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The Dazzler is a tour de force. Larger-than-life, showy, and charismatic, most who have met the performer describe her as the perfect nexus where artistry meets celebrity: someone who is eminently devoted to her craft, but at the same time, never forsakes any awareness of self, or neglects to read a room. Many of her fans expressed their devotion the same way: even in a sea of thousands in an audience, it always felt she was singing only to you.

Celebrity magazines and forums spun the same sort of stories about meeting her: the Dazzler gives off the air of mystery and untouchability, though to meet her, she is pure extraversion — warm, approachable, and witty. She represents what fame should be, removed from all aspects of average life — celebrities can never be normal, after all — while accepting that every moment of her public life is a constant service. Giving back her love to those who love her.

Of course, it's a performance. And beneath the performance is always the person.

The Dazzler is not entirely a lie; she is many parts of Alison Blaire, some of them exaggerated, some of them affected over years of practice. She is Alison's ideal self, a perfect being free of all shackles, and able to commit her soul totally to music. A glimpse at herself, without doubts, without fears, and transcendent beyond all stress and pressure.

And in truth, Alison is Dazzler, but she is also just an anxious, indecisive woman. She holds herself emotionally hostage to the abandonment and rejection of her parents, yearning for her mother and estranged from her father; she hides herself in music, certain it is the only "anything" in this world that truly accepts and loves her; she struggles with decisions, constantly guilty, struggling to balance pleasing others and pleasing herself; she wrestles with paranoia and sleepless nights, grieving the career she lost, and terrified at the hate brought to her doorstep; she hates her selfish whims that beg her to leave behind heroing and just live normally, just live for herself; she knows being part of a team feels right to her, doing work that helps others, and it scares her to death that it may someday kill her.

She's been good at hiding all of that. It's only recently that Alison is finally coming face-to-face with all her inadequacies and doubts: and her choice now how to deal with them.

RP Hooks

  • Not been in a Kimmy Schmidt bunker for the last ten to fifteen years? Then you've definitely heard of Dazzler!
  • Watched any sort of TV, listened to the radio, ingested newspapers, glanced at the grocery line-up tabloids? Then you've also heard of Dazzler!
  • Spent more than a few minutes on social media and followed worldwide trending terms? Oh no, you got Dazzler'd!
  • Held any sort of familial or friendly conversation about music in the last decade of your life? Whoop, there's Dazzler again!
  • Been sick of hearing about Dazzler? EVEN MORE DAZZLER FOR YOU!



Character Sheet


Dazzler can pick up frequencies within the intrasound and ultrasound range, and hear things generally undetectable to human hearing. It is not a significant enhancement to her sense organ, but it gives her a slight edge when it comes to her sonoluminescence. It similarly granted her natural gift when it comes to composing music; she has absolute pitch, and an additional talent when it comes to localizing individual sounds.

Consequently, Dazzler can track others by use of sound to a moderate degree (she cannot hear at greater distances); she can also use a primitive form of echolocation, and can even sing herself rudimentary sight, or bounce sounds to give her a more detailed picture of her environment — even that what is beyond her sight.


Dazzler can detect and perceive most of the light she emits, which allows her slight sensitivity past the thresholds of the visible colour spectrum. Consequence of this, her eyes are slightly enhanced beyond human boundaries; she does not possess enhanced acuity, and cannot see at great distances. She, can, however, detect some invisible wavelengths, which are assigned their own "colours" in her brain's occipital organization, such as deeper shades of reds and violets.


Dazzler's mutant gift additionally bestowed her with natural immunities toward light and sound; she cannot be blinded by powerful bursts of light, or tricked by light-based illusions. She cannot be deafened by extreme sonic attacks, and her sensitive hearing does not degrade by age as does most human beings.

This immunity also extends past her sense organs: Dazzler is similarly immune to other trauma due to electromagnetic radiation, and cannot be impaired, or brought to sickness, by infrasonic frequencies.


From sound, Dazzler creates light. It manifests from an energy field framing her own body; within that field, she controls the excitation of electrons and their corresponding energy levels, and the excess is released as photons.

When left uncontrolled, and fed with sound, the field emanates light in a constant, encircling, strobing net — like a pulsing, full-body halo. However, when Dazzler is assuming control over her luminesence, she can manipulate it to a fine degree, able to direct all aspects of the photons, such as frequency, amplitude, lux, and photon energy.

Consequently, she can create and fine-tune a variety of effects: blinding bursts of light, a low-level glow in darkness, a nauseating strobe, a "dazzle" of frenetic colours and intensities to confuse and imbalance, a blanketing, obfuscating fog, bounced light to render objects or people invisible, or — with exceedingly more focus — produce elaborate, three-dimensional holograms.

In the most offensive use of her lumokinesis, Dazzler can sieve and focus photon energy into concentrated flares, able to concussively impact, stun, and mildly burn objects. She can manipulate it so finely down into a directed energy weapon: a free-electron laser that has the ability to cut through most strong metals, or diffuse itself to melt entire structures. Recently, she has begun to push the manipulation of wavelength in her light generation — able, for short periods of time, to manufacture microwaves, or ultraviolet light.


Like a living transducer, Dazzler has the ability to convert sonic vibrations into light. While this ability can potentially include the all possible frequencies, her power is limited by the biological thresholds of detection: namely, human hearing, and tactile reception of sound.

Beyond that, frequency, dissonance, or complexity of sound matters little to Dazzler's use; she requires amplitude (the more decibels, the better), and prefers rhythm. Music is her favoured source of sonoluminescence: she has more skill to work with, and convert, a steady meter, rather than uncoordinated barrage of sounds whose rhythm she cannot anticipate, or "compose" into ready photons.

This ability has a secondary effect to absorb sound vibrations from the environment, eliminating it from the world, and storing it down to charge her field. Dazzler can, thus, easily "drink" down sonic attacks; she can absorb quite a bit at one time, though there is a limit that can test even her capacity.




May 10, 2020. The Temple of the Acrocalypse!

Where the team goes to check in for potential Apocalypse sightings in their world.

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April 10, 2020. A Start

Warren Worthington, Alison Blaire, and Emma Frost actually manage to work together without killing each other… or anyone else.

Posted On: 09 May 2020 02:54 (Related Tags: archangel dazzler white-queen)

February 25, 2020. An Offer

Peggy makes Alison an offer she could refuse, but she is reasonably sure she won't.

Posted On: 06 Mar 2020 02:14 (Related Tags: agent-carter dazzler)

January 18, 2020. Atli's No Good Very Bad Day

Atli comes to see Warren and Alison, and perhaps to recruit them for a quest regarding her broken spear. Things don't really pan out as expected.

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Disco Queen has lost her crown.
Disco Queen has lost her crown.
Full Name: Alison Blaire
Code Name: Dazzler
Occupation: Former international celebrity / pop idol
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men; Excalibur
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Debbie Harry
Theme Song: Queen - "The Show Must Go On"
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: dazzler
Played Since: December 2, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 11 May 2020 19:42

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