A promising athlete on the college football team. An award-winning physicist. An unfortunate accident resulting in the explosion of a reactor core which while not killing them would dramatically change their lives.

Ronald "Ronnie" Raymond was an average teenager, fresh out of Central High with a promising spot on a college football team awaiting him- except that review of his grades revealed him to be short a few points of the minimum needed to graduate. What could he say, science had never been his strongest subject. A problem easily remedied however, as it was proposed to him that he accompany another class on a trip to tour the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant, known as the first safe atomic testing center although growing outdated for the leaps and bounds of modern science and technology. Write a report, get those points logged in. Easy peazy.

Spending his earlier career as a professor at the local Hudson University, Martin Stein was also a renowned physicist who had since become deeply involved with the work at the Hudson Plant, continuing his research as he helped develop ideas for an upgraded facility to replace it as the world progressed towards cleaner sources of energy. As it would so happen, others had interests in the plant's resources as is, and not for wholesome purposes.

The plant was invaded by some would-be terrorists hoping to score on some lethal materials, namely plutonium. As luck would have it, it was the same day that Ronnie had come on his class trip. He ended up being grabbed as a hostage by some of the gunmen while others encountered Professor Stein, attempting to 'coerce' him into giving them security codes for access to the hazardous materials storage. Inevitably the pressure was on them as law enforcement was called in, and so they decided to cause a distraction to better their chances of escape. Knocking out Professor Stein, they wired the reactor core to blow, throwing an uncooperative Ronnie into the room with him before beating a hasty retreat.

Ronnie tried to haul the unconscious professor to safety, but emergency lockdown procedures kicked in to seal off the potential security breach in the case of possible radioactive exposure to the rest of the plant. The explosives went off, but rather than become consumed, their beings exposed by nuclear radiation, the atomic blast somehow instead fused the two together, absorbing the excess and creating the person who would become known as Firestorm.

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As Firestorm is mainly represented by Ronnie, he comes off as brash, eager and somewhat overconfident. He's young and it shows in how he acts, which may give veteran heroes second thoughts about entrusting him to duties. His heart however is definitely in the right place, and if he screws up- and hey, no one's perfect!- he's willing to learn from his mistakes and do things right.

Although his head looks like it's on fire he's not a hothead in temperament. In fact he's pretty chill about how he does things. He likes to have fun, likes to look good in front of girls and make a positive impression on people in general. When it especially comes to impressing people, he can tend to try a little too hard that he'll often overdo it. There are times when he does have some brilliant moments, and he's quick to improvise, which comes in handy when you need to make a split-second decision to transmute one thing into another. When his overconfidence kicks in he feels like he's got things handled, which he more often than not ends up being proven wrong.

As Ronnie Raymond he's always thought a little highly of himself and it extends as Firestorm. He's not afraid to compliment himself or give himself a pat on the back for a job (he considers) well done. It should be of no surprise that he likes to get a bit of grandstanding in. Definitely a talker, he'll run his mouth no matter the situation although sometimes his witty banter could use a bit of work. He's the kid who thinks he's cool and tries to show it every chance he gets.

While he's eager to overtake the baddies of a situation, he possesses a compassionate side, not so quick to write off people as entirely bad. There are reasons for people acting the way they do, right? Perhaps he might be a little naieve in that aspect, hoping that perhaps his winning charm can be persuasive enough to help them see the light. Of course that doesn't mean he's afraid to give them the smack down they might deserve, nor harbor any grudges for them doing the same.

Ronnie's not fond of schoolwork although he does possess a passing understanding of science enough to gain a good feel for how to make use of his unusual abilities as Firestorm. He's hardly an expert, and even he'll admit that chemistry isn't his best subject, but even though it may take some work to get things down he's proven himself fairly capable. Retaining what he's learned… Well, that's another thing entirely.

The voice inside his head is the virtual backseat driver to Firestorm. Professor Stein may be for the most part, along for the ride, but he's also personally invested in the well-being of them both, and so offers advice as he can. Whether Ronnie takes it or not is another matter.

The man's developed a fondness for the boy, even though they're as different as night and day, separated by decades of cultural differences and age. Stein being the more intelligent of the two is something that even Ronnie acknowledges. Come on, the guy's a physicist! Sometimes Ronnie will get bored of whatever scientific or technical explanations might be offered in part by the professor, and Stein can tend to be a little longwinded in his observations or fancy with his words, but he's started to get a little more accustomed to dealing with Ronnie.

Professor Stein has become the voice of reason between the two, trying his best to temper the teenager's brash tendencies when it comes to throwing themselves headlong into action. Oftentimes it's a matter of trial and error before Ronnie will decide that perhaps the professor's words might be sensible after all. One must figure that Stein has an amazing amount of patience to be able to deal with him.

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DENSITY ALTERATION: As part of his control over elements, Firestorm can alter the density of gases, solids and liquids.

ENERGY CONVERSION: Firestorm is able to absorb various types of energy and in massive amounts. By doing so he's able to "charge" himself, and can convert that energy to suit his need as purpose calls for. He is also able to focus energy into beams, his default being nuclear blasts.

FLIGHT: The only way to get around! Firestorm can fly at supersonic speeds, enabling him to cover great distances in little time.

MOLECULAR MANIPULATION: Rearranging molecular and particle structures takes but a thought for Firestorm, and he's able to create different atomic structures within the limits of whatever mass he starts with. In this way he can permanently transmute objects and materials into new and unrelated things, although in order for it to be properly effective, he needs to understand the breakdown of things and how they work, which is why it helps to share the brainspace of a top physicist.

PHASING: By altering his own density Firestorm is able to pass through solid objects at will. He's however unable to extend that affect to others when doing so.

SUPERHUMAN BODY: In becoming Firestorm his body has become more durable against physical damage. His strength has also been boosted, although nowhere near the capabilities of say, Superman. There is also the potential for him to be able to regenerate himself depending on damages done, but as of yet this is not something he's explored or has had the reason to do so. He doesn't have to worry about the same sustenance as he would as a normal human being, his matrix allowing him to be self-sustaining, even in abnormal atmospheric conditions or lack thereof. Not that it will stop him from having a hankering for pizza or something.

THABTO: Being made up of two individuals with Ronnie as the "driver" and Professor Stein as guidance, Firestorm possesses a natural firewall of sorts for attempts of mind manipulation if only because one might not anticipate dealing with multiple minds in one body.





The Nuclear Man
The Nuclear Man
Full Name: Ronald Roy Raymond / Martin Stein
Code Name: Firestorm
Occupation: Student / Professor
Aliases: Ronnie / Prof
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Justice League
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Nuclear-fused Accident
Age: 18 / 61
Height: 6'1" / 5'10" / 6'2" as Firestorm
Build: Amazing
Hair Color: Dark Brown / Grey / FLAMING
Eye Color: Blue / Brown / Blazing White
OOC Information
Portrayed By: /Voiced By: P. J. Byrne (Ronnie); Stephen Tobolowsky (Martin Stein)
Theme Song: "Dare" - Stan Bush
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: firestorm
Played Since: December 3, 2018

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