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When Wally West was young, he visited his aunt Iris in Central City, in part out of a desire to meet his hero, the Flash. Thanks to his uncle Barry, Wally did get to meet the Flash - and inadvertently experienced an identical set of circumstances that had given the Flash his powers. Deciding to help his hero, Wally donned a costume as 'Kid Flash' and became a sidekick.

After a year or two, Wally joined up with several other sidekicks to form a band of 'teen titans' that could combine their strengths to help save the world in ways their mentors could not. Among the Titans, Wally found a sense of friendship and purpose that he had not known before.

Eventually, Wally decided that he needed to strike out on his own. He spent time learning a non-superhero trade and joined the Central City Police Department as a mechanic. However, Wally did not find too much peace during this time, as he was trying to get out from under Barry's shadow while living in the city that Barry protected. When Wally's girlfriend Linda got a job in Metropolis, he jumped at the chance to gain some literal and critical distance from his childhood and transferred to the Metropolis PD.

Since then, he's tried to make a home in his new city while also trying to be the 'Flash' in his own way. Some of the rogues from back home followed him, while other nemeses emerged, and Wally's tried hard to break his old habits of losing touch with friends and family so that he can be the person they think he can be.

Recent Events


At his core, Wally wants to be a hero - and specifically he wants to live up to the legacy that his own hero, his uncle Barry, has created. However, Wally doesn't actually think that he can do so; he sees himself as a wannabe at best and an abject failure at worst, unable to act with the confidence or intelligence that his uncle possesses.

To compensate somewhat for this sense of unworthiness, Wally is a considerable smart-aleck who quips, jokes, and otherwise makes light of serious situations. While this might be chalked up to immaturity, the truth is that it's a defense mechanism, even when it ends up working in Wally's favor by distracting or annoying enemies. And while Wally is surrounded by and close to a number of excellent role models, he tends to learn less from them than he does measuring himself against their greatness.

Ultimately, Wally is dedicated to his life as the Flash, even if he does think he's a poor substitute for Barry - but he's not so dedicated to his non-Flash life, and everyone around him pays for it. Wally can be forgetful or absent-minded (due to being otherwise occupied) or even outright dismissive of considerations that seem less important to him than others, although the best evaluation of such considerations might require /not/ incorporating the Flash's motives.

RP Hooks

Connected to the Titans? Wally's one of the founders.

From or been to Central or Keystone City? You might have run into the Flash there or need the aid of its (former) resident hero.

Tapping into the Speed Force? Wally will come running, for good or ill!


{$page} Blitzen
Pragmatic colleague in NYC who makes me look incompetent, but not on purpose.
{$page} Impulse
Hyperactive cousin from the future.

Character Sheet

Molecular Vibration

By concentrating on the isolated movement of part or all of his body, Wally can vibrate his form to move through other solid objects (by moving his own molecules around the molecules of said objects to reform once through). Even more easily, Wally can use his vibrations to cause other solid objects to explode.

Quick Healing

Just as Wally's stamina is at superhuman levels, so is his body's ability to heal. He doesn't recover from wounds instantly, but his injuries take roughly an order of magnitude less time to heal than an ordinary individual's would.

Speed Force
The Speed Force is an energy that speedsters can draw on to fuel or augment their power, and those attuned to it can also draw on others' speed. Further, some - including Wally - can communicate with others, of sorts, via a rudimentary sense that indicates general location and potential danger.


As part of his body's connection to the Speed Force, Wally can maintain incredibly fast speeds for lengths of time far exceeding what the normal human body would be capable of (at a much slower pace). His body is attuned to enduring and channeling the Speed Force for prolonged physical activity.


Wally's most identity-defining power is his speed: put simply, he can run very, very fast - and, just as importantly, his mind is capable of processing information received at high speed, thus thinking as fast as he can move. Thanks to his connection to the Speed Force, with little effort, Wally can break the sound barrier, and with a great amount of effort, he can approach light speed.




One of the Fastest People Alive
One of the Fastest People Alive
Full Name: Wallace West
Code Name: Flash
Occupation: Police Mechanic
Aliases: Kid Flash (formerly)
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail:
Age: 24
Height: 6'0"
Build: Slim & athletic
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: flash-wally-west
Played Since: November 2019

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