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Born to Moira and Robert, Ollie is the heir to the massive Queen fortune. His parents might not have been good or decent people, in fact they were weird, dishonest, and murderous, but they were his parents and they loved him. Robert was a weirdo cultist who was obsessed with the Cult of Arrow and how his son was going to be a mastermind and savior who would bring the world to heel and crush the world beneath his boot.

There was considerable pressure to succeed in the Queen household. Robert had Ollie tutored. Tutored a lot. So much tutoring. Languages. Business. Science. Martial Arts. Frankly it was too much. By the time he was 13, Ollie began to rebel, which made RObert crack down, which only made Ollie rebel more, instilling a lifelong loathing of bullies and people with power who abuse it.

Ollie skated through some of the most posh schools Gotham had to offer with some of the highest caliber students and coincidentally future and current vigilantes. Ollie hated it, and barely passed. He did have a lot of fun drinking, fighting, and generally embarrassing his parents though.

Where Ollie succeeded was college. He went to school and threw himself into it as a high achieving student. It got him away from his controlling, rather evil, parents. He could be his own man. He studied philosophy and science as well as business. His parents were actually proud of him as after 2 years in he was a college junior, a year ahead, and on the dean's list at Princeton. They were so happy, his father took him on a yacht cruise. Robert sank the boat.

Robert sank the boat so well that he died in the boat, not his crowning achievement. On the island, Ollie never even found the arrow idol that his dad had died to put in his son's hands. Ollie has no idea the thing even exists. He did find tutors on the island. He found torture, torment, cruelty, and hope. He found purpose with the League of Assassins; he found purpose in tearing it down from within.

For six years, Ollie trained and quietly subverted the goals of the League of Assassins. He gained incredible insight and formidable martial prowess as a operative. Then, one night, he ruined several operations, killed a couple of other operatives and simply walked away. A few nights later, a revenge team waylaid him. He sent one of that team back with a message after ruining the assassin's hand. He hoped the message was clear, he would make it bad business to track him down.

By the time he got back to civilization, the League had already made it clear that he was not above all their rules, as Moira passed away before she saw her son again. For now, Ollie was more trouble than he was worth, but killing his mother was a message sent. It only hardened Ollie's resolve, but it also made him play the game with more care.

He was home in mid 2016, and had control of the company a few months later. In late 2017, after a year of work, the Arrow arrived. He was a vigilante, but unlike Batman many of those he brought in were maimed and severely injured. The arrow had little regard for the health of his targets.

Over the course of a year, Ollie mellowed a little. He is starting to show more regard for those he brings to justice. He is still far more likely to hurt one of them than say Batman, but he is not maiming people. He has also expanded his scope, branching from punishing those in power to encompass street crime in his mission.

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Oliver Queen is a complicated person and has good aspects to him as well as bad. To understand Oliver, one has to understand guilt. Oliver is motivated by guilt. His family fortune is at least partially ill gotten. His lifestyle is lavish He has a wonderful life because the Queen family has had poor morals for a few generations.

He is also a bit of a hypocrite, as Ollie continues to live his life knowing that the money he is spending, at its base, was ill gotten and made from illicit means. He also espouses liberal ideals and talks about the importance of helping people while residing in a spacious mansion and living a jetsetter lifestyle.

His relationship with women is complicated as he craves a relationship with an honest, independent woman who doesn't need his approval or money yet continues to surround himself with floozies and gold diggers that he will never settle down with because he has a fear of intimacy, distrusts people, and honestly has a few commitment and trust issues.

Ollie also distrusts authority and will do as he pleases in the face of it if he deems it to be the correct course of action. This distrust of authority is also contrasted with a healthy distrust of people with power. It means sometimes he sides with the government rather than the superhero community. Other times, he sides against the government and with the community. Ollie sees the world in terms of tensions and conflicts and keeping one side playing against the other often times feels like the best course of action. It can make him seem to be obstinate, stubborn, and contrarian, on some level a little bit of him is. He just reasons that if the big guys are busy nullifying each other, well the little guy has a chance.

Despite his negative qualities, Ollie is a true hero though. He gives million to charity, and he gives his blood, sweat and tears to making the world and his community a better place. Ollie will stand in the face of an alien killing machine and fight to the bitter end in order to buy precious seconds for innocent people to flee. He will comfort a child who has lost her parents. He will try to bring justice to the cruel in an effort to make the world better and brighter for humanity. In his heart of hearts, Ollie believes in the little guy, and is sure that if the little guy got a break, the world would be a better place.

He'll use his sometimes sardonic and perhaps acidic wit to cut bullies down to size and to relieve tension for allies.

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That one night, several years ago….

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Green Arrow
Never Misses
Never Misses
Full Name: Oliver Jonas Queen
Code Name: Green Arrow
Occupation: Billionaire, Philanthropist, Archer, and Playboy
Aliases: Arrow, Ollie
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Gotham
Affiliations: Justice League, Gotham Knights
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Stephen Amell
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: Arrow
Played Since: December 12, 2018
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