Born to crazy parents in the crazy early Bronze Age in a scenario that involved cousins marrying cousins and nephews killing uncles, as well as parents eating offspring to avoid unavoidable fates, Hercules is best known to the world for accomplishing his twelve labors (actually only eleven, but The Forgotten One lives by his monker). Herc has spent thousands of year in Olympus, occasionally dropping down to Earth to see what's up or flying off into space for adventure or even Jotunheim to engage in drinking contests with giants. It's been a few hundred years at least since he last visited Earth, and this time he has been banished to it by his dad Zeus.

Recent Events


Herc has a lust for fine wine, beautiful women, sad songs, and epic adventure. He is quick to laugh, quick to fight, and quick to forgive as well as a sucker for someone in need or a chance at glory.

RP Hooks

Glory, a pretty face, booze, an insult, innocents in peril, a wrestling/arm-wrestling challenge/anykind of challenge, it's not hard to get Herc involved.


Character Sheet

Hercules is an Olympian, a race of incredibly powerful beings from another dimension who came to Earth and settled atop Mount Olympus in far prehistory. His physiology puts him far beyond human limitations, as his body is significantly denser than human, designed for a reality that is somehow more real, more substantial, than this one. He is able to withstand significant conventional weaponry and usually only takes significant damage from weapons or beings on the power scale of deities. His muscles do not produce fatigue toxins and he does not tire, he is immune to most natural, earthly disease, and he heals physical damage rapidly: normal cuts and contusions within a day, broken bones within a few weeks, massive internal injuries may take up to a few months to heal without supranormal aid.

As an Olympian, Hercules is a virtually immortal being. Nothing short of the dispersal of all his atoms across the universe can kill him, and even then it is theorized that a being of sufficient power (such as Zeus) could reconstitute him. Additionally, Herc does not age. He is permanently in the prime of manhood, somewhere around 30 years old in appearance. All these abilities can be circumvented or nullified by suitable magic, technology or plot circumstances.

Hercules is big, but he's far from slow. His reflexes movement are fast enough that he has occasionally caught speedsters off-guard.

Hercules is the divine embodiment of physical strength. He belongs to the most rarified level of powerhouses and is capable of physical feats of strength that are both absurd and appear to break the laws of physics (like military-pressing an aircraft carrier or caber-tossing Godzilla). Although his strength does not scale up as the Hulk's, there have been occasions when Hercules has gone berserk (see Drawbakcs) and his power has multiplied in response.

A side-effect of Hercules great strength is that he can sprint over 100 mph and can jump vertically well over 100 feet in the air.




May 27, 2020. Here Comes the Son Do-do-do-dooo

Hercules crash-lands in Midtown Manhattan, to the consternation of many. Groot, Rocket, and Isa Reichert all try to exercise damage control at the physical destruction of his landing. Hercules flees, but leaves a few items behind. Including his clothing. What.

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The Prince of Power
The Prince of Power
Full Name: Hercules
Code Name: Hercules
Occupation: Hero!
Aliases: Herakles, Alkaeus, Palaemon, The Lion of Olympus, The Prince of Power
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Olympian Pantheon
Physical Information
Gender: Extremely Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Olympian
Age: around 3500
Height: 6'5"
Build: Yuge
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Steve Reeves, natch
Theme Song: A Man and a Half by Wilson Pickett
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: hercules
Played Since: 5/24/20

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