A brilliant but deeply unpopular and socially awkward girl raised by her maternal aunt and uncle following the apparent death of both parents, Caitlin Fairchild excelled at everything she ever attempted - so long as she wasn't attempting to make friends, or be athletic, or make herself other than a target. Graduating a valedictorian with a 1600 SAT score, Caitlin was awarded a full scholarship to Princeton University and pursued a dual master's in computer science and electrical engineering. She managed to make it to the end of her sophomore year before being recruited by Project Genesis.

What Caitlin had been led to believe to be a government internship program was in fact the latest permutation of I/O's decades-old superhuman program. Subjected to an endless battery of tests and a training regimen focused more on tactics and combat than organizational skills, Caitlin was also - like every other 'recruit' - repeatedly exposed to GenFactor, a toxic brew of immunosuppressants and recombinant DNA built from the genetic material of an unspeakably powerful extradimensional being. Caitlin, like a dozen-odd other subjects, was of particular interest because she was a child of the prior generation of Genesis subjects, and thus more likely to 'activate' without the common side-effects of grotesque mutation or agonizing, destructive death.

At first, however, she did not respond to GenFactor 'therapy' at all - at least, until the massive adrenaline surge from a violent confrontation with a Black Razor guard turned her from a short, mousy, flat-chested girl into an enormously powerful glamazon megababe.

A timely raid by the infamous John Lynch, then-subdirector of I/O, provided a needed distraction for the abrupt escape attempt that followed; Caitlin, alongside a group of fellow Genesis test subjects, managed to flee and, in a convenient turn of events, to join the now-renegade Lynch who has since acted as their mentor and sponsor.

Following their escape from Project Genesis, Caitlin has fought government agents under Ivana Baiul, briefly come into conflict with a tribe of Amazons, been detained by the Vatican's official super-human group, been lost in space and then in time, been abducted by an alien race on behalf of their nerd-king, been reunited with her father only to watch him die in combat, been a mind-controlled lingerie model assassin, and briefly been a member of Japan's officially-sanctioned kaiju-fighting force.

(When you just put it in a list like that, it … almost seems like the sort of thing you'd find in a not-particularly-good 90s comic book. But contrary to rumor, however, she has never made any clones and *definitely* never been purple.)

Some time back, Caitlin lost her powers and found herself as she was prior to Project Genesis. To recover her abilities, she struck a deal with Ivana Baiul - director of I/O - and has, though she does not realize it, become one of Baiul's most-useful agents.

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Caitlin is horribly, stultifying … nice.

It's the thing people tend to dislike most about her, really. She's brilliant, she's powerful, she's gorgeous - it'd just be easier to deal with her if she were a *little* bitchy, at least. But she isn't. She's optimistic, she's pleasant, she rarely even uses profanity, and she can be a bit na?ve at times - but life experience has helped to damper that trait, dangerous as it can be for a superhuman. Despite having spent several years enmeshed in the disturbing world of John Lynch, she remains something of an idealist; she believes the world can ultimately be made to be just, and that advancement and progress are, ultimately, upward arcs.

Having spent eighteen years of her life as a dour, picked-upon and unattractive little bookworm with zero social life, even after finding herself 6'5", super-powered and body a body to die for there's still a (slowly shrinking, but still present) core of learned helplessness and low self-esteem. For the most part, she manages to work past it - as the (by default) most adult, she HAS to, after all, to keep her friends functioning together, and readily falls into the role of leader/mother hen.

It's not as bad as it used to be, thanks to the friends she's managed to make, but she still tends to miss social cues often - and she *never* realizes when someone is hitting on her. She can see herself in the mirror, sure, but the idea is just *so* alien to her.

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Character Sheet

GLAMAZON: Like most second-generation GenActives, exposure to GenFactor triggered in Caitlin the manifestation of hyper-focused abilities rather than the broad (and often uncontrollable) "psionic" powers that generally appear in first-generation survivors. In Caitlin's case, this manifested as a suite of profound alterations and augmentations to every biological component of her body and subtle reality manipulation to support the aforementioned:
* STRENGTH - Caitlin's muscle fiber underwent a major expansion and an enormous increase in density, granting her (especially after reengineering at the hands of Ivana Baiul) a level of strength that approaches that observed in Kryptonians; she's capable of juggling train engines, bending purportedly unbendable metals, and lifting fully-loaded passenger jets, all while looking annoyingly great. While her strength may near Kryptonian levels, her ability to apply it is more limited - attempting to stop a run-away train resulted in crashing and derailing it rather than simply forcing it to a halt.
* INVULNERABILITY - In addition to super-human strength, the extreme density of her biological tissue grants Caitlin a level of resilience to injuries that could cripple even other post-human 'bricks.' Throw her off a skyscraper, riddle her with bullets, set her on fire, drag her through the air at 40,000 miles per hour - she'll be fine. She is immune to most pathogens and is unaffected by extremes of heat and cold.
* STAMINA - The various alterations to her body grant Caitlin her decidedly post-human levels of stamina and endurance. Operating at peak potential, she could function for days without requiring sleep or rest. (Despite this, she keeps a functionally normal, human schedule.) She recovers from injuries much faster than a normal woman, but not to such a degree as to be considered 'regeneration.'
* AGILITY - Despite the density of her form and the increased mass that goes alongside it, Caitlin is not the stereotypical bruiser: in fact, she possesses a reaction time far beyond what an unaugmented human being is capable of. In addition, she has proven herself capable of striking acts of dexterity and acrobatics that exceed even those of an Olympic athlete. (And, while her strength allows her to run very fast and to perform jumps measured in stories, she cannot run or function at 'super-speed.' She has, however, managed to catch or put herself in the way of ultrasonic bullets.)
* MEGA-BABE - Lastly, for whatever reason, activation turned Caitlin into a glamazonian mega-babe with ridiculous curves. And while abruptly finding yourself very attractive might not be a *real* power, the curves - bizarrely enough - *are*, as power mimics have to their profound embarrassment discovered, a facet of her powers.


"The Gen13 clothes were designed by perverts."



Full Name: Caitlin Fairchild
Code Name: Fairchild
Occupation: Heroine
Aliases: N/A
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Gen13, I/O
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: GenActive; Modified Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'5"
Build: Glamazonian
Hair Color: Orange Red
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: La Pastie de la Bourgeoisie - Belle and Sebastian
Character Type: FC
Universe: Other
Wiki Tag: fairchild
Played Since: 2019

Last Posted Activity: 19 Apr 2019 12:15

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