Flash (Barry Allen)


My name is Barry Allen and I'm the Fastest Man Alive.

Iowa is where it all began but nothing interesting ever happens in Iowa. Could be one of the reasons my dad packed us all up into the car and drove us to Missouri. Of course, it could have more to do with the new job he scored at a hospital out in Central City. We were certainly moving up in the world because our house in Central City was twice the size of our Iowa home. Things were looking up.

That just made the fall all the more painful.

I was eleven years old when it happened. Commotion made me come downstairs and all I could see was my mother being attacked by something… by a red and yellow lightning storm? Nobody would believe me afterwards but I swear I saw a man inside that storm. My mother was killed that night. By whatever or whoever that was.

My 'crazy' testimony and the lack of evidence to support my claims helped the police to pin this on my father. Accused and convicted, my father was sent to Iron Heights for my mother's murder and he's still there as we speak.

I was taken in by one of the investigating officers and Detective Joe West became the father I couldn't have. He raised me as if I were his own and inspired me to get into law enforcement. The combination of watching Joe work and a burning obsession to clear my father's name culminated with taking my love of science to the crime labs and becoming a forensic scientist.

Not to say that I'm a scientific genius or anything but Central City University was a breeze. With a degree in organic chemistry and a minor in criminology under my belt, I scored a gig with the Central City Police Department. I'm pretty sure Joe pulled a few strings but a job is a job. It was also one step closer to finding a way to clear my father's name.

Just as I was becoming a staple in the CCPD community things took a turn for the different… when a particle accelerator exploded. I was in my lab at the time and a lightning storm was going on outside. I got struck by lightning while carrying some pretty intense chemicals.

There's a huge hole here because I was in a coma for nine months. I didn't know it at the time but I kept dying and coming back to life. The people at STAR Labs took me in and did what the doctors couldn't do: they saved my life.

I kept in touch with the people at STAR Labs as I tried to reintegrate myself into society. Things were different, though and not just with the city. Things were different with me. There were times when my heart would just beat itself practically out my chest. Things seemed to slow down around me. Hell, I was even moving faster than anybody should ever be allowed to move. It was freaking me out.

I confided in the STAR Labs crew and together we realized that I had been both blessed and cursed by the accident and that I had gained a special ability that we've come to call Super Speed. As I tried to get acclimated to these new abilities, I realized that I could use this power to help others. I could do something to protect the people of Central City.

So that's where we are. Well, kind of. I'm in Metropolis now on a more consistent basis. With the surge of threats that are more meta than used to, I've relocated on a permatemp basis to try and help out more than just my hometown. I'd been given these powers for a reason and I think there's more to it than keeping Central City safe and finding a way to clear my dad.

My speed gets me wherever I need to be to do the most good. I'm still going to keep Central City safe as I can. I'm still going to find a way to solve my mother's murder. And I'm still going to do whatever I can to help protect this world from the freaks that want to watch it burn. And? I'm still going to help those that can't help themselves.

So if you ever need me, just remember one thing. I'll be there in a … well, you get the idea.

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Long before he became the Flash, Barry Allen was a forensic scientist. His police training means he approaches his powers much like he does with a crime scene, with a sense of wonderment and questions everything. Why can't he run through walls? Why can't he break the time barrier? How fast can he truly go? A curious and bright mind, he doesn't think with his fists (or in this case, his feet) first. He uses this scientific approach with a small boost from those in the know of his abilities to come up with new and creative uses for his super speed. More grounded than most heroes, he may appreciate the praise that the public gives him for his help, but with also being a member of the thin blue line means he also wants to see credit given where credit is truly due.

Barry, on a more personal level, is also kind of a goofball. He's decidedly kind and always willing to stick his neck out for those that are in need. He possesses a scientific wit that can even be somewhat charming in the right moments. Most importantly, though, Barry Allen is a believer. In the impossible. His sense of wonderment often takes him down the geeky road of all this superheroing business.

Despite all of his alleged adorkableness, Barry Allen suffers from a traumatic childhood filled with bullies, witnessing his father's downfall and the death of his mother. A man that should be buried beneath a tremendous angsty weight, Barry Allen often lives through every obstacle and adversity by keeping a single thing at the forefront of his mind and his heart: Hope.

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Character Sheet

ACCELERATED HEALING: Barry's healing has been boosted to levels that defy the laws of biology. While he's not invulnerable by any means, Barry's connection to the Speed Force is what protects his body while he moves at such physics-defying speeds. In addition to the natural protection that the Speed Force gives him Barry's body also heals from damage that he does sustain at a rate that is undefined. However, it is known that a body's normal wear and tear is healed almost instantly while actual wounds and the like are healed within hours as opposed to how they would heal on a normal human being.

DECELERATED AGING: Barry doesn't even know this about himself but his aging has slowed down to the point that it is difficult to measure. In fact, all forms of investigation into this return results that he is no longer aging at all. Even science can be wrong sometimes.

EXTREME FORCE GENERATION: Barry can use his speed to generate high end physical force through the application of movement acceleration. He can use the kinetic energy and friction produced to do a variety of things. He can move at speeds fast enough that the friction created can cause extreme levels of heat and even set objects ablaze. In addition, Barry can propel himself from solid objects and launch himself into extremely high jumps and leaps. He can generate massive amounts of force from his speed that enable him to strike targets with enhanced strength of varying levels. This depends on how fast he's traveling before the point of impact. Sometimes, these impacts are even capable of producing sonic booms.

INCREASED PERCEPTIONS: Barry's sense of perception hasn't been hindered by his incredible speed. In fact, they have been heightened to work in tandem with his ability and the Speed Force. Barry is capable of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching things and realizing them all in heightened real time as opposed to moving too fast to perceive anything. While it may seem as though Barry's perception is precognitive, that is false. In reality, Barry just moves so fast that he can see things happening in slow motion and can react before they even finish happening.

LIMITED ELECTROKINESIS: Barry produces yellow electricity when using his super speed. This electricity can be harnessed in a fashion as simple as creating a static shock from his hands after rubbing them together or as impressive as hurling lightning bolts at targets. Barry is still learning the ropes of his electrokinesis abilities but he's likely a very quick study.

PHASING: Barry has the ability to vibrate himself at such a high rate of speed that he is able to make himself intangible for short periods of time. This takes both concentration and an extreme exertion of speed.

SPEED FORCE: This is what gives Barry Allen his remarkable speed. The Speed Force creates a protective barrier around Barry while he's traveling at speeds that are simply insane. This keeps him from dying. In addition, Barry has gained superhuman reflexes, endurance and agility to go along with the speed. The speed, of course, is what gives him his name and that's where he truly shines. It's unknown exactly how fast The Flash can actually move but it's definitely faster than the eye can see and seems to plateau out at the speed of light.

Barry Allen may or may not actually generate Speed Force with every step that he runs. This makes his speed even harder to quantify, as well as the true nature of just how powerful the Speed Force is.

SPEED VACUUM: Barry can use his speed to control the air flow of a targeted area. Whether he's moving his arms at an increased speed to create a tornado and extinguish a fire by removing the air from the blaze or if he's running in a circle to create an airless vortex for some other tremendously heroic feat, Barry's control over the air flow is a direct result of scientific application of his superior speed.


  • "My name is Barry Allen and I'm the Fastest Man Alive. Well. One of them anyway…"



The Flash
The Fastest Man Alive
The Fastest Man Alive
Full Name: Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen
Code Name: The Flash
Occupation: Forensic Scientist / CSI / Speedster
Aliases: Scarlet Speedster
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: STAR Labs
Justice League (?)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Dark Matter + Lightning + Chemicals = ... Speed Force? It's complicated.
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Build: Runner's Build
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Grant Gustin
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: flash-barry-allen
Played Since: August 2, 2019

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