One half of the ultimate space bounty hunting team-up, Groot was officially the 'Brawn' to Rocket Raccoon's 'Brains.' They had a good thing going until they decided to try cashing in on Peter Quill of self-proclaimed "Star-Lord" fame for a hefty price some would be dumb enough to pass on. Although they succeeded in capturing Quill, Groot and his raccoonoid friend got tangled up in the convoluted mess involving Gamora, the infamous daughter of Thanos, and the Nova Corps for the disturbance they caused on the planet Xandar, which led to (another) arrest and (another) long-term prison sentence. This, of course, did not last; breaking out of prison led to more adventure, setting off a crazy chain of events that soon made Groot and his newfound friends the most ragtag bunch of 'heroes' available to save the universe.

Or — to be more specific — they became known as the "Guardians of the Galaxy."

While that was a great moment in the recent history of Groot's travels, it didn't do much to change the way he and Rocket had been operating. As they cruised the galaxy with Peter Quill, they eventually (somehow) ended up grounded on Quill's home planet, Earth, which was colloquially known to aliens as 'Terra.' They didn't know too much about the this 'Terra' world, but the tree alien was pretty excited to see more of it. And he was going to enjoy it.

…Well, he was having fun. Within the years spent grounded on Earth, Groot had his fill of ups and downs among the Terrans who thought he was a strangely-dressed street performer dedicated to his role, doing hero work and avoiding local authorities in between the down time he and the other Guardians had on their hands. Then something happened which led to an incident involving a demon bear, an explosion, and some time-warping made to reality.

It was a bittersweet victory; in Groot's case, he willingly got caught in said explosion to protect his allies on the field. His sacrifice was eventually undone, however, and he would later reappear in a smaller, travel-sized form completely oblivious to what had occurred only minutes earlier.

The months following that particular event left the Guardians with more responsibilities now that they had to keep a close eye on Groot. Being small limited his freedom to wander off on his own, but he was kept preoccupied as the days became more turbulent in New York City. Between more explosions, the loss of a good friend, and demonic invasions, Groot soon felt there needed to be another personal change.

So he grew up. A little bit. Groot suddenly hit adolescence and All was Not Well.

Recent Events


Remember when Groot used to be a nice, morally-gray, yet happy tree? He's still morally-gray. Everything else? It's gone.

Growing out of his emotionally-raging and often times confusing toddler mindset, Groot dove headfirst into an awkward stage of his life and became what parents fear the most: a full-fledged teenager.

This is a Groot far removed from the sweet-natured adult some knew best. This version of Groot is all kinds of surly — a trait, one will notice, is heavily influenced by his primary caretakers (The Guardians of The Galaxy); sarcasm has been learned from, and thoroughly used against, the best (A.K.A. the worst) while lacking the usual back-and-forth found among its members. In a similar vein to his toddler moments, the young tree pushes his limits around the grownups, making snide remarks, back-talking, ignoring requests made of him, and/or showing no interest in whatever is happening that may or may not directly need his involvement.

Despite his generalized indifference, there are ways to enrapture or pique his interest even if it is something that engulfs the entirety of his attention span. He does enjoy the little things like his handheld video game device and shooting things alongside Rocket. However, depending on the circumstances, the more pivotal moments will actually move him to think and (hopefully) help if the outlook is bleak.

The same goes for his attitude toward people. If he doesn't know them, they are already unimportant and not worth his time. This…actually goes for the people he's formed relationships with as well because he's a little jerk tree. While it all turns into various levels of tolerance, he doesn't make it a point to show that he really cares. Again, depending on the circumstances, Groot will drop the act if people get hurt.

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Character Sheet


Groot can grow. Well, of course he can grow, he's a Flora Colossus — a bipedal sentient tree who shares similar traits with Terran plants. Kind of. Under the right conditions, normal plants can grow bigger at certain rates. Groot doesn't need special conditions to extend his arms and legs longer than he is tall, however; the ability to manipulate his plant-based limbs gives him the freedom to reach things in high places, stretch out to grab someone who has a head start in escaping arrest, or purposely lord it over anyone who's currently taller than him.


This is the basis of Groot's ability to manipulate plants and his own plant-based body. Aside from extending his arms and legs and regenerating parts of himself, his limbs can transform into various weapons to fight his foes accordingly. He can also create makeshift tools from them on the fly if so desired. While it is possible for him to communicate and use the plants available to his advantage in and outside of combat, he doesn't particularly remember this detail at the moment. He's still young; maybe he can figure it out.


Although he's usually on the offensive, Groot can pull defensive maneuvers whenever it becomes necessary. By using his plant-based structure to weave numerous branches together, he can create a shield for personal use. If allowed the time, he can produce an even larger barrier entwining those he means to protect. On occasion, he can also grow out extra branches along the exterior of his body around the shoulders for intimidation purposes.


One of the perks of being a sentient tree alien is any part of his tree body can regenerate if it's ripped to shreds or accidentally blown to pieces. It varies with each part, however; an arm or a leg can easily regenerate within minutes after they've been obliterated. If Groot's entire body explodes into splinters, however, it takes hours or maybe even days (with additional watering, sunlight, and occasional coaxing) to sprout into a miniature version of himself.


Since Groot's body is wood and bark galore, he's strong enough to endure a physical beating against fists and blunt objects. Sharp weapons, guns, and blasters can take chunks out of him a lot faster, however, and his scrawniness has deeply compromised his sturdiness in battle.


"I am Groot."



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Rocket, Groot, Carol Danvers, Phil Coulson, and Crush stop an alien ship from shooting a deadly weapon at earth. Chaos ensues.

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(I am) Groot
I Am Groot
I Am Groot
Full Name: Groot
Code Name: (I am) Groot
Occupation: I am Groot
Aliases: I am Groot, Twig
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Flora Colossus
Age: I am Groot
Height: I am Groot
Build: Stick
Hair Color: Emo
Eye Color: Brown-ish
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Vin Diesel (voice)
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Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: groot
Played Since: November 19, 2018

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