the trap was set and it was too late. Soon Ryan was extradited back to the Deep South, but the affair had caught the attention of a mutant sympathizer who decided to take the case. The lawyer was skilled, resourceful, and was able to easily get Ryan off the hook. After the lawyer revealed that he was a secret mutant himself, he referred Ryan to the Xavier School of Gifted Children.

While distrustful of the lawyer, Ryan figured it was best to investigate himself. When it was realized by the school a telepath was wondering close to the grounds, he was swiftly brought in. Soon, he was given the offer to join once the X-Men learned of his story, and Ryan, feeling their cause with his gifting, accepted.

Present Day the year is 2019. Ryan has been at the school for a time now, beginning training on how to use his powers from those much more skilled than himself. Though it took some time to fully accept this place as home and interact with the other mutants, Ryan has realized that this was now his home and new family. While Ryan still struggles from the wounds of the past, he has decided to step out of his comfort zone and try to integrate into the X-Men family, seeing them as perhaps the only people that truly understand him or his plight.

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Serious: Ryan is not one for a joking attitude, often accused of being rigid or stiff by peers. He tends to be focused on the task at hand, rarely one to be distracted by the pleasantries of life.

Survivor: As most mutants, Ryan's had a difficult childhood and as a result Ryan tends to focus on ensuring that he and those he cares about is safe. Mistrusting of strangers, Ryan rarely believes in a 'free meal' or that people have his best interests at heart. While willing to give people a chance, such as the X-Men, he is guarded, making sure that trusting another will not cost him as it did once before or endanger those that depend on him. This also results in a willingness to kill, if nothing else but to in order his own survival in a dangerous world.

Sensitive: Despite the gruff exterior, Ryan is a sensitive and caring person when it comes to others and how he relates to them. Despite his tragic history, he carries his father's wisdom of the importance of kindness and helping others. His father's heroics which led to his death still encourage Ryan to be his best and to help others whenever possible, especially empathizing with those that lost such as himself. All in all, Ryan is a man who has had great tragedies in his life, but has tried to make peace with it using the teachings from his younger days.

Loyal: When Ryan befriends someone, there are few things that he is not willing to do for them. Combined with his serious and 'whatever it takes' mentality, this means that Ryan is willing to go to lengths that others might call extreme, such as killing to defend innocent people.

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{$page} Ombra
Trusted Friend
{$page} Jessica Jones
A friend… I think?
{$page} Danielle Moonstar
She has done nothing but show me kindness and help me in many ways and not wanted anything in return since we first met. I did not think it was possible, but I feel she is someone I can call friend that I can trust.

Character Sheet

TELEPATHY: Ryan can communicate to a person mentally to distances generally up to a mile or two. Currently, he can create brief "psychic distractions', momentary false sensory information such as a fake gunshot, or a rushing duplicate of himself toward an opponent. In time, this will be able to extend itself to a room of people, allowing Counter to catch an entire group of people by surprise. He can reflexively scan the basic thoughts of those around him, which he often uses in combat. With time and effort, Ryan will able to operate out of combat with the average skill of a mutant telepath, falling well short of telepathic greats such as the Frosts or the Greys with regarding of tracking and probing for information. Defensively, Ryan is able to shield himself from basic psychic probes and attacks, mostly due to his own distrustful and guarded nature. In time, he learned to use his limited telepathic powers to shield others for a limited time. Currently, Ryan displays only limited offensive psychic ability to harm others, but in time can hone his ability to disorient or drive one or two targets into unconsciousness with his mind alone within a quarter-mile radius.

TELEKINESIS: Ryan possesses mild telekinetic powers, but they can flare out to attack others when needed. While pushing or pulling people requires intense focus and concentration, such as a force choke, he is able to pick up and manipulate smaller objects swiftly in combat, such as pulling a gun from a standard human's hand or a knife from an enemy's holster. Often, he uses his telekinesis to compliment his physicality in a fight - an added force to a punch, shielding himself to reduce harm, throwing a handful of dust in someone's eyes in a spar are all easy and second nature to him. In times of extreme emergency, he can use his telekinesis to create shields in varying sizes in order to protect himself and others if necessary, but can cause him the risk of burning out his powers for a time as well as cause himself extreme harm. While he cannot fly using telekinesis, he often uses it to assist him in physical efforts, such as mobility with higher than normal leaps as well as assisting him in maintaining balance and additional strength in physical blows.

PSYCHIC INTUITION: While Ryan is not an exceptional telepath or a telekinetic, he is able to fuse them seamlessly with his physical combat abilities using what is known as 'psychic intuition'. While most psychics must actively use their powers at the exclusion of other activities, Ryan is able to use his powers instinctually to get him what he possesses. Passively, it can work as a 'sixth sense' for danger, as he can scan those in his immediate proximity such as the building he is currently in for those that may wish to harm him. However, this 'danger sense' only works by reading telepathic thoughts, meaning that it would not work for traps or those that are resistant to telepathy. Because this power is subconscious power it is still active when he is sleeping to alert him to danger. This means that if he is trying to find information from a person in the room, his telepathic powers will automatically scan and pinpoint the person he needs. If he is in a fight with someone he may telekinetically shove someone's foot out to throw them off balance a split second before striking. If he knows he needs to block a blow, he may use his limited telekinetic power to slow the blow to avoid it landing with full force. While he doesn't have additional speed, this ability does allow him to process information more quickly than many others and react to it. This helps him in both in his deception for "reading the future" by reading immediate plans of actions of others, but also intentionally counter the efforts of others using his powers in minor ways to shift the balance.




May 10, 2020. The Temple of the Acrocalypse!

Where the team goes to check in for potential Apocalypse sightings in their world.

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May 04, 2020. May The 4th Be With You

New York City is playing host to this year's Star Wars Day Parade. A parade that will culminate right in Times Square for an Immersive Intergalactic Experience like none other. Come down and see for yourself what happens when A Galaxy is Not So Far, Far Away…

Brought to you by Smoke & Mirrors Entertainment in Unofficial Association with Lucasfilm.

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April 05, 2020. Ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb!

Okay, sure. The last time Harley harassed Gotham, she brought a tank. This time? This time she has something entirely new cooked up to terrorize the poor people of the city.

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March 04, 2020. Bearer of Disturbing News

Ryan informs Moonstar and Archangel about what he and Jessica Jones have discovered from there investigations.

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February 19, 2020. The Nature of the Biz

Counter and Jessica Jones touch base on their case, and Jess sets him up with a new assignment.

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February 01, 2020. What a Shock!

Electro attacks a power plant! Heroes intervene! We are all very surprised here.

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January 30, 2020. One, Two, Three, Floor.

Crush and Ryan meet at a fight club

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January 19, 2020. Nightmare in Prospect Park

Ryan has a nightmare

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Full Name: Ryan Rowan Rivers
Code Name: Counter
Aliases: Leo Andrews
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 22
Height: 6ft
Build: Tall and semi-muscular
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song: Trust Nobody by The D4
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: Counter
Played Since: 08/21/2019

Last Posted Activity: 11 May 2020 19:42

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