Dead Girl


Dead Girl was born as Moonbeam (no last name) to a pair of truly hippie survivors in a California commune not far from Berkeley California. Her early life was good, for the most part, her parents love her and treat her well. She's raised in an open and loving community.

Her teen years are more wild- although not because of anything specific to her situation. She just really goes out and enjoys her life- moving out and to the East Coast when she's 18. Over the next year her star begins to rise and shine, getting work in music videos, and a few indie films, as well as a job on an off broadway play.

Jealousy though, is what kills Moonbeam. She's murdered in a hotel room by her then boyfriend- a fellow actor who just never got anything going. A fight, and then a stabbing followed by a less than permanent death. On her dying, her Mutant X-Gene is activated, creating a creature unique, albeit one without control of her body. She watches as she's dumped and the man who killed her gets away with murder. At first, at least.

It took a couple of months for Dead Girl to get the hang of her new existence. A few months in the grave. Sitting. Dead. Thinking. It almost drove her crazy-almost.

Dead Girl figured out how to use her abilities. She went after her former boyfriend and tore him to shreds- self-defense after the fact- and now she roams the world figuring out the condition of Death and learning more

As Dead Girl comes into play she is in a place where she has not decided, yet,what to do with herself. She exists, and little more, still seeking a purpose.

Recent Events

  • November 2018: Dead Girl begins to haunt the streets of Gotham. She focuses her efforts on defending the abused in society- those who've been abused by those closest to them.


Dead Girl is a surprisingly happy woman for someone who is dead. She seems to be enjoying her jaunt into immortality. Her attitude, generally, is happy-go-lucky and she is very much set on 'doing her thing'. She can be deathly serious when it comes to the Dead and sees herself as a champion of those individuals who've passed on.

RP Hooks

  • Dead and Loving It: Dead Girl is actually dead. She's completely deceased, but still existing. She still seems to enjoy life, somehow. Existing is it's own reward.
  • The Restless Dead: Dead Girl can communicate with the deceased. She's often given information by the dead, and considers it her duty to act on the information if it means saving a life or protecting someone from abuse.
  • Murder Victim: Dead Girl was murdered. She has a very special anger aimed towards those who's abuses lead to death. She takes it a little personally.


Character Sheet


Dead Girl is able to grow her fingers at will into razor sharp claws. These claws are strong enough to cut steel, but would have trouble with anything tougher and would be wholly useless against exotic or special materials. (IE: Adamantium, et al.)


Physically, Dead Girl's brain is dead tissue. This can make certain psychic and mind-control abilities less effective. Communicating with Dead Girl's brain in a physical sense is outright impossible, however, magical or non-biological methods are just as effective as they normally would be on a girl who's got the willpower to drag herself out of her own grave and remain sane.


Dead Girl is Dead. Literally a corpse. She died, and her body has all those little aspects that death bring. She no longer has any need for food, or sleep, or any physical thing. She is beyond mortality- immortal in the truest sense. You can only die once, after all. She is a natural font of death, a result of a unique mutation. Dead Girl can operate without rest, without food or water, without any external thing at all and survive quite happily. She will continue existing forever, unless somehow destroyed. Finally, she is wholly unaffected by toxins, or anything else that requires a living body or life-force to affect. She has neither.


Dead Girl exists in a state between the Astral and Material planes. She is able to 'shunt' herself into either realm at will. When in the Astral she is able to fly (at her land speeds) and pass through walls in the Material plane. She can pass through any normal substance, and only exotic substances that could otherwise block Astral travel can stop her. As a result of existing in both realms she is able to see into both realms simultaneously, however, she can only physically interact with the realm she's currently 'shunted' herself into.


Dead Girl is among the most naturally talented and powerful necromancers in existence. This is because she is also Necrokinetic and can natively communicate with the very stuff of death and decay- bacteria, insects, cells, and even dead flesh itself. This ability extends into the spiritual- allowing the sensing and speaking to the dead spirits of the world. Furthermore, it is this ability that allows Dead Girl to control her own- and other- bodies. It's how she keeps her form moving and under control- she can even control her body if it is cut into pieces, such as losing an arm. She can use this ability to temporarily resurrect the recently deceased as ghosts or in their own bodies. (An hour dead or less, lasts for a dramatically appropriate time.) Finally, Dead Girl can use this ability to 'call up' the dead into the minds of the living- a frightening and terrible experience for anyone she uses this on. This is a mental/magical/spiritual attack, that directly connects to Dead Girl's necromantic/necrokinetic energies.


Dead Girl is stronger, faster, and more agile than a baseline human. She's about to lift about 1 ton. She can be considered to be in peak physical condition with speed and agility just below Olympic levels.


Dead Girl is able to regenerate herself from even a few bones. This regeneration is nearly instant- taking only a few moments.


Dead Girl's willpower could be considered legendary. She had the strength of will not to go mad after being murdered and coming back from the dead. She can summon dead spirits out of the afterlife (although she needs to have something connected to them to do it. Body parts/Emotionally important items/pictures.) and very little can stop her once her mind is set on something.


Once, as I was burying one of my dead selves, the grave-digger came by and said to me, "Of all those who come here to bury, you alone I like."

Said I, "You please me exceedingly, but why do you like me?"

"Because," said he, "They come weeping and go weeping - you only come laughing and go laughing."

- Kahlil Gibran, The Madman.



Dead Girl
The Dead Girl
The Dead Girl
Full Name: Moonbeam
Code Name: Dead Girl
Occupation: Dead Girl and part time heroine
Aliases: The Ghost of Gotham
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Mutant (Deceased.)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Build: Lithe and Athletic
Hair Color: Grey-Black
Eye Color: Red (Glowing)
OOC Information
Portrayed By: none
Theme Song: Can't Play Dead by The Heavy
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: dead-girl
Played Since: From the beginning, baby!

Last Posted Activity: 22 Nov 2019 00:42

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