Jeanne still doesn't know who her real parents are. Instead, she was raised by foster parents who were small time criminals. They quickly capitalized on Jeanne's prodigy-like aptitudes after she reached the age of 5 and then entered into a multitude of various competitions including fencing, equine riding, gymnastics, and fencing, betting on her skills and making a fortune off their good luck; to them Jeanne was little more than a bankroll.

Young Jeanne realized very early on exactly what it was they were doing, but she didn't care at that point, instead utilizing her situation to -her- advantage to sieze upon the opportunity of learning a multitude of skillsets that would better enable her as she grew up.

After emancipating herself due to her very 'grown up' attitude and logic system, Jeanne applied her skills and knowledge to graduate from MIT with several degrees, one in specific in Computer Science, the other in Engineering at the young age of 14.

She had been training for the next Olympic games, but due to how perfectly she executed every move and manuver, she was accused of being a mutant - Jeanne was tested and found to be without the mutant genome. Having been so accused, she dismissed herself from the Olympics and moved on to apply her knowledge and skills elsewhere.

Having lived off of her own earnings from various competitions, investments made from learning the trading market, and keeping a place to live for herself during a lengthy internship at STAR Labs, Jeanne is now ready to face the world.

And, feeling that she, so gifted, should do something with purpose with her gifts, Finesse, her alter-ego, was born. And so, as Jeanne moves to face the world and enter it fully as a legal adult and hopefully join the world of research and development with a world-renown name like Wayne Enterprises, Stark, or LexCorp, Finesse moves to introduce herself as well. And make sure people like those who raised her see that all of their actions have consequences.

Recent Events

Jeanne has recently taken up the moniker of Finesse and begun fighting crime with the sole purpose of learning new skills to better herself, as well as find alliances to branch into further skill learning. She is also seeking a team, and employment to additionally gain further knowledge and abilities.


Jeanne views the world through a lens of cold logic and practicality, unable to really relate to things like empathy, understand sarcasm, or emotional intent. Instead, she simply processes information through dispassionate logic, studies it, and assimilates it outside herself.

She can get irritated easily by things she finds a waste of time and a lack of understanding the appeal for, like "immaturity" the many her age (and some well beyond) find amusing.

She wants to be liked, to have friends and associates, but at the same time she does not need them and wants them on her terms, unwilling to compromise herself or her personal goals to get them. And if she has erred, made a social faux paus, or a misunderstanding has arisen due to her unique mind, she will try the best she can to make apology - sometimes with very mixed results.

She is also one of the most confident people anyone may ever meet, and for good reason. She might come off as boasting, bragging, or arrogant to a lot of people, but she really can do whatever she states she can or sets her mind to learn.

RP Hooks

Scene where Jeanne learns something new or chance to learn new skills offered, employment, team opportunity/interaction, combat.

Jeanne has also recently been recruited of her own interest as an Agent of SHIELD.


Character Sheet




Full Name: Jeanne Foulcault
Code Name: Finesse
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Aliases: None
Reg. Status: Human
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: SHEILD
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Ginnifer Goodwin
Theme Song: "Power Drunk" - Tom Petty
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: finesse
Played Since: March 2019

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