Doctor Strange


Once upon a time (November 18th, 1930 to be precise) into the world was born Stephen Strange. He couldn't know, since he was just a baby, that a grim fate was laid upon him at the moment of his birth: He was destined to become the next Sorceror Supreme, chosen out of the rest of humanity just as his predecessors had been since time immemorial.

Not everyone thought this was a great idea.

Karl Mordo, apprentice of the Ancient One, resented the existence of Strange even as a child: Tapping into dark magic, he sought to destroy the one who would eventually supplant him by setting demons upon the Strange family, though the Ancient One did what he could to protect them without intervening directly. Mordo's actions would have terrible consequences, but not just for young Stephen. His younger sister, Donna, was injured by Mordo's demons, an incident that fostered Stephen's interest in medicine: But it was another injury to Donna years later, a drowning that occurred when Stephen was visiting home from college, that gave him his first taste of failure… A failure that eroded his idealism, leaving his pride and vanity to grow unfettered.

He became a brilliant and renowned neurosurgeon before the age of 30 - no mean feat in the 1950s - but he became more cold, more impersonal as his mother passed away, that tragedy leaving him unwilling to go to his father's deathbed two years later. Even when his brother, Victor, confronted him the argument ended in tragedy, with the younger Strange getting hit by a car, leaving Stephen alone.

At the height of his skill and fame, at the height of his vanity and egotism, Strange suffered another accident, and this time there was no one to suffer but himself: Crashing his own car, Strange's hands were badly damaged despite the best efforts of other surgeons. Too stubborn to accept that his career was over, too vain to accept a position as a consultant or assistant, Strange beggared himself chasing every treatment, every promise of restoring his hands.

And then he came to Kamar Taj.

There, he found the Ancient One, who refused to heal his hands, but offered instead to teach him something else - the way of magic. Naturally, as a man of science, Strange believed in no such thing… Until he witnessed Mordo attempting to kill he Ancient One. Learning that magic was real was like a spark setting Strange's mind aflame, burning with the desire to learn - not just to amass power, but to confront others like Mordo. It would be years before Strange returned to the world, years of studying the mystic arts as well as the martial, honing his mind and his body all at once. Years in which he underwent many bizarre trials at the Ancient One's instruction, confronting things from beyond his wildest imagination, coming face to face with Death itself to learn acceptance and gain a kind of immortality.

When Strange returned to the world, it was a very different place than the one he'd left. Along with Wong, one of the other students in Kamar Taj he'd befriended, Strange settled in New York and became a kind of mystic consultant, often travelling to the hidden places of the world and beyond, dealing with entities like Nightmare and Dread Dormammu of the Dark Dimension… Until eventually, far too soon, he was forced to take up the mantle of Sorceror Supreme.

In the decades since the passing of the Ancient One and the ascendance of Stephen Strange, his life has only gotten more complicated, more dangerous. Others pass out of his life, by choice or by death, but Strange and Wong continue on, unaging, saving the world from threats it will never even know existed.

But if there's anything Strange knows for sure, it's that things will always get worse.

Recent Events


"Also, magic is like nine tenths gross things."

Stephen Strange is a lot of things. Outwardly he's a confident, sometimes proud and arrogant man with a sardonic sense of humour who fashions himself as above the mundane concerns of the world. Inwardly he's a man hurt by nearly a century of loss, of staying unchanged while the world around him never stays still and the people he meets all grow older before his eyes. Every failure is a stab of guilt never fading, but he can never allow himself to rest, never allow himself to look away from the bigger picture. He is a man, quite literally, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, who strives to keep himself from disconnecting entirely from the world and the people in it, who tries to keep alive the embers of goodness, of kindness and empathy that he let burn out when he was younger. A man who tries to always do the right thing, as best he can… Though he's kind of a dick about it.

RP Hooks

  • The Doctor is IN - People often find their way to 177A Bleecker Street with problems too… Unusual to take anywhere else. Hauntings? Exorcisms? Did a portal to an unspeakable dimension open in your dishwasher? Help is just a knock on the door away, but rumours say the cure might be worse than the disease…
  • Sorceror Supreme - Are you a member of the broader magical community? A student of the arcane arts? A visitor from beyond Earth? Odds are you've probably heard of the Sorceror Supreme, though that doesn't mean you've heard anything flattering.
  • A Long Life - Doctor Strange has been around for entirely too many decades, and lived through every day of them. In that time, he's met all sorts of people - maybe you've encountered him before?


Character Sheet


Strange has mastered the art of astral projection, and is able to separate his astral form from his body at will. In this form, the Sorceror Supreme is unbound by physical laws, and is able to travel virtually anywhere at the speed of thought; his astral form is invisible on the physical plane unless he chooses to be seen, is completely intangible, and immune to harm except from the most potent mystical or psionic means.

Of course, it's not all a walk in the astral park. Intangible as it is, his astral form can't affect the physical plane either, and his own mystical abilities are fairly restricted in turn without his physical body. With his consciousness not present, his body also falls into a deathlike trance, and is extremely vulnerable unless he left it somewhere safe, and similarly he can only remain separated from it for 24 hours before his body starts to deteriorate. In either case, the destruction of his physical form would leave Strange stranded as an astral wraith.


As part of his training with the Ancient One, Strange underwent a confrontation with the embodiment of Death itself, a trial with deep and far-reaching effects on the nature of his existence. Ultimately, Strange passed the trial not by 'defeating' Death but by 'accepting' it, losing all fear of his own demise and gaining a kind of immortality in the process: He ceased aging, perpetually seeming to be somewhere in his mid-30s, hale and hearty and untouched by the ravages of time, and cannot succumb to any medical disease. Though Strange still requires food, water, oxygen and sleep like any mortal, and is still susceptible to harm, he could theoretically live forever - his death can only come from without, and not from within.


Strange is perhaps the most powerful human sorceror on Earth, with access to vast magical abilities beyond the comprehension of most other mortals. Though he has no true innate magical power of his own, Strange is capable of drawing on the energies of the world around him and harnessing them to shape reality to his will. Similarly, he can draw on the powers of extradimensional beings and channel them through himself to cast spells, though his relationships with the divinities he invokes can be… Complicated. Strange's primary magical patrons are the Vishanti, a trinity of beings who bestowed on him the mantle of Sorceror Supreme, and as such have certain expectations of his behaviour lest they withdraw their favour. The eight more neutral members of the Octessence allow their power to be used in a far more mercenary manner, however, and other gods large and small can similarly be tapped in a kind of quid pro quo, as invoking them increases their own power however slightly. Strange can even call upon darker sources of magic, though generally he has enough sense and caution to only do so if they already owe him a debt rather than placing himself in the red. Generally.


So what, then, can Doctor Strange actually do?

The breadth of spells Strange can cast is enormous, and the power he can bring to bear terrifying… Which is why, usually, he won't. He can command the elements, he can hurl bolts of eldritch energy, cast illusions and create portals to travel quickly across space and realities. He can move objects with his mind, summon objects from nowhere into his hands, banish entities back to their home realms… But all of it requires work, and energy. All of it can, and will, come back to make sure he pays for it in the end, no matter how much ritual and care he takes to defer the costs.


Like most mystics and mages, Strange possesses senses beyond the normal. Even without the amplification of the Eye of Agamotto, he has a constant awareness of the movement of magical energy around him, and it's difficult - though not impossible - to hide the act of magic or the presence of a magical effect from his notice. With his third eye fully open, Strange perceives the world in its totality: He sees the physical realm, the normal everyday we all do, but over that he sees all the things we don't. He sees the astral realm superimposed on the physical, the world painted in thought and metaphor. He sees the things that live outside of human perception, some harmless and others deadly dangerous, fairies and magical parasites and a thousand thousand things nobody has ever thought to name.

Strange can, in fact, share this awareness with those not magically inclined, but this can be dangerous. Few are equipped to really deal with the world the way he sees it, and others may find that as they dip their toes more into the mystical world there's no going back for them.




January 05, 2020. Routine Follow-Up

Ghost Spider and Atlas visit Doctor Strange after returning from the journey to rescue Warren Worthington from another universe.

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Doctor Strange
The Sorceror Supreme
The Sorceror Supreme
Full Name: Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D.
Code Name: Doctor Strange
Occupation: Sorceror Supreme of Earth, Master of the Mystic Arts, occult consultant
Aliases: "Stephen Sanders"
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: ???
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Human Magician
Age: 88 (appears perpetually in his mid 30s)
Height: 6'2"
Build: Wiry but athletic
Hair Color: Black with grey streaks
Eye Color: Grey
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Benedict Cumberbatch
Theme Song: Michael Giacchino - "Strange Days Ahead"
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: doctor-strange
Played Since: November 19, 2018

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