Alright, so now that we've got the obligatory soon-to-be-dated reference out of the way, allow me to take you on a journey into what in the holy hell kind of background a batshit insane person like Deadpool has. Buckle up, kids. This is going to be a wilder ride than Mr. Toad—


Oh boy. Here we go.

Wade? This would be a lot smoother if you just let me write this for you. I can get in all the details we need, you can just sit back and relax and I'll make sure you hit the grid running.

"Not happening. I've seen your other apps. You write way too much. The key to me is brevity! Hilarity! Pop culture references! I got this."

Yes, but I have to write your words in Yellow. Nobody wants to read all of that Yellow. Think of the Admin, man.

"Fine. You write it but I'll be right here. With an editor's pen. That's actually a gun."


Alright so, Deadpool was born as Wade Winston Wilson. His family life sucked so bad that if you ask him, he has no idea what kind of childhood he had. All that really matters is that his childhood led him towards the military at the earliest age he could manage. There are many different versions of how Deadpool's childhood went and all of them are bad.

"Not /all/ of them. There's one where my parents are just alive and well. Relaxing in some crap house with a room full of my stuff. That was a weird issue."

Right. Anyway. So Wade went to the military and got hooked up with various secret government things. He got trained in all of his cool combat stuff and pretty much became a kickassassin.


When he got pulled into the American Style of Special Forces things clashed with whatever his moral code was. So he broke off and became a CIA sponsored mercenary doing all kinds of under-the-table and clandestine operations.

"Seriously. They pay /really/ well. I mean, they would if it was actually the CIA! Cuz we all know they don't ever do anything shady! Right?!"

By the time we catch up with Wade, FOX has already ruined him in a horrible cinematic event of lackluster proportions. So we'll just skip right over that part and move along to the much better reviewed and Oscar-snubbed deliciousness that was the artistic masterpiece: DEADPOOL.

"Ooooo. Yeah. Good movie. Wait are we going to make all of that game canon?"

We could. It's your story.

"Hmmmmm. Let's keep everything but the part where I totally kill Francis. If somebody wants to app him it'll be fun to kill him again! And differently this time!"


So this is where the events of Deadpool (Film) take place. Wade meets a super hot girl, falls in love and ends up getting all of the cancers ever because LIFE HATES HIM. He also gets tricked by WEAPON X into a program that unleashes his mutant ability through the tried and true methods of DEATH, TORTURE and—


Yeah, not even going to lie, that was pretty hot. Unlocking Wade's superpowers made him SUPAH but also the ugliest piece of sin since an American Election. His girl gets kidnapped, he vows vengeance against the dude that made him ugly—


And that's also where Wade and T.J. Miller decide to call him DEADPOOL.

"Oooh! Ooooh! Sequel next! Sequel next!"

… Okay, so this is the part where we add in the plot of DP2. Here is where a lot of craziness goes down. I don't know exactly what parts we should keep but here's the gist of things. Wade and Vanessa are totally in love. Deadpool's a high profile merc with a mouth. This gets Vanessa killed and Wade spirals into DEPRESSEDPOOL. Cameos upon cameos and a fistful of easter eggs later, Wade creates his own family and team which he dubs: X-Force!

"I did the X arms the best. I'm looking at you Wonder Woman. And Wakanda Forever!"

Moving on. Wade takes it upon himself to fight a sexy pile of violence from the future to save a kid from ruining his life and everything… look, it's really good. Just watch the movie, okay?

"And then I get ahold of Cable's cool time travel device thinger and make a few adjustments to my timeline. Some much needed adjusting!"

Right. Which is how I think we're going to bring all this back around to the comics and the MUSH. So during Deadpool's Excellent Time Adventure, he found out he had a daughter, pissed off Thanos, fought some weird demon creatures and ran a bunch of weird and random scenes that ultimately led to nothing. BUT! When the Time Box Thingy exploded… Deadpool suffered a COMMON DESCENT—

"Nicely done."


— to this new and wacky timeline commonly referred to as Now.

I leave anything out?

"No idea. I wasn't listening. Can you start over?"

… The End.

Recent Events

Previously, on Wade's World…

  • Deadpool
  • DP2
  • Once Upon A Deadpool
  • Cosplayed as She-Ra. Gave Fantastic Face. (12/12/2018)
  • Acquired Canadian Moolah and a Santa's Bag full of Plot Devices from Department H. (01/01/2019)
  • Found out how rude Mutants are. And how violent. It was kind of hot. (01/26/2019)
  • Deadpool was one of the first mutants to sign on the dotted Registration line.
    • Registered Name: Logan Jackman
    • Registered Codename: The Bub
    • Registered Status: Omega Level Mutant
    • Registered Abilities: Regenerative Appealing Factor - Logan Jackman, aka The Bub, possesses the mutant ability to regenerate lost attractiveness at an extraordinary rate. Forced to wear a full body suit and mask, The Bub's attractiveness level can be so stimulating, exhilarating and blinding that it has been known to cause riots and chaos.
  • Deadpool & Domino: Back2Gether! (02/16/2019)
  • Deadpool may or may not have stolen some cursed gold. (02/23/2019)
  • REGISTER OR DIE! Film at 11. (03/30/2019)
  • Road Trip. FREE WEAPONS (05/02/2019)
  • Merry Gunmas to all and to all a mass gun! (05/23/2019)
  • Deadpool makes a cameo appearance in a Suicide Squad story! (06/29/2019)
  • Deadpool & Domino weirdship develops! (07/27/2019)
  • Wade makes a new friend! That has ribbons! OF DEATH! (08/18/2019)
  • Wade promises to rescue Harley QT from Helle Reve! #HarleyPool (09/27/2019)
  • Deadpool becomes a brother, by blood, to Warren Worthington making him Wade Winston Wilson-Worthington, Jr. (09/29/2019)



"Get Busy!"

"Everybody's talking all this stuff about me."
"Why don't they just let me live?"
"I don't need permission, make my own decisions."
"That's my prerogative."

"They say I'm crazy."
"I really don't care."
"That's my prerogative."
"They say I'm nasty."
"But I don't give a damn."
"Killing you is how I live."
"Some ask me questions. Why am I so real?"
"But they don't understand me. Or really don't know the deal."
"About a psycho, trying hard to murder right."
"Not long to go, before I win this fight! Sing!"


"Everybody's talking all this stuff about me."
"Why don't they just let me live?"
"I don't need permission, make my own decisions."
"That's my prerogative."

"It's my prerogative."
"Choose the way that I wanna' kill."
"It's my prerogative."
"I can kill who I wanna' kill."
"It's my prerogative."
"No one can tell me what to do."
"It's my prerogative."
"Unless they hire me to do it to you…"

RP Hooks

  • Want to team up with a band of misfits, ruffians and ne'er-do-wells and fight for puppies, the right to party and chimichangas? Then you definitely want to join X-FORCE. Hit 'em up on LinkedIn.
  • The Merc With A Mouth is always for hire. Doesn't really matter what the job is. Which may be bad for business but whatever. Deadpool needs money. What do you need?
  • Want to be annoyed? Meet Deadpool.
  • Are you a former torturee of Weapon X? Want to compare notes? And ways to kill every fucker involved with that organization?
  • Want to know how Deadpool got these scars? Answer: FRANCIS. (App Francis)
  • Welcome to the Land of Unlikely Team Ups! Starring Deadpool and YOUR NAME HERE!
  • Does your kid go to school with Deadpool's Kid? Did you know Deadpool's part of the PTA?
  • Is your name inside Deadpool's Little Black Book of Grudgz?
  • Deadpool has peripheral connections with both SHIELD and HYDRA.



Character Sheet


Deadpool possesses strength and speed that have been enhanced to just beyond the peak human standard. However, his reflexes and agility have been raised to levels within the low superhuman range. This goes the same for his durability and stamina. Deadpool is a superhumanly enhanced human.


"When I say "Maximum Effort" that's the cue for some really badass moments. The Deadpool Cinematic Universe meshes with the Common Descent Universe and I step it up a couple HUNDRED notches. I can kick all kinds of ass, be the anti-hero I was ruined to be and then some. It's kind of like that little star you get on Super Mario Bros because it only lasts for one or two poses (maybe more in a TinyPoolPlot scenario) and then I'm back to my normal SUPERIOR THAN YOU state of awesome."


Deadpool possesses a regenerative healing factor that allows him to recover from injuries of the highest order. Deadpool can recover from the smallest bullet hole all the way up to the loss of limbs by way of simply regenerating and growing the lost body parts from a cellular level. The rapidity of his healing and recovery varies depending on the wound but Deadpool is, at the very essence of his core, indestructible.


Deadpool exists in a state of complete unpredictability. Therefore, he is very hard to read, understand, be situationally aware for. He could be attempting to kill you one minute and painting your nails the next. He is the personification of chaos.


  • "Okay, let’s pro/con this superhero thing. Pro—they pull down a gaggle of ass, local dry cleaning discounts, lucrative film deals, both origin stories and larger ensemble team movies. Con—they’re lame-ass teacher’s pets!"
  • “Okay guys, I only have twelve bullets, so you’re all going to have to share!”
  • “I want to die a natural death at the age of 102 – like the city of Detroit.”
  • “I can say Chimichanga in seven languages.”
  • “With great power comes great merchandising opportunity.”
  • "I'm just a bad guy who gets paid to fuck up worse guys."
  • "Now I'm even better at whatever it is Wolverine does!"



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The Despicable Deadpool
The Despicable Deadpool
Full Name: Wade Winston Wilson
Code Name: Deadpool
Occupation: Merc With A Mouth
Aliases: Armando Khan, Big Dee Pee, Buchanan Neket, Captain Deadpool, Captain Wilson, Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine"), Corpus, DP, Jack, Johnny Salvini, Leroy St. Germaine Dagnasty Lopez, Merc with a Mouth, Mithras, Ninja Spider-Man, Pool Captain, Red, Regernating Degenerate, Steve Zahn, Takehiko Adachi, "Test-o-clees", Thom Cruz, Wade T. Wilson, Zenpool, Dr. Jack Koffer, My Dope Ass Fresh Prince, D. Pooly
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Force
Suicide Squad
Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Children
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Build: Ryan Reynolds-y
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Ryan Rodney Reynolds
Theme Song: Merc With A Mouth - Teamheadkick
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: deadpool
Played Since: 21 Nov 2018

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