Alexander Summers, Alex to his friends, has had a colorful past. His parents
were adventurer's of a sort, Christopher and Katherine Summers not the type to
age gracefully, or even grow up much at all. The type who would fly
experimental airplanes and sometimes take the kids along for the ride (once it
was safe enough of course). They didn't put their children at risk but did
take chances other parents might balk at but it was a very loving family. One
fateful trip the plane they were in had a malfunction and was going to crash,
somehow only one parachute was working and so Katherine strapped Alex and his
older brother Scott into it and pushed them out the door. Miraculously the
pair survived, but now orphans, they were separated by the state.

Alex being the younger sibling found a foster family relatively quickly. The
Blandings were nice enough, they had recently lost their own son in an
accident, and sought to replace the void in their lives with Alex. After the
trauma of losing his family Alex did his best to please the Blandings so he
wouldn't end up completely alone. The Blandings did their best to make Alex
into a replacement of their son Todd, and Alex went along with it as best he
could. It wasn't the best life, but it wasn't a hard one either. Just a little
disfunctional in that he didn't really get to become his own person outwardly
for a while. Alex had no idea he was a mutant, not until some time later when
the boy who had caused Todd's death went after Alex. In his fear and anger
Alex's power erupted with catastrophic results.

The boy was incinerated completely, not even ash remained, and Alex's power
raged out of control. Little did he know that a nefarious Sinister individual
had been keeping tabs on him ever since the accident. Mr. Sinister intervened
for his own reasons and placed a block on Alex's powers. The block also having
the side effect of erasing the event from Alex's memory entirely. The block
allowed Alex to live a relatively normal life from that point on and nothing
really strange would happen until he was an adult.

Alex was always a smart child, and he took to schooling well. Alex was on his
way to a Masters in Geology when a series of events would unlock his mutant
powers once more. Little did he know but one of his professors was also a
mutant, and Alex's powers were blocking his due to being similar in nature.
Time had begun to stress the blocks that Mr. Sinister had placed on his powers
along with the copious amounts of radiation that Alex had absorbed over the
years. When things came unravelled it was in spectacular fashion. A few good
things came out of the mess though. The blocks were destroyed, Alex was
reunited with his older brother Scott, and he joined the X-Men. Not only to
learn how to get greater control over his powers but to get to know his older

It took a lot of time and training, but Alex progressed from needing
artificial controls on his abilities to being able to control them himself.
Usually. It wasn't all peaches though, his relationship with Scott was
somewhat strained as Alex and Scott had grown up in two very different worlds
and hardly knew each other. It was also odd being an 'outsider' still, the
'Core' X-Men had years of training and history with each other that Alex did
not have. Though he went on several missions with them and helped protect
humanity and mutant alike, eventually Alex decided to go back to college.

Leaving the X-Men was both a relief and a source of shame, but Alex threw
himself into his schooling. It wasn't until the Chitauri invasion that Alex
found himself thrust into the superhuman world again as he was going to school
in New York at the time. Forced to use his powers again to help defend
humanity Alex brushed off the old costume, picked up his old moniker of Havok,
and went to find the X-Men again. It was time to get off the sidelines and
back into action.

A lot had happened while Alex was away and the team was very different. With
Xavier gone the dynamic had changed in several ways, some large, some small.
Alex was thrown into the role of a more experienced X-Man, now a veteran
rather than an outsider or newcomer he found the environment much more to his
liking. As for the registration act, he is against it, people like Warren and
Tony Stark can get away with it sure. They have incredible wealth and social
standing to back them. The little people don't. They're the ones that will get
hurt the worst by it and the persecution that will come with it. In a way
though he understands why some aren't against it. Without revealing who you
are a person is essentially living a lie… but some lies are a lot safer than
the truth can be in this political climate.

Recent Events

Returned to active duty within the X-Men. Met up with an activist alien in New York. Got to start wearing the costume under the clothes or something… things are going to explode soon.


Alex was boundless potential living in the shadow of a very accomplished older brother he didn't even know for most of his life. Losing his parents at a young age and being settled with a foster family that was domineering in many ways turned Alex into a man who did his very best to excel, not because he was driven for himself but because he didn't want to disappoint anyone. For the longest time he was the inexperienced little brother, even if by many accounts he was far more powerful, and it took a lot of missions and time away from Scott for Alex to step out of his shell and into his own shoes. Now he's experienced enough darkness and done enough for himself that he's stepped out of Scotts shadow and has begun to grow into the confident man he was destined to be. Alex has a will that doesn't let him quit because he knows that the X-Men can succeed no matter the odds without becoming a hard-boiled realist. He is optimistic about the future, but he doesn't look at the world through rose colored glasses. That potential is finally beginning to blossom into what could be a strong leader.

RP Hooks

College: Still not done with college, working on that Doctorate now…
Mutant: One of the 'Pretty ones' or the 'Lucky ones'. He can pass for human barring specific testing but he fights for all.
X-Men: Yep, back on active duty. Friend or foe or undecided?
Activist: This Registration thing is sending us down a dark path…
Rock Climbing: It's not as dangerous when you can fly if you should fall I suppose…
The Earth: Alex digs the planet we live on, so far it's the only one we've got.


{$page} Kara Zor-El
New Friend. Hopefully.

Character Sheet




The 'other' Summers.
The 'other' Summers.
Full Name: Alexander Summers
Code Name: Havok
Occupation: Geophysicist
Aliases: Alex
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletically Muscular
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Alex Pettyfer
Theme Song: TBA
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: havok
Played Since: June 18th, 2019

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