Victor Stone was an incredible athlete with dreams of becoming a professional. He pushed himself to become one in an effort to lend some physical evidence to the resentment he felt for his father, Dr. Silas Stone of the technological powerhouse: S.T.A.R. Labs. As a man that defined the overworking negligent parent trope, Silas never really took the time to care for his son… especially after the loss of his wife and his son's mother, Elinore. Her death (in an explosion caused by Silas) was the mole hill that became a mountain between father and son.

Victor possessed a genius level IQ that he hid from most people by being a beast in almost any sport he tried. Basketball, football, track, lacrosse… Vic was headed towards being voted the Most Athletic when he took a chance to go meet with his father at his lab. While there, Vic was caught in an book end explosion that would've been fatal… if not for Silas' meddling.

Vic was for all intents and purposes dead but Silas refused to lose his son the way he lost his wife. Using a combination experimental and alien technology, Silas turned his son into a cybernetically enhanced bridge between man and machine. Victor Stone had become… a Cyborg.

With his physical appearance monstrously ruined and his life restored at the cost of his humanity, Vic ran from both S.T.A.R. Labs and his father. He had become something that even he wasn't sure about. With time came acceptance and eventually Cyborg realized that he was something new and that he had a responsibility to make sure that what he had become didn't turn him into a monster. He had a responsibility to make sure that no one else got their hands on the technological advancements that he had been involuntarily volunteered for. He had been given a curse that he could use as a gift to help others and protect people from whatever dangers lurked around corners and in shadows.

As Cyborg's heroics became more known and his presence as a new tech-based hero became news, he hooked up with some other heroes, forming a bond with them that he had missed greatly growing up: a family. Together, they started the group that has come to be known as the Titans and Cyborg has been a core member of that family since its inception.

Now? Cyborg exists in a state of complete acceptance of his human and machine sides. He understands the elements of both and has accepted his fate as destiny. He fights the good fight in every way that he knows how while struggling to find better terms to be on with his father and pushing down the inner demons that have plagued him since childhood. On top of all this? Cyborg's technology continues to evolve and adapt in ways that even Victor doesn't understand. Yet.

And if he's going to survive whatever the future holds, both Victor Stone and Cyborg are going to have to be in some serious synch.

Game On.

Recent Events

  • Assisted with the retaking of New York through the extermination of a demonic pest presence. Titans kicked ass Together.
  • Registration Status: Cyborg has vehemently and verbally denied Registration of any kind. While his identity is Public and Known simply by nature of his existence, Cyborg refuses to allow any sort of Government to regulate or control his actions. The Titans, of course, stand with him.


Victor Stone has had a microchip on his shoulder since before he was even half-machine. Having lost his mother at a young age, Victor grew to resent his father and his overworking nature. He suspended to the use of his genius level intelligence in favor of throwing himself into the thing farthest from being exactly like his father as he could think of: Sports. He became an individual that loved fun, sports and girls. He blossomed into a popular teenager and from there lived his life as open as possible.

None of this really did anything but hide the pain and hurt that he felt inside. The loss of his mother. The lack of attention from his father. The love he felt from strangers while he was dunking on the basketball court or scoring touchdowns on the football field was an unhealthy replacement for his need for attention.

Since becoming Cyborg, though, Victor has managed to come to terms with his personal demons… for the most part. His superior intellect and technological prowess has taken his arrogance up a few levels, although it's often hidden behind a curtain of jokes, catch phrases and sports references. Cyborg litters his life with these things in an effort to not lose the humanity that he feels is so important to him staying who he is. Every day is a struggle to not become completely machine and he works very hard on striking a balance between his two sides.

RP Hooks

  • Remember The Titans - Cyborg is an veteran member of the Titans faction of superheroes. He is available for various Titans themed shenanigans and the protection of things within Titans territory. Also, Titans Tower tomfoolery.
  • Space Jam - Cyborg was created through the use of alien technology. Therefore, things with more of a xeno-focus or have some link to extraterrestrials or other space inclined issues may be a focal point for Cyborg.
  • A S.T.A.R. Is Born - Cyborg is a creation of S.T.A.R. Labs, in an unofficial capacity. He has a working relationship with the company but also clashes with them just as much.
  • The Longest Yard - Cyborg is a fugitive in regards to the NY MRPSA. He refuses to Register so who knows what kind of trouble that could bring.
  • The Fan - Anybody that knows Vic Stone knows that he's a huge sports fan. Who knows what dangers lurk in the world of sports, right?



Character Sheet

Enhancement Function Status
Access Denied Due to being a technological marvel of incredible power, Cyborg exists with a constant need for protective countermeasures, anti-viral software, encryption and decryption protocols, firewalls and a vastly superior series of Xeno-Tech based options that exist to protect him from getting hacked and used for nefarious purposes. While he is not completely immune to such things, the chances of actually hacking Cyborg are less than one percent.

Due to being both man and machine, Cyborg is highly resistant to telepathic intrusion, possession and other body snatching type abilities.
Adaptive Countermeasures Cyborg's systems are highly advanced and possess a program designed to allow Cyborg the benefit of fabricating and initializing any number of technological adaptations specifically designed to deal with adversaries that come up during his heroic travels. These technological adaptations are changed and stored within Cyborg's infinite memory to allow for quick retrieval and use.

These systems are constantly updated and upgraded for effectivity and quality.
Cyberhuman Durability Cyborg's body is mostly cybernetic and thus he's been provided with a body type that can withstand the upper most levels of physical punishment. All of his bones have been reinforced with molybdenum. His external body has been designed and grafted from a near-invulnerable metal called Promethium. Active
Cyberhuman Sensory Array Cyborg has built-in sensors of varying types that allow him to collect information and data through various means. Optic, thermal, motion, isotope, light, ultrasonic, temperature and infrared are just a few of the types that are available for Cyborg's use. _In addition, Cyborg's natural senses have been upgraded to superior levels as well. He possesses enhanced hearing and vision, comes complete with a series of various tracking and homing systems to be used in almost any sort of situation. He also has physiological and medical based scanning equipment built into him and available for his access and use.

These systems are always active and under a constant state of upgrading.
Cyberhuman Speed Cyborg's body has been enhanced to the levels of giving him an enhanced speed that allows him to move faster than peak humanity. He is not in the range of speedsters or even some aliens with enhanced speed but Cyborg is very capable of performing tasks and movement at a rate that's superior to baseline humans.

Cyborg's processing speed and internal systems, however, work and function at a speed that exists at just a fraction below instantaneous.
Cyberhuman Strength Cyborg's cybernetic enhancements have given him superior to human strength. Cyborg's strength system fluctuates through a constant stream of upgrades although it seems to linger around the range of ten to fifteen tons as a default. Active
Cybernetic Enhancements Cyborg has been fitted with a series of cybernetics that supply him with a collection of superhuman level enhancements in the fields of strength, endurance and durability. His cybernetic enhancements also allow him to interface with computers, provides him with an impressively solid body armor and also a incredible sensor array. Due to his cybernetically re-designed nature, there are a host of body extensions and power adapters, weapons and other technological features that are built into him to allow for limitless upgrade potential and covers a plethora of uses.

Cyborg's cybernetic enhancements are vast, varied and upgraded at an alarming rate.
Cyberspace Immersion Cyborg has the ability to download his consciousness into the endless mass that is "cyberspace". Although, Cyborg prefers to refer to this place as the Digiverse. Active
Energy Resistance Cyborg's body has been designed to allow him a natural defense against energy based assaults. The cybernetically enhanced body armor proves to be suited to protecting him from energy attacks and other similarly designed physical based attack methods. Cyborg is also capable of siphoning from the energy used against him for his own purposes. Active
Jump Jets Cyborg has had a technological adaptation for leaping great distances installed. These are referred to as Jump Jets as they also provide Cyborg with the self-propelled motion of flight due to the built-in thrusters. Active
Power Absorption Cyborg's bionic components allow him the ability to siphon the powers of others that are within a close enough range and proximity to him. These powers are then converted into a technological function of himself and added to his arsenal of weapons and equipment. The powers he converts for his own personal use rarely function at the level of the being he's siphoned it from and are subject to his own cybernetic limitations. If it cannot be duplicated on a technological level then the siphoned power is converted into a power source or other energy. Active
Resurrection Cyborg has developed a systems function that activates and kicks in when he's rendered dead, or more specifically Offline, that will restore him to life again and jump start his self-regeneration programs. The worse off he is the longer it takes for his Resurrection protocols to kick in. Also, if he is completely destroyed, the Resurrection program would also be destroyed and he would not exist in a state that could be Resurrected. Active
Technomorphic Evolution Due to the bulk of Cyborg's cybernetics being alien in nature, or Xeno-Tech, it all exists in a constant state of evolution. This means that his entire technological suite is being upgraded and modified without conscious thought or outside assistance. Cyborg advances into new versions of himself, and his tech, simply by existing. Active
Technomorphing Cyborg has the ability to manipulate and assimilate technology around him into himself. This is a feature that expands from a technopathic baseline that also gives Cyborg the ability to control and alter any form of technology or machinery that he comes into contact with. Active
Technopath Cyborg's technopathy is on a level that's superior to most technopaths. In addition to allowing him the ability to control technology and machinery through physical interfacing, Cyborg's connection to The Network allows him the opportunity to extend his technopathic reach on a global scale. This gives him the access to the different forms of electronic communication, allows him to manipulate data or even modify and change security preferences. Hacking would be a crude understatement for what Cyborg can do. Active
TechnOrganic Restoration Cyborg has the ability to perform self-regeneration on both his technological parts and his damaged flesh. The division line between man and machine has become voided as Cyborg is capable of regenerating his human flesh both beneath and around his cybernetic systems. Active
TechnOrganic Shifting Cyborg can reshape different shapes of his body into different weapons and equipment of a technological nature. This allows him to have an ever-changing arsenal of technological attachments to be used in a variety of ways. He can create a multitude of features but some of his most commonly used tech are grappling hooks, EMP pulse cannons, winches, electric shockers and so on. If it is a gadget or weapon that can be created through the use of technology or cybernetics, Cyborg can create it.

The systems that are in charge of Cyborg's shape-shifting exist in a state of continual adaptability.


- Everybody needs a catch phrase. Even Vic.

"Sometimes I think I'm just a machine that believes it's a kid named Victor Stone."
- Vic, musing and angsting over his alleged life.

"I'm plugged into every computer on earth. Even yours."
- Vic, proving how many steps ahead he is.

"Human. Tech. I don't choose sides. I'm the bridge between them. I'm a Cyborg."
- Vic, hittin' 'em with a namesake drop.



Half Man. Half Machine. All That.
Half Man. Half Machine. All That.
Full Name: Victor Stone
Code Name: Cyborg
Occupation: Hero. Tech Support.
Aliases: Vic, M-Vic-P, Cy
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Cyborg
Age: 25
Height: 6'6"
Build: Athletic w/ Cybernetic Enhancements
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Ray Fisher
Theme Song: Winner - Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, T.I.
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: cyborg
Played Since: 18 Nov 2018

Last Posted Activity: 10 Feb 2019 05:47

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