Parambir Kaur Ghai is a baptized Sikh, born and raised in Southall, London. Her family holds a prestigious lineage from the Kshatriya caste of Hindu society — back when her family were practicing Hindus. This caste was considered to be part of the military elite, and this call to military service runs deep in her family's heritage. At the turn of the 15th Century, her family became Sikh, and it is believed they were blessed by the Guru Nanak himself. It was this blessing that resulted in what the family calls "Ancestral Memory.". This gift is passed from parent to child down a sacred line of Bearers, and Rami is the most recent to be chosen by the Sikh divine to bear this gift; it will be up to her, some day, to pass the gift onto one of her own offspring. For now, it is only her grandmother, father, and Rami that are living Bearers.

For Rami, her ability did not come into fruition until she was aged nine. It is common that the next bearer does not begin to recall the ancestral memories until close to puberty. Rami woke from a feverish night, believing herself to be her grandmother. She was able to precisely recall what her grandmother had done just the day before, and that became a clear sign that Rami was the next Bearer. It was a hard transition for Rami to go from a simple nine-year-old girl to one of the Bearers, having all the living memories of her father, grandmother, and all the ancestral memories of all the Bearers before. She started to practice meditation, became married to very strict routines, and even had to undergo dietary changes at the behest of her grandmother (foolish old hag).

Like most Bearers, her education became very important. No longer could she merely "do okay" in her schooling: now, any knowledge she gained was knowledge the next Bearer would have. Her family pressed her into every educational advantage, and she was eventually accepted into the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. There she studied advanced electrical and technical engineering, communications technologies, and a passing interest in nanophysics. Eventually, she landed an internship with Stark Industries, but passed it up to instead follow her family's draw into military service. She started her work with the Royal Air Force, but was eventually funneled into MI-6, and became a handler and communications expert, while also pulling work in the applied technology divisions.

It was soon after this did she begin to receive calls from her concerned mother: when was she going to find herself a nice boyfriend, settle down, get married, and start having children. The next bearer was her responsibility. Rami endured a strained social life, being drawn into arranged dates that often ended with her having to be called into work. Thank. God.

After several years of dedicated service, Rami was moved into a subdivision of MI-6 known as MI-6.5 — a black ops division. She became known as Courtier then, and was assigned to Rule Britannia — also known as Michael Carter. Courtier has served as Michael's handlers for several years now, but his recent disavowing from the agency has Courtier's loyalties torn. By her own guiding morality, Michael has always been someone who chooses to do good, even if that good is achieved by dark means. She could not imagine him to be a traitor, and through her own means, became a traitor herself.

When Rami was assigned to NYC as a SHIELD liaison, she knew it was because Peggy Carter — Michael's time-traveling sister — was there. While MI-6.5 hoped they could lure out Michael with Rami, Rami hoped she could use the Carters to find Michael and help him. And that is exactly what she did. By exposing Warhorse as a traitor and connected to the deaths of the old Peggy Carter and Phil Coulson, she was able to bring Michael out of hiding — but into the fold of SHIELD.

She defected from MI-6 to SHIELD, and now works as a handler for Michael Carter and other agents within the organization.

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Rami has a sly humor about her — almost like a fox. She smiles at most situations, meeting them with a sharp and wry demeanor. She is quite a loyal friend, and tends to become territorial and fierce when friends are challenged by others. She believes strength comes from the clan, which is perhaps instilled by her family ethos. Above all though, Rami thrives on knowledge, because that is her duty as a Bearer of the Ancestral Memories of the Ghai family.

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Character Sheet

  • Ancestral Memory: Parambir is just one of many Bearers in her family's long bloodline since the 15th Century. Like all living bearers, she has the ability to recall any memory that a previous bearer has experienced. Due to the sheer quantity of memory banks she has access to, the memories of the oldest of bearers require particular triggers — like trying to recall something from one's early childhood. Without the appropriate trigger, it is difficult to pull those memories forward in ways that make sense.
  • Identity Swap: This is a rare ability that comes with Parambir's blessing, and is not something all bearers can do. With meditation and purposeful ritual, Parambir can call up the complete identity of a previous bearer — those not living, to be exact — and can become the vessel of that identity for a short period of time. In these incidents, Rami's own identity becomes dormant in favor of the chosen identity. Through meditation, a particular signal is imbedded in the ritual that reverse the exchange — often the ringing of a bell.
  • Memory Exchange: Parambir exchanges memories with all living bearers during her sleep. When her brain slips into the deepest sleep — read as delta brainwaves — her memory banks open and the influx of memories from the other living bearers are accepted and organized. Living bearers at the moment include her father and grandmother. Not only does she receive their memories, but they receive hers.




Parambir Ghai is Courtier
Parambir Ghai is Courtier
Full Name: Parambir Kaur Ghai
Code Name: Courtier
Occupation: Spy Handler
Aliases: Rami
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Blessed Sikh
Age: 34
Height: 5'7"
Build: Curvaceous
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Priyanka Chopra
Theme Song: Pray For Me - The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: courtier
Played Since: November 2018

Last Posted Activity: 27 Jan 2019 19:39

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