Not much is known about Cole Cash's childhood. What is known is that he fell into the lifestyle of a juvenile delinquent, and became something of a thief and con artist in his teens. Despite his criminal behavior, however, Cole always had the concept of "honor among thieves", and kept himself to a strict code. As a result, he turned against one of his own friends and partners to stop him from shooting a police officer. In turn, Cole was arrested. He was given a second chance. Face prison or enlist in the United States Military. He was on the next bus to boot camp.

Cole had a natural talent for being a soldier. He was a crackshot marksman, which earned him the nickname Deadeye, which later became his callsign after he was shuffled into the special forces. There, he was recruited into International Operations (I.O.) and their fledgling Black Ops division, Team 7. They took the most dangerous and dirtiest jobs that I.O. had to offer, and Cole was one of their most talented and dedicated agents. It was with Team 7 that Cole would be introduced to the interdimensional "substance" classified only as "Gen Factor", along with the rest of Team 7. As a result, the team gained a number of superhuman abilities, but were plagued with burgeoning psychosis and mental instability. They were dubbed Gen 12, and I.O. unleashed them on the world to "test" their abilities. Eventually, after watching their own go mad or commit suicide, Cole started to feel disillusioned with I.O. Eventually, he staged a mutiny against team commander John Lynch. This happened just as I.O. launched a nuclear weapon at the team's location to test the strength of their abilities. Cole led the team in uniting their powers in order to survive the ordeal, though they staged their deaths and went into hiding afterwards.

While Cole was in hiding from I.O. he eventually came across an ancient Kherubim warrior of the Coda. This interstellar warrior opened Cole's eyes to literally whole new worlds, exposing to him the truth of an ancient battle between the Kherans and their eternal enemies, the Daemonites. She even went so far as to take the previously unprecedented measure of imparting upon Cole, a male, the secret teachings of the all-female Coda order. These teachings helped Cole stabilize and control his psionic abilities, and thus, also maintain his sanity. As a result, Cole, now going by Grifter, became eternally devoted to her.

This devotion led him to join her when she was recruited by Jacob Marlowe, aka Lord Emp, when he formed his team of operatives to combat the Daemonite threat. Becoming a WildC.A.T., Grifter now puts his unique skills and powers to use to quell alien invasions and keep a team of aliens, and super robots, and godlings grounded, and remind them just what it is that they're fighting for.

Recent Events


Cole Cash, outwardly, is a bit of a rogue. He's quick with the wit, quicker still with a gun. He's cocksure and headstrong. He fights hard, parties hard, and rarely comes up for breath. He's a man that very few actually know whether or not they can trust him. He is, after all, true to his current call sign: A grifter. He oozes confidence like a miasma. He's charming and charismatic, but in that kind of way that leaves a greasy aftertaste in one's mouth. He's smooth but polished with just enough "sleaze" to make one question his true motives.

In truth, Cole is a weary idealist. He's got a strong moral center. He's done enough wrong in his life to know that he wants to do the right thing. He's a reformed criminal, but he's always been a thief with honor, and that rings true, even today. He cares. He cares about those close to him deeply. He cares about the world, and HALO's mission to save it and make it a better place. He cares about the little guy. He often acts as the voice for the common man, surrounded as he may be with ancient aliens and interstellar robots. He does what he can to keep them grounded.

Cole is also a pragmatist, in a lot of ways. He understands that his job is to make the world a better place, but right now it is a dirty one. A dirty world needs dirty work, and Cole will lie, cheat and steal, and use whatever means necessary to accomplish his missions. He's an expert strategist and con man, and he employs this to full effect in the service of HALO and the WildC.A.T.S. He has no qualms playing the bad guy for the right reasons.

RP Hooks

Gen Active: Cole is Gen Active, giving him superhuman powers, and letting him play in the world of heroes and villains.

Espionage: Cole is a former Black Ops Agent, with a long history of working in the world of assassins and superspies. Great for connections to people who play in those arenas, like SHIELD agents!

The Wild Storm: Cole is a Wildstorm character, connected to everything that entails, by being associated with Kherans and Daemonites, and being a member of Gen12.

Psionic: Cole is a telepath and telekinetic, with several abilities to offer, including a few unique ones! Perfect in for other psychics and such!

Lush: Cole is a bit of a drunkard, and frequents… well, any bar that will let him drink. Maybe you're a bar pal?

Wealth: Cole isn't much for high society, but he has amassed a considerable fortune and sometimes does like to enjoy its benefits. Maybe you've seen him at a gala or charity ball?

Daemonites: Cole can be found where there is evidence of Daemonite activity.


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Character Sheet

AUGMENTED PHYSICALITY: Cole's exposure to Gen Factor has afforded him a body in peak physical condition, with strength and durability that is at the uppermost limits of human capacity. He is able to function for days without rest, and engage in vigorous physical activity for hours before fatigue sets in and starts to debilitate him. However, his agility and reflexes are off the charts, allowing him to perform such feats as snatching arrows out of the air, or freezing bullets in mid-flight with his telekinesis. His acrobatic ability is uncanny, and is only bolstered by his telekinetic ability.

INDOMITABLE WILL: Plain and simple, Cole has a will forged in steel. He's stubborn as a mule, and he's neither easily deceived or persuaded. He is able to withstand or even deny psychic intrusion, and even block out possession by psychic entities. This mental fortitude is only bolstered by his Coda training, rendering attempts to scan or control his mind difficult, even for powerful psychics, and once inside of his mind, the mental blocks can make trying to navigate his mind a real uncomfortable slog.

REGENERATION: Cole's Gen Factor enhanced body has given him a powerful, if unreliable, healing factor. He is capable of regenerating from most serious wounds even 2 or 3 times quicker than most normal human beings, though this seems to fluctuate with the nature of the wounds. For example, he once healed a broken neck almost instantly, but still took a couple of months to heal two shattered legs (though they did heal with no lasting damage or impairment). This regenerative capability also keeps Cole from getting sick, increases his resistance to poison and toxins, and also extends his lifespan so that, even though he is in his late 40's, he still appears as a man in the prime of his life.

TELEKINESIS: After his exposure to Gen Factor, Cole Cash gained vast psionic potential, which manifests in strong telekinetic ability. With this ability, Cole is able to lift or move several tons in weight, or manipulate complex objects, such as wielding multiple firearms at once with only his mind. He can create invisible blasts of concussive force, or create force fields around himself and others. He is capable of simulating flight, or focusing it on himself, he can enhance his own strength and durability as a form of tactile telekinesis.

TELEPATHY: Due to his exposure to Gen Factor, Cole Cash is possessed of vast psionic potential. A capable telepath, Cole's abilities allow him to read minds, as well as project thoughts into the minds of others. He is able to overload a target's mind with a sheer psychic assault. He can create mental illusions to dupe or confound targets, and can even enter another being's mind and use their senses as his own, experiencing everything that they experience.


Do any of you cats feel that? Pretty Wild.

And for the record, the first one that yells "Go Wildcats!" gets a boot up the a**!!!

I will never understand super-villain fashion, it makes your average super-hero garb look subtle.



Craven wanted super-soldiers. He should have expected a few monsters.
Craven wanted super-soldiers. He should have expected a few monsters.
Full Name: Cole Cash
Code Name: Grifter
Occupation: Soldier. Covert Operative. Adventurer. Hero. Grifter.
Aliases: Deadeye
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: International Operations, HALO Corporation, WildC.A.T.s, Team 7
Physical Information
Gender: Meat Popsicle
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Gen Active
Age: 47
Height: 6'3" (191cm)
Build: Chiseled and Lean
Hair Color: Dishwater Blonde
Eye Color: Steel Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Charlie Hunnam
Theme Song: Johnny Cash - Man In Black
Character Type: FC
Wiki Tag: grifter
Played Since: Jan 01, 2019

Last Posted Activity: 10 Jan 2019 04:35

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