Burning Man's Festival is Freedom. It's the weird and the wild and the edge cases coming together to be weird together. Your Freak Flag flies high- and it was in that environment that two hippy-esque drug-addicts found her. She fell from the sky, not unlike another famous alien, found by two people who truly loved one another. An alien to be raised by aliens- but it's there that the coincidence and familiarity of that particular point ends. David and Lisa Rojas found her, wrapped in the sentient chain Obelus- the chain allowing the two to take the strange, pale Alien girl home with them.

Adopted by chance, Xiomara grew in a surprisingly loving family- despite her parent's being less than fantastic people. Drug dealers, makers, and addicts the Rojas kept on the move- sometimes multiple times a year they'd up and go, try to make it somewhere new before moving on their way again. They were always on the run- Addicts tend to make enemies, and David and Lisa were no different.

But they loved their daughter. They kept her out of school, teaching her themselves out of fear she'd be treated badly due to her obvious differences- they told her that her real parents had left to protect the universe and had asked them to take care of Xiomara. Xiomara believed them, as children often do of their parents.

When her parents weren't stoned off their toes they would play with Xiomara constantly- give her loving attention almost constantly. She had no other friends. She had no other lasting, meaningful contact with humanity. Only her drugged out parents- and she did, honestly, consider them her best friends.

One fateful day she saw a television show- and who should be on it, but Lobo. Immediately, Xiomara knew she was looking at someone who was just like her- someone she deeply suspected may be her father. She ran home, and confronted her parents. A teen, like Xiomara, sometimes says things they don't mean. She told her parents she hated them- and ran out into town.

At the gas-station near the trailer they were currently calling home, as her parents suspected might happen, she was attacked by some hicks who'd seen the same program she'd been watching. Something took over- instinct- and she left them bloodied and beaten. Shortly after she returned home. Only to find her parents shot dead, murdered. Obelus was gone. The Cops arrived- and she ran into the night alone, for the very first time.

Now on her own, Xiomara got hard fast- working mostly by winning underground fights, the occasional model gig, and just generally scrounging to survive. The lifestyle she had before with her parents gave her a leg up in just getting by- she was already used to moving to live. That's how she survives, now.

Recent Events


Crush, overall, tends to play the rebel girl to a tee. She's brash, rude, and forthright. She doesn't really care what anyone thinks about her and her confidence is perhaps a bit high.. All of this is, of course, partly a defense mechanism, as she's been alienated her whole life from the whole world and the only people who did care about her got shot and then burned. She doesn't trust easily and tends to regard the world through a cynical eye. She tends to keep people at arms length until she's sure she can trust them.. Or she just REALLY likes them. That said, if someone does earn her respect or affection, she'll be a loyal and ferocious friend.

RP Hooks

  • Lobo's Daughter - She's an actual Czarnian! Well.. At least Half-Czarnian- there are really only a couple of those left in the Universe. Rarer than Hen's Teeth!
  • Rebellion - Maybe it's the Czarnian in her, but Crush has a love of Freedom that's difficult to break. She's one of those people who'd jump in fists first to aide anyone she thought was downtrodden and doesn't care much for the way the 'system' works.
  • Bastich - Crush can be outright rude, sometimes. She's very forward with her opinions and isn't afraid to call people out "On their Shit".

*More to Come~


Character Sheet

ENHANCED SENSES: Crush has scent abilities approximately a thousand times that of a normal human, about the same as a bloodhound. She can scent-track individuals and recognize people through disguises by the way they smell. She can see in near total darkness, and has particular sharp vision even in somewhat less than ideal conditions. She's got sharp hearing, as well- perhaps twice as strong as a baseline human.

REGENERATION: Above and beyond her invulnerability, Crush possesses a healing factor that helps her recover rapidly from any injuries or wounds she might sustain. Broken bones will heal in about an hour, surface cuts or wounds would be healed in minutes. She's been shown even surviving a complete exsanguination, regenerating all her blood overnight. She could in theory regenerate limbs, but it would take a significant period of time, possibly weeks, depending on the size and severity of the amputation, and she would likely enter a state of suspended animation as she healed. She's immune to conventional disease and her body eliminates body toxins rapidly to give her incredible physical stamina. It is unlikely she would survive total destruction of her body, however, and her regeneration is not at the level of her father, Lobo.

SUPER STRENGTH: Crush possesses a significant degree of superhuman strength. She can cause shockwaves by punching the ground, leap impressively high and far. She's been shown being able to throw people into orbit or single-handedly support the weight of a collapsed building. She even throws a tractor all the way to the moon. In short, Crush is fantastically strong- likely on the level of others such as Superboy (Conner Kent) or Wonder Girl. She's no Superman, but neither is Crush a joke. She is impressively strong.

TOUGHNESS: Crush has hyperdense physical tissues and resistance to injury, especially blunt force trauma. Her resistance to force attack is commensurate to her superhuman strength, and could be considered NEARLY invulnerable. She could survive being hit by some of the big boys, being crushed by a building, or being hit by high speed projectiles. Bullets and small arms mean nothing to her and even a moderately large explosion would mostly leave her annoyed. She's somewhat less resistant to piercing attacks, energy attacks, or 'special strikes' (Ie: Nerve strikes). She has no resistance to magic or psychic attacks. All that being said, against someone with a truly magnificent strength level, Crush can still be hurt. Her bones can still be broken.




March 02, 2020. Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Crush happens along Isa in a bar where no one asks any questions.

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February 26, 2020. A Titanic Offer

The Titans visit Crush and offer to join forces against the Fight Club

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February 20, 2020. Break Their Backs

Crush waits for some scumbags attached to her attacks on the Fighting Rings, and it just so happens these scumbags are scummier than Most when Paige and Sam Guthrie arrive with new information

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February 20, 2020. An Offer She Can Refuse

Phil Coulson makes Crush an offer.

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February 16, 2020. High Score

Rocket, Groot, Carol Danvers, Phil Coulson, and Crush stop an alien ship from shooting a deadly weapon at earth. Chaos ensues.

Posted On: 17 Feb 2020 04:40 (Related Tags: captain-marvel crush groot phil-coulson rocket)

February 15, 2020. An Unstoppable Object

Juggernaut is hired to teach Crush a lesson.

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February 09, 2020. Panic at the Fight Club

Crush hits another Fight Club- and meets Sam and Moonstar at the same time

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February 05, 2020. No ID, No Service

Crush stops by Harry's to try and get a drink and is blocked by Sam.

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February 02, 2020. The Popstar and The Punk

Crush meets Andrea in a Club

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February 01, 2020. What a Shock!

Electro attacks a power plant! Heroes intervene! We are all very surprised here.

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January 31, 2020. A Fight for Freedom

Crush meets Kori at an underground fight ring- where something is happening that both heroines find distasteful

Posted On: 01 Feb 2020 07:30 (Related Tags: crush starfire)

January 30, 2020. One, Two, Three, Floor.

Crush and Ryan meet at a fight club

Posted On: 14 Feb 2020 15:01 (Related Tags: counter crush)

Lobo's Daughter and bad bastich
Lobo's Daughter and bad bastich
Full Name: Xiomara Rojas
Code Name: Crush
Occupation: Rebel, Pit Fighter, Heroine
Aliases: Crush
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: None
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Half-Czarnian
Age: 18
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against The Machine
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: crush
Played Since: 1/29/2020

Last Posted Activity: 02 Mar 2020 23:47

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