Gentleman Ghost


Although many who encounter the Gentleman Ghost seem to be in denial as to what he actually is, the fact of the matter is that he genuinely is a ghost.

Born as James "Jim" Craddock in 19th Century England, Jim had wanted nothing more than to provide for his mother after she and he were both abandoned by his nobleman father and left to a life of poverty. It wasn't long before he lost his mother to sickness, and thereby left to find the means to take care of himself. He became an experienced pickpocket, but his earnings were meager, and despite given an eerie reading by a gypsy he decided to undertake more daring endeavors, becoming a highwayman intent on gaining a life of wealth as he still felt was due him. Young Craddock came by unusual teachers in the profession, riders and thieves who had passed on, ghosts, but sensed the potential in the boy to become a great highwayman.

And great he was, a gentleman thief who made his fortune by the victims traveling the king's road. His own fortune did not last as eventually he was caught and sent to the gallows, hung for his crimes. That would be where one would normally figure that the story ends…

Recent Events

The Gentleman Ghost's activity has been more on the quieter side of things. Finding himself caught up in the midst of the demon threat that plagued New York City, for the better interests of his own self-preservation and that of other restless souls in similar state, he bargained with the demons, allying with them at least until their forces were driven off and the rifts that had admitted them, for the most part sealed.

It's made him rethink a lot of things, his existence, the unusual acquaintances he's made, and what more he should possibly endeavor to make of it all.


For someone who's been dead and displaced a couple centuries, Jim Craddock remains stolidly the same, keeping to the styles of his time, affecting the manners and expectations of those of high society, although those ideas are a bit dated. True to the title he's come to be called, he fancies himself a gentleman, and as such he prefers to be direct in how he approaches things.

Back when he was alive, he'd learned early on how harsh and cruel the world could be, and that one needed to look out for themselves if they wanted to survive it. Knowing that he'd been himself robbed of a better life he had convinced himself that one way or another he would obtain it, and while his methods were not the most kind, one could not question his drive.

Something of that drive continues to burn despite his no longer being able to enjoy the luxuries of life. The promise of being restored through the gypsy's fortune told makes less and less sense to him with the centuries that have passed, but something in him continues to seek the means of being revived to flesh and blood once more. But there are moments when one must wonder whether it would be worthwhile, or if his true desire would be to find rest and peace at last.

In the meantime he continues his criminal activity as he sees fit. His detachment from the living hasn't completely thawed his ability to sympathize with them, although at times that same detachment can drive him to be quite ruthless. He is willing to aid those who understand his worth and in turn make it worth his while, knowing that as he is currently his abilities can be useful in the right situation. When it comes to his own schemes he's usually confident about pulling things off, but he isn't afraid to depart if things get out of hand or he finds the endeavor no longer worth his efforts. After all, he hasn't much to lose.

RP Hooks

  • On the opposite side of the law and in need of intangible assistance?
  • Dabbling in the arcane or dipping into the astral plane? One never knows who they might run into…
  • Or maybe you just need an expert or guide regarding things on the Other Side.


{$page} Phil Coulson
For centuries past and differences vast and far between, yet here be one I may yet call friend.

Character Sheet

No longer possessing a physical body, Jim Craddock is incorporeal and thus can go through solid objects and most anything else. Still, he can interact with physical things as he chooses, and nothing of his ghostliness stops him from making off with whatever he wants. As per his unusual form, he's able to float and generally defy gravity, and if things get things start to get too hectic and he deems it no longer worth the trouble, he can simply vanish.

Given the delicate business of being a ghost, Craddock isn't bound to one plane or the other. He can see and interact with the things that the living can't. His access to the astral plane also allows him to track things through it, especially of spiritual connections. As for physical distances and restraints, they mean nothing to a ghost, so it also makes it much easier for him to get around, whether it's phasing through a wall or out of the area to somewhere else entirely.

Magic? Hellfire? Ghost he may be, but the concentrated blasts Craddock can deliver with his cane or shoot from his pistols are still quite damaging to the physical.




Gentleman Ghost
The Hangman
The Hangman
Full Name: James "Jim" Craddock
Code Name: Gentleman Ghost
Occupation: Smooth Criminal
Aliases: Jim, Ghost
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Villain
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: N/A
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail: Ghost
Age: 32 (200+)
Height: 5'11"
Build: Translucent
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: N/A
OOC Information
Portrayed By: /Voiced By: Gary Oldman
Theme Song:
Character Type: VFC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: gentleman-ghost
Played Since: November 18, 2018

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