Fate (Nassour)


The Short Version: When you barely started med school and suddenly have to "Heal The World" as decreed by a cat.

The Extended Version: In preparation of kissing the social part of his already busy life goodbye, Khalid Nassour was mostly thinking of his sort-of girlfriend Shaya and the last precious moments of free time they had together prior to medical school eating them both alive. The gloom of reality settled over him like the rainy wet weather he was dealing with at the time, but he made for an attempt to salvage those fleeting memories; knowing full well that she liked 'old stuff,' he hustled over to the Brooklyn Museum to check out their gift shop…

…Except he got lost and ended up in front of a large statue of the ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet vocally offering him a shiny gold helmet — the Helmet of Thoth, the god of wisdom.

Khalid rejected it at first, thinking it was some crazy hallucination. But the voice — the REAL Bastet now using his pet cat as an avatar — said Fate had chosen him, summoned him not only did he have the courage to rescue a little girl who fell onto the subway tracks, but he somehow stopped the subway train from crushing him into a pulp. The evidence of his actions and his descendancy from the pharaohs of old clearly stated the helmet was meant to be his. Now he needed to go and save everyone from the destruction the jackal-headed god Anubis brought upon the land.

He tried to fix things. The lack of instruction and all of the ghostly cryptic talk from his helmet meant Khalid had to learn his role on the fly. As much as he blundered through it, he managed to do as much as he could within his power to save lives — especially his father's — from the jaws of a vengeful Anubis. His father, who knew of the connections from his old country, suffered from a near-fatal car accident, losing his sight in the process. Khalid bargained with Anubis to restore his father's eyes, but suffered the consequences by having his own sight taken from him. That, along with the rest of his efforts to save mankind, were not enough to save himself when he came face-to-face with the death god again, causing him to forfeit his life for nothing.

In his lucid state of weakness, he was instantly carried off to the underworld, the Duat, for a very biased heart judgement session for 'stealing' the Helmet and Amulet of Thoth. Although practically dead, Khalid was able to actively direct his mental bargaining to Thoth, summoning the ibis-headed god back into existence. Thoth failed in fighting Anubis head-on, but left his staff behind for Khalid as a means to restore his entire body. With his father's disembodied guidance, Khalid then changed the staff into the pharaoh's staff, using the power of his ancestral lineage against the jackal-headed god.His heart placed back where it belonged, Khalid made it a point to leave the Duat forever, returning home without giving it a second thought. Despite the continuation of his studies into the world of medicine, it seemed like fate had other plans…

Recent Events

2019: His New Year is off to a grand start. Thanks to Anubis, the magic community of New York (which he didn't know existed UNTIL NOW) has been alerted to the 'theft' of the Helmet of Fate.


Practical-minded Khalid acts like most young adults his age, living his American life until he finds himself juggling the roles of 'doctor material,' 'dutiful son,' and 'the wise hero'. Even before Fate takes hold of him, he feels the pressure of doing well in his studies to meet his professors' high expectations and to make his parents proud of who he is to become.

Now that he has to deal with being Fate, he finds himself floundering in a realm that doesn't follow logical trains of thought. He's easily frustrated with the mystery of magic and the lack of answers for the questions he has about a deep ancestral connection to a country he hasn't even been to. His impatience shows when there are no explanations, no instructions, and no reply from the spirits whenever he points out the obvious whenever he's in the middle of a situation. And sometimes he just doesn't make the wisest decisions when he tries to solve problems, some of which he has to go back and repair (along with relearning a lesson) from his past mistakes. Although most of his sass comes in the form of mental commentary, some of it tends to leak out past his lips depending on the company he keeps.

But he's a good kid. Although Khalid initially fights his fate, he learns resistance is futile when it comes to ancient gods. He reluctantly accepts the fact that he does have the power to help and save people. As much as he wants to live a normal life away from being Fate, he acts when others cannot, putting himself at risk even if he knows the danger can't be avoided. He also tends to push past his limits, overwhelming himself physically, mentally, and emotionally to do whatever he can to control his circumstances despite knowing he cannot always change the outcome of the consequences.

RP Hooks

The Helmet - Recognizable to anyone who knows and deals with magic and magic-related items on a regular basis. Kind of doesn't help that there may be magic broadcasting from it directly, but that's that.

Student Workshop - Wait a minute, what is a social life again??? He doesn't have this, he's a MED SCHOOL STUDENT



Character Sheet

MIND POWERS: It may be the whole thing about his blood ties with the pharaohs, but the helmet amplifies the strange magical energies Khalid naturally has at his fingertips. Khalid basically learns how to use this by accident in stopping a subway train from rolling over him, but later improves upon his technique through the trials and errors of doing heroic acts as Fate. This includes manipulating natural materials and inanimate objects, projectile blasts from his hands, heavy lifting, pausing time for a few minutes, and the ability to fly.

PEOPLE FINDER: On occasion, Khalid is able to use this power to locate a specific person. It's useful whenever there is trouble and the person in question isn't readily available to anyone. It comes in the form of a small gold GPS sphere that flies in the direction of that particular person, vanishing once it finishes its job.

PHASE THROUGH: Because MAGIC and HELMET, Khalid can phase through concrete objects like walls and floors. Or head-on collisions in midair. He seems to be a natural at escaping situations he doesn't want to be in.

SELF-HEALING MAT: Whenever Khalid is seriously injured, his body tends to heal itself without any prompting, leaving him with ruined clothing. Of course, this doesn't always work; the healing happens at random and it doesn't seem to occur at all on other planes of existence.

THE AVATAR: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. These, along with electricity, are the natural elements of the world to which Fate is bound. With the helmet, Khalid can access these powers within his surrounding environment to bend the elements to his will and use them to their full potential. Unfortunately, his lack of experience (and maybe the lack of confidence in his abilities) occasionally sets him up for failure despite how careful he is in walking himself through the process.


"I am now certifiable."



MedSchool Fate
Heal Your World
Heal Your World
Full Name: Khalid Nassour
Code Name: MedSchool Fate
Occupation: Med Student
Aliases: Kent
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: …Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Build: Average
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-gray
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song: Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: fate-nassour
Played Since: Dec 30, 2018

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