Jesse James. Bonnie and Clyde. John Dillinger. Al Capone. Names laced with
renown that will be remembered for years still to come, and possibly longer.
Names that inspired countless others, including the parents of one Tyler

John and Leslie Gould were the kind of people who were born at the right time,
with the right skill set… who chose to do all the wrong things. As part of
the latent mutant boom of the 90s, they lived the kind of life you might see
in a western, or an old crime flick. They each found out they were different.
They found each other. They decided they were better than most people and
wanted to live better, too.

So did they put their powers to use, do good works and earn the admiration of

Of course not. They decided it'd be far easier to just take what they wanted,
and started robbing banks. They'd do a job in a small town that nobody had
ever heard of, seemingly vanish from the face of the planet, and only
resurface when the coffers started to go dry. It was a lifestyle that worked,
right into the birth of their son.

Tyler had a fairly happy, innocent childhood and wasn't left to want for much.
Admittedly, he grew up with a skewed understanding of what families were
supposed to be like. Because of their 'jobs', Tyler's parents were able to
stay at home with their son more often than not. Likewise, every so often the
family would have to pack up, move, and even change their names in order to
try and throw the authorities off their trails.

The 'Gould Rush' as the media coined the series of crimes came to an end in
Iowa, of all places, around the time that Tyler was twelve — his folks picked
the wrong city to move to, the wrong bank to rob, and were stopped by a young
super who just happened to be in the right place to make a name for
themselves. Tyler was confused when his parents didn't come home from their
'shopping trip', and CPS did, instead.

Tyler was an unhappy teenager. He was placed in a foster home with a decent
enough family, but it was different from what he was used to. His new
'parents' had regular jobs, lived modestly and didn't flit around the country
on seemingly random occasions. He threw himself into everything he could to
attract attention. Good or bad, as long as eyes were on him, he was happier.
Sports were a major focus, and something he was good at, and frankly? He was
less of a rebel when he was around others, so Tyler's new family encouraged it
whenever they could.

He was seventeen when his powers first manifested, and he was putting his
equipment away when he noticed what looked like a hand-shaped stain on his
helmet. At first, he shrugged it off, tossed it into the equipment bin and
decided the team's equipment manager would handle it. About five seconds
later, it was him sitting in the bin among assorted things in need of
cleaning, and his helmet? Back on the ground where he'd been standing. To say
that he'd freaked out was an understatement.

He hadn't really been that close with his current family, and his birth
parents were still behind bars, so it was a secret that he kept to himself.
Trying to figure out just what was going on, trying to refine his abilities
when he did… and then discreetly enjoying the fruits of his labors.
Sometimes literally. Fruits were a favorite target of his practice runs.

He graduated from high school by the skin of his teeth, but managed to get a
few college offers based more on athletic merit than academic. Two years in a
community college (and a good tutor), a better GPA and an A.A. were earned,
and along with that came an offer from a college in New York. It was a ticket
out of a town that he resented, and even with the threat of the Metahuman
Registration Act looming, Tyler figured it was a better option than staying

Besides. A lot of feigned ignorance — whether it be of the law, his powers or
both — would defuse any trouble he might find himself in, right?

Recent Events


Tyler tends to be a rather bombastic person. He adores being the center of
attention and carries himself with the swagger of an expert in whatever he
happens to be doing at the time. It's fair to say that he lacks in common
sense, but he tries to make up for that with sheer confidence. He tends to be
friendly enough and can be a bit of a motormouth when he gets started, but
usually manages to catch himself before sticking his foot too far into his

Due to his upbringing, he tends to be pretty flexible when it comes to issues
of morality and is likely to be more open-minded than average on most topics.
He's maybe a little too blunt at times, though it's something he tries to hold
in unless his temper's getting the better of him. Speaking of which, he does
have a temper and it's most likely to show when others are insulting or
threatening those who are close to him. As someone who's accustomed to having
to start over with nothing, he doesn't place a lot of value in material
possessions, but will place quite a bit in people he holds dear.

RP Hooks

The Gould Rush: The Gould name is mentioned often when people try to argue why mutants are a menace, and probably came up at least once in the arguments over registration. Maybe you've heard it, maybe you have an opinion.

Old Foe: The aforementioned Gould Rush was stopped by an unnamed vigilante. Were you in Iowa in 2011?

Other Students: Tyler's a college student in New York City. Maybe you are too. Maybe you share classes!

Other Mutants: Are you a child of the atom? Tyler certainly is, even if it's not immediately visible, his name sure helps connect the dots.


Character Sheet


One of the fortunate things about the genetic mutations that create mutants is that they often prepare their subjects for the talents they're going to receive. In Tyler's case, his body has mutated to allow him some protection from slamming into solid objects at high speeds. His musculoskeletal system has gained an elasticity that allows him to take less damage than the typical human would from kinetic damage. For example, falling off the roof of a several stories-tall building might kill the average human, or at least break several bones… but have no such effect on Tyler. Granted, he wouldn't be getting /up/ for a few hours because this doesn't do anything for his pain receptors, but he'll at least survive the drop.

While the term 'elasticity' might suggest that Tyler's able to stretch his body like a rubber band, that's certainly beyond his limits. Instead, his muscles and bones are simply able to be bent in ways that a normal human's wouldn't, and return to their normal shape when the force leaves them. It /does/ allow him to move like a contortionist can, however.


Tyler's core mutation allows him to exchange the position and momentum of two different objects (or his own body) at will, as long as those two objects were the last ones he's placed his hands on. If he were to touch a third object, his 'brand' — an inky-looking hand print — will fade from the first and remain on the second and third. Tyler's limit for being able to switch two objects in such a manner isn't based on distance, but on time; any object touched remains branded for a duration of about thirty minutes, or until a third is touched (whether it be purposefully or accidentally), and he has no innate sense to alert him to what objects are currently affected. He can't presently perform a swap of any objects above the size of a small car, but the more mass that's involved in a swap, the quicker he is to burn out.




One-man fastball special
One-man fastball special
Full Name: Tyler Gould
Code Name: Express
Occupation: Student
Aliases: Tyler Samuels, Tyler Callaway, Tyler Gallagher, Tyler Moore
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 20
Height: 6'1
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Jamie Bell
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: express
Played Since: 8/21

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