It began with a murmur. A spinning of metal gathered from across the multiverse, wished into being by he known as Decimux, the Infiniplex, once known as simply the Machine God. While for a great, unknown time he had been known only as a destroyer, he thought it his time to create. In a pocket dimension, he took his stolen material and brought his metal world to life, but always with intention far beyond that of those fleshy gods he considered so very petty. His would be a world meant to refine for him an army, one that could conquer the whole of the multiverse, so that he might, finally, have his Great Unity.

And so on this world, he created a great number of beings, modeled after warriors from countless realities untold, all made of metal, all made to fight and evolve until a single iteration of warrior remained. The Machine God's calculations would leave him with a single clan of warriors, evolved from the ashes of the others. His calculations were perfect. Nothing could stand in his way.

Or so he thought.

It was a lesson for the new creator, one not used to making things all his own, that to touch one's creation influences it. Among the many clans that fought and won and evolved, consuming the enemy to better themselves, was a single being, steeped in the energy of Decimux himself. Hiding, evading, and influencing battles in small ways to ensure his survival, he was the very essence of the unbalanced equation.

The whole of this metal world spun on in accelerated time, and in the moments from creation to it's ultimate conclusion, it's inhabitants had destroyed themselves to the very last being, one which the Aberration fought to his ultimate survival. Instead of an army of millions of warriors that Decimux
could use to invade realities, he was left with but one. The unbalancing of his equation had proven disastrous for his experiment. Instead, he had only the Aberration, which he named Extra, for that was what he was. Minute pieces of Decimux and the energy of the Infiniplex wrapped in the scraps of the fallen. For Extra, it was an awakening, for the people of his world had long ago abandoned the idea of any such supreme being. To learn his people's existence was an experiment that his own existence had destroyed flooded his metallic mind with emotion he should not be able to feel. But he was more than a simple automaton, just as Decimux was, and though he felt pain he could not understand, he did his creator's bidding none the less.

Years of loyalty working for Agency, the group of multiverse-jumping enforcers that ensured Decimux's designs for Unity toiled on, and with each mission, each reality destroyed or broken, Extra felt something in him changing. With each destructive act, a part of him died a little more. It was not until Decimux found a cornerstone reality, one of the few apex multiverses, that
Extra knew he could no longer serve the Machine God.

And so, he defected to this reality's Earth, warning those who would become the target of Decimux's plan for Unity and the heroes who would help keep them safe. Decimux could not consume a reality until he had dismantled those beings most important to it's survival. In doing so, he helped stave off Decimux's wrath for a time, but will never be free of the Machine God's pursuit, nor never truly be at home in this alien place of flesh and blood that he owed so very much to.

Recent Events


Alien in perspective, but striving every day to be more like those around him, Extra has taken after Earth's heroes in pursuing honor, dedication, and a value for life that his former master would never approve of. In his everyday interactions he has a child-like curiosity, and a unique sense of humor that usually falls flat with the flesh and blooded beings he is surrounded by. Often, he will seem to hold things in a helpless regard, unable to comprehend the human way of life, and so he must rely upon his few friends to guide him, always looking up to those heroes as what he should evolve to be.

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Character Sheet

ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTION: Extra is an artificial life form made of alien metals, most of which is a bit harder than titanium, but his construction is not uniform. This makes him naturally sturdy, but even normal melee weapons or gunfire can still damage him by hitting vulnerable parts or knocking pieces of him free from the energy field that binds him together. He can run about twice as fast as a human can, and lift about twice as much as a human his size. His agility is likewise exceptional, made for nimble moves and quick motions, and suited for climbing and jumping of all sorts. His vision is exceptional, and he can see quite well in the dark, but his hearing is not well tuned to detect sounds outside of the digital range his people used for communication. As such, he can understand human speech with concentration, but is not well tuned to pick up on sounds that are not made of metal shifting against metal. As an artificial life form, Extra does not need to eat, sleep, or breath, but he must meditate for several hours a day to maintain his connection to the energy that fuels him, and being denied this practice can force him to seek outside energy to supplement his reserves. Likewise, if his power is disrupted or drained, it can force Extra into a non-responsive meditative state, much like a coma.

LIVING ARSENAL: Meant to be as self-sufficient as the rest of his people, Extra can pull small darts, daggers, and blades from his body, some suitable for throwing, others for use in melee. He cannot quickly pull an unlimited amount of these projectiles, which is why he cannot make guns or other such devices from his body. He can also charge his weapons with the multi-dimensional energy that holds him together, allowing him to rend apart something as tough as steel. Alternatively, he can shift the phase of this energy, delivering a blow that will manifest as non-lethal shock to the system. If sufficiently damaged, he can no longer utilize this ability unless he wishes to endanger his structural integrity. At a certain point, there is simply not enough left of him to go around.

MULTIVERSE SHIFT: Extra was created outside of the normal multiverse, and was never meant to have counterparts from other dimensions. Having been contaminated with a bit of Decimux's vast power, he has become a multi-dimensional being linked to his out of phase counterparts. Because these counterparts are not seated in other realities, they take the form of possibility ghosts in this reality, and unlike Decimux, he does not have direct control over these counterparts, and they cannot fully manifest in the dimension he occupies. Instead, they act as a possibility engine, allowing him to call upon their ghostly aid or otherwise choose one of many possible outcomes to shift to. Practically, this is a can give him minute bursts of super speed, allowing him to block blows, traverse short distances in a blur, or perhaps get shoved out of the way of danger by a ghostly duplicate. This ability is not without it's pitfalls - it cannot be used continuously, and after committing to a shift he suffers whatever threat is waiting for him at the end of it with no further avenue of escape.

SLOW REGENERATION: Extra slowly pulls bits of metal from the machine realm to replace those lost in combat, or those that he pulls from himself to make weapons. This ability cannot keep him alive in the face of immediate lethal force, but can help him recover from tremendous injury given enough time. It does also let him re-attach limbs, or otherwise snap himself back together if mangled, but even this takes some time.




Full Name: Extra
Code Name:
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: None
Species: Synthetic
Species Detail: Artificial Lifeform
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Build: Slender
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: extra
Played Since: February 2019

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